Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 32


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The episode starts with twinkle working in the kitchen she smiles thinking about kunj (sajna ve plays) but her smile fades away thinking about uvi she gets tensed about seeing uvi everywhere she is in a very deep thought kunj comes nd hugs her from back twinkle screams nd pushes kunj she goes nd picks the knife against kunj
Kunj is surprised to her like this twinkle become conscious nd leaves the knife kunj comes to her
Kunj: what happened siyappa queen…y r u like this?
Twinkle: its nothing kunj (she is still tenses but doesn’t tell kunj)
Kunj: twinkle I can see it in ur eyes tell me what is wrong
Twinkle: kunj…wo…u…uvii
Kunj: what uvi twinkle
Twinkle: he was there in the kitchen yesterday nd day before yesterday also he is gonna do something wrong kunj…. He is gonna separate me nd u… I know him very well….. he is going to do very bad
Twinkle cries kunj consoles her but is angry on uvii
Kunj: shhhs twinkle nothing is going to happen like that…… im with u ok nothing will happen
Kunj hugs her…kunj soul talk: don’t worry twinkle I wont let anything come between us…. Im not going to leave that uvii

Next scene
Twinkle is going to her room having cloths in her hand she is about to fall kunj notices this nd runs to save her from fallig but before he can come cherry holds her kunj fumes looking at cherry holding twinkle…twinkle notices this nd moves cherry from her
Cherry: bhabhii jii u ok?
Twinkle: yes cherry bhaiya… thank u (she leaves)
Kunj comes to the room nd stares at twinkle angrily twinkle notices this she comes to him nd speak normally
Twinkle: kunj u will wear this shirt or that one tomorrow
Kunj doesn’t reply
Twinkle: kunj plzz stop it naa stop behaving like this
Kunj: what did I do… did I tell anything
He angrily sits on sofa nd starts reading the book twinkle comes to him nd sits beside kunj
Twinkle: kunj sorry
Kunj ignores her twinkle gets angry
Twinkle: fine be like this don’t speak to me
Twinkle starts cleaning the room kunj eyes her from his side eyes twinkle looks at him he ignores her twinkle notices this nd ignores him also (chup tum raho chup hum rahey plays) it starts to rain outside twinj hears the rain drop twinkle smiles thinking about kunjs dance while kunj too smiles thinking about twinkle they both look at eachother nd they ignore each other

Next scene
Taneja house
Leela is showing pics to RT nd tells him about twinkle nd kunj
RT: I have missed being a father but now I will show twinkle how I am
Leela: I hope she forgives u… do u know when twinkle was small she always asked me whom will I call papa but I just makeup something nd tell her…. But today her wait is over she will have someone to call papa
RT nd leela smiles
They hear some dishes being fallen down they turn nd is shocked to see kunj standing leela gets tensed kunj comes forwards
Kunj: principle sir?? Is ur husband??
Leele: kunj puttar u sit I will explain everything
Kunj: what will u explain maa I have heard everything (he comes to RT) u were our principle but I never thought u can be like this…. Do u even know how ur daughter how did my wife cried for u she was craving for a fathers love but….. (he gets teary eyed thinking about twinkle) but u mr. RT u were not here for ur own daughter… u r wrong maa twinkle will never forgive him
Leela: kunj puttar plzz this is a misunderstanding… he was in debth nd the people blackmailed him that he will kill his family so he went away
Kunj: without informing…. Do u know RT uncle how much ur wife have cried for u… how much she have suffered….. twinkle is not gonna forgive u
Kunj starts to leave RT stops kunj telling him to listen to RT
RT: I know I haven’t been there when my family wanted me…. But for their sake I have to go away from them plzz try to understand… who will want to leave his family nd go
RT convinces kunj by his emotional talks they share a very emotional hug
Leela: kunj puttar I have called u my son… now u have to convince twinkle to forgive RT
Kunj nods

Manohar house
Twinkle is worried as kunj did not return yet
Twinkle self talk: oh babajii what kind of a husband u gave me who doesn’t care for me he knows that I cant live without him why is he behaving like that it is not my fault that cherry bhaiya hold me infact he should be grateful to him he saved me but no he is getting so angry nd feeling jealous hmphhh very bad
She is waiting for kunj but its already 12 she sits on the sofa nd sleeps suddenly a man with black cloths come his face is covered he comes to twinkle nd puts chloroform on her nose twinkle wakes nd starts to protest but she faints screen freezes

Precape: kunj pushes twinkle kunj: do u even know what could happen if I haven’t reach there on time maa could have died this house should have blasted twinkle cries

Hope u guyzz like my episode plzz do comment…

Credit to: Sweetie

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