Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 25

Hii guyzz actually i am not posting more episodes as some people have difficulties in finding other ffs so i will try not to post many episodes but let me know if u guyz want me to post more episodes
Thank u… love u all…!!!

The episode starts with twinkle being dragged by one of the goon while kunj is being beaten by other goons twinkle cries watching kunj in that state
Kunj: twinkle dont cry… u know that i cant see u cry (sajna ve plays)
Goon 1: oh hero u think u can save ur wife
The other goons laugh nd beats him
Kunj: do whatever u want to do with me but leave my wife
Twinkle: no u let him go i will stay plzzz leave him for god sake
Goon 2: be quite otherwise i will slap u so hard
Twinkle keeps telling them to leave kunj
Goon 1: she wont understand like this
Nd he slaps twinkle that she falls down
Kunj gets really angry nd beats all the goons nd asks twinkle to leave
Twinkle: i wont leave without u kunj
Kunj: i told u to leave
He keeps beating the kunj nd requests twinkle to leave
Twinkle: no kunj i will not leave without u i told before also
Kunj: twinkle… tujhey merii qasam
Twinkle cries but leaves into thr jungle kunj beats the goons nd runs behind twinkle
The goons follows them
They goes in the jungle but doesnt find them

Next scene
Twinkle is running she turns back nd is scared every where there is only jungle while kunj is finding twinkle in the jungle he screams TWINKLEEE
On the other side twinkle screams KUNJJJ they both r searching for each other twinkle cries nd moves back kunj also cries nd moves back
They both r in the same place but there faces r turned they both hit each other by back nd twinj turns they both r glad
Twinkle: kunj… (cries happily)
Kunj: twinkle…
They both hug each other tightly (tujhey apna bananey ki qasam khayii haii khayii haii plays)
Kunj was relieved he was happy it was like heaven on earth by hugging twinkle thats all he wanted their hug was inseparable they hugged each other for minutes but it looks less
They both break the hug kunj cups twinkles face nd kisses her on the forhead nd cheeks nd hugs her back (tu jo mila to sab hogaya hasil from bajrangi bhaijaan plays) he breaks the hug nd scolds her
Kunj: where did u go?? Do u even know how tensed i was for u?? Dont u even dare to do that again
Twinkle: im sorry… i missed u
She cries nd kunj hugs her
They hear goons coming kunj holds twinkles hand nd they both starts running
They go back to the village but from a different way they reach one of the house of the villager
A lady opens the door
Twinkle narrates everything that is happening nd the lady understands nd let them come inside the house
(Guyz i cant use lady all the time so im just gonna name her tripati i hope u guys dont mind)
Tripati makes them sit on the bed she gives water to kunj he takes
Twinkle is still thinking about the kidnapping part kunj notices her he gives twinkle water she doesnt accept it kunj makes her drink water (sajna ve plays)
Tripati tells them to rest as they look really tired nd she leaves
Kunj: twinkle lay down
She lays down on bed
Kunj stands up he is about to go twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle: plzz dont leave me
Kunj: (smiles) i wont leave u… never not only in this life for every 7 lifes i will be with u alwayz…(sajna ve plays)
Kunj asks twinkle to sleep she closes her eyes nd kunj goes nd sits on the sofa he keeps looking at her while she sleeps (bas itni si tamanah haii terey rang mein hu rang jaou plays)

At night
Taneja house
Leela sees a bad dream that twinkle is dragged for being killed but someone stops twinkle she wakes up in horror
She talks to herself aee wahiguru whats happening is my twinkle fine

The village
Twinkle gets nighmare about she being kidnapped again she wakes up nd screams kunj comes to her nd tells her everything is fine twinkle hugs him
Twinkle: kunj plzz dont go be with me plzzz i dont want to go far from u plzzz… plzz sit with me
She cries kunj consoles her nd agrees to her demand
They both sit on the bed together twinkle keeps her head on kunjs chest nd her hand on kunjs stomach
Kunj wraps his arms around twinkle nd holds her hand which is on kunjs stomach (tere bina from heropanti plays) they both sleep like this

Manohar house
Usha gets a call from inspector informing her that twinkle has been kidnapped nd kunj is also not found usha cries bebe, nikki, and anand comes there usha informs them about what police told everyonr gets tensed
Bebe tells usha that they will go mumbai nd find them both

The village
Kunj wakes up nd sees twinkle sleeping ON him he dont move so that twinkle doesnt get disturbed
He thinks about how far he was from twinkle he thinks to himself that at any cost he will tell her that kunj sarna loves twinkle sarna he smiles screen freezes

Precape: there is some function in the village twinkle is sitting sadly kunj dances to make her smile while dancing one of the goon sees him nd twinkle

Hope u guyzz like it
Nd tell me what do u guyz want next
Apart from the confession ?

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