Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 27

Thank u soo much everyone for supporting me… let me know what do u guyzz want next in my episodes… love u all ??

The episode starts with kunj holding twinkle in his arms nd running to hide he sees on of the trees which is wide he goes nd hides there with twinkle the goons comes nd starts to search them over that place twinkles head is close to kunjs chest nd kunjs hand is on the tree nd other hand on twinkle one of the goon comes to that tree but is behind the tree kunj pulls twinkle close so that she wont be seen twinj r scared the goon r still finding them kunj realizes that twinkle is very close to him nd he releases twinkle but her earring is stuck into his shirt (sajna ve plays) twinkle is close to kunjs chest
Kunj tries to remove the earring he is successful the goon leaves not finding anyone there twinj gets relieved
Kunj: come twinkle lets go
He is about to pick her up but she stands tensed she is looking for the goons kunj is surprised to see her stand
Kunj: wait a min… wait a min walk this way (she does) walk that way
Twinkle is confused thinking what happened to him
Twinkle: what is wrong with u?

Kunj: ur leg got sprained right how did it became fine now?
Twinkle: i dont know it became fine
Kunj: ohh i understood everything
Twinkle: what did u understand?
Kunj: i understood that u were acting ur leg didnt get sprained i know everything u just want to trouble me
Twinkle: i did not get sprain my leg was paining i was not able to walk what can i do? Nd yeah u were the only who picked me up i never told u to do that
Kunj: i did that because I….
Twinkle looks at him to complete his words
Kunj: i did that that because I…I am a very nice person by heart
Twinkle: apney mou sey apni tareef achii nahii lagti kunj sarna
Kunj: so y dont u compliment me, after all u got such a nice husband im handsome what is missing in me im so perfect
Twinkle: kunj sarna u better go to hospital nd do ur brain checkup i think something missing in there
Kunj: now u r telling me to go to hospital when i will go foreve….
Twinkle stops him
Twinkle: dont u ever tell that again
Kunj smiles seeing her concern for him she leaves in anger twinkle turns nd moves 5 steps forward she watches a snake coming towards her she turns back nd hugs kunj tightly
while hugging
Twinkle: kunjjj snakeeee

Kunj: dont movee ok just stand like a statue
Twinkle: kunj doo something im scared of snakes
Kunj: i told u not to move
Twinkle: yeah so that the snake can come to us nd tell Wow yummy two humans
Kunj: twinkle dont move the snake is coming towards us stop moving
Twinkle: oh babajii helppp MAAAA
Twinkle hugs kunj more tightly (sajna ve plays)
The snake goes
Kunj: twinkle the snake went
Twinkle: it went?
Kunj: yes it went
Twinkle: greattt but how did it went didnt he see that there r two humans standing right infront of him
Kunj: ummm…twinkle u can leave me now
Twinkle realizes she was still hugging kunj she moves back
Twinkle: umm wo i got scared
Kunj: its ok u know why did the snake went?
Twinkle: why?
Kunj: because the snake also saw ur siyappa nd told himself if i will eat her husband she will do many siyappas nd if i eat her in my stomach only she will start killing me (he laughs)
Twinkle makes a smiling face nd makes the serious face

Taneja house
Leela gets a call she is shocked she rushes to hospital she reaches to hospital nd sees RT (who is twinkles principle but never met leela) she cries seeing him while he too cries he comes to her
Leela: why did u ever leave me?
RT: plzz forgive me
Leela: NO…. neverrrr do u even know what we have to suffer because u were not there with us… noone will forgive u for what u have done
She leaves in anger

Next scene
Usha nd bebe goes to mumbai police station nd tells them about twinj the inspector tells that their officers r finding them dont worry they will be found soon
Bebe: ae wahiguru keep my childrens safe

Next scene
twinj r still walking
Twinkle: kunjj dont walk fast plzz
Kunj: yeah yeah sure why dont u tell me to do ramp walk
Twinkle: kunj plzz im tired nd hungry
Kunj: u r hungry acha tell me what will u eat pizza, burger, briyani that will be too heavy what about an ice cream
Twinkle: plzz kunj
Kunj: oh siyappa queen this is jungle other than trees nd rocks u wont find anything
Twinkle sits down feeling hungry she prays to babajii
From the tree apple falls kunj is surprised
Kunj: twinkle look weird jungle apples r coming from the sky

Twinkle stands up
Twinkle: arey stupid these apples r coming from the trees
They both eat the apples

Next scene
Twinj r sleeping beside one tree twinkle is sleeping on kunjs shoulder nd kunj keeping his head against the tree it starts raining
Twinj wakes up
they start to run here nd there nd reaches on of the cliff
Kunj goes nd stand under the tree while twinkle enjoys the rain kunj looks at her lovingly
Twinkle: mr kunj sarna come nd enjoy the rain (she rounds herself)
Kunj looks at her smiling face he was happy thats what he wanted twinkle to be happy
Kunj comes out of the shed twinkle is still rounding herself by closing her eye while rounding she comes close to kunj nd kunj holds her from the waist (kabhi jo badal barse plays) twinkle feels butterfly in her stomach she holds kunjs shirt while he pulls her more close
Kunj: twinkle from many days i wanted to tell u something after the misunderstanding i thought u didnt forgive i couldnt express that how much I….

Before he can continue they hear a gunshot twinkle gets scared nd hugs kunj but kunj doesnt hug her back he fall down on his knees it is revealed that kunj has been shot twinkle is hell shocked she sees some goons standing there after a while the villager comes there (who helped twinj in the first place)
she sits beside kunj nd cups his face he looses control nd falls down on his lap
Twinkle: kunj dont sleep ok in there with u ok dont sleep plzz dont sleep
Kunj smiles
Kunj: siyappa queen how many times will u save me
Twinkle: shut up kunj just dont sleep ok
She acts to be brave but in her heart she is heartbroken it looked like her life has been snatched away she cant control herself nd cried badly in front of kunj
Twinkle: kunj plzz dont sleep ok i beg u dont sleep (she cries)
Kunj: siyappa queen…..I LOVE U (bas itnii si tamanah haii terey rang mein hi rang jao)
I love u echoes in twinkles ears she hugs while he is on her lap
Twinkle: I LOVE U 2…. plzz dont leave me
She gets up to her surprise kunj is unconscious screen freezes

Precape: police nd usha comes to the village where twinj are

What will happen to kunj?
Will he be able to fight death?

Hey guyzz i love u soo much thank u for ur love nd support its a great honour…. ???

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