Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 28

Hope u all like my episode
Nd thank u everyone for support i love u all… ???

The episode starts twinkle screaming for kunj while he lies unconscious on her lap she screams nd tells him to wake up he dont give any response

Next scene
Usha tells bebe that something bad has happened i dont know i feel like someone is in danger usha gets tensed
On the other hand leela prays for kunj nd twinkle nd asks babajii to keep them safe she feels something bad is going to happen

The villagers beats the goons black nd blue nd goes to kunj nd twinkle
Twinkle cries vigorously while tripati tries to calm her down the villagers pick up kunj nd head towards the village

The village
Kunj is in one of the room nd he is being operated by one of the villager who is a doctor
Twinkle is sitting outside like a body without soul her tears r not stopping she recalls all the moments spent with kunj (baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake tujhsey juda hokar hum judaa na hosakey plays) she cries vigorously tripati comes nd tries to calm her down
Twinkle: look tripati my kunj is being shot nd i couldnt do anything about that
She recalls how he told when he will go away twinkle will miss him she recalls how tripati told that confess ur feeling before it is too late she cries
Tripati: nothing will happen to kunj bhaiya plzz be calm
Twinkle cries

The doctor comes out twinkle stand up for his answer nd hope that kunj is fine
Doctor bends his head down nd tell im sorry
Twinkle holds his collar
Twinkle: what sorry hah what sorry save my kunj otherwise u will see my worst side
Tripati cries nd calms her down
Twinkle acts like mad
Twinkle: nothing will happen to my kunj i know he is fine he promised me he wont leave me i will go nd talk to him he will be alright then
Twinkle goes in the room kunj is laying on bed with no response she comes to kunj nd asks him to wake up

Twinkle: kunj come lets go we have to go to home also … u told me that u love me u cant leave me like this kunj wake up… look u can call me siyappa queen also i wont mind but plzz get up nd talk to me… (she continues to talk like a mad person but kunj doesnt show any response) i wont fight with u i promise i will do as u say plzz get up… if u will tell me sit i will sit if u tell me to stand i will stand but plzzz talk to me… kunj who will save me when i will be in trouble who will control my siyappa u r the only one kunj plzz get up plzz
She screams KUNJJJJJ nd cries hugging him tripati comes there she holds twinkle nd cries

Next scene
Usha nd bebe reaches the village nd sees crowd standing out of one house
Usha to one of the villager what happened here
Villager: a person died in there he was shot by saving his wife
Usha gets tensed
Usha: do u know what is his name?
Village: i dont know the name but it is like kun i dont know something like
Usha nd bebe r shocked they both runs inside the house nd sees twinkle crying
Usha breaks down in tears watching kunj while bebe too cries
The doctor comes nd takes usha nd bebe out as they r disturbing other patients
Tripati is dragging twinkle but she is not moving she is still hugging kunj she holds his hand nd tells him to wake up tripati drags twinkle
Tripati is about to take twinkle from the bed someone holds twinkles hand
Twinkle looks back nd is surprised yet happy to see kunj holding her hand (tu haii k nahii plays)
Twinkle: KUNJJJ

She hugs him tightly she gets overjoyed it looked like her soul is back to her body she kisses him on the forhead while kunj smiles seeing her
The doctor come
Doctor: this is a miracle he is back from the death
Twinkle: why did u went away… u know i got soo scared
Kunj: god also send me back because of ur siyappas
Twinkle sshh him nd tells him not to speak as he is not well
Usha nd bebe also come there they get delighted to see kunj alive usha hugs him
Kunj: maa im fine
Bebe: shut up kunj puttar u know how much we got scared
Kunj: bebe now im fine naa
Doctor: plzz move out the patient can get suffocated but only one person should stay here… umm who will stay here

Twinkle volunteers usha nd bebs agrees everyone leaves leaving twinj behind
Twinkle comes to him nd sits beside him she holds his hand nd moves her hand in his hair kunj looks at her nd smiles
Kunj: twinkle
Twinkle: hmmm
Kunj: I LOVE U (it echoes)
Twinkle: I LOVE U 2 (it echoes) (mere rubaru plays)
Kunj gets happy nd delighted
Kunj: u…u love me??
Twinkle: yes mr kunj sarna i love u i was trying to tell u this for so long nd i told u also when……. (she recalls kunj being shot her smile fades away she cries)
Kunj: twinkle plzz dont cry u know i cant see u cry
she doesnt stop nd continues crying kunj sits nd asks twinkle to stop crying or else he wont speak to her twinkle stops crying

Twinkle: just now u got fine nd started ordering me
Kunj: so what im pati nd patni should obey his husband at any cost… u should be glad that im ur husband u should wash my feet nd drink the water
Twinkle: ok kunj sarna enough dont start again… nd what was the need to do romance in the rain look what happened to u
Kunj: i was just trying to show u that i am romantic
Twinkle: what if something had happend to u i would have died
Kunj holds her hand nd kisses it he keeps her hand on his face
Kunj: but nothing happened right?
(Sajne ve plays)
Twinkle smiles screen freezes

Precape: twinkle tells kunj about uvi kidnapping her kunj gets angry nd promises twinkle that he will not leave uvi

I hope all like my this episode the wait is over now u all will see some romance of twinj…. plzz do comment nd tell me ur views…!!!
Love u all ???

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