Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 24

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The episode starts with kunj finding twinkle he goes to lobby nd reception to find twinkle but she is no where to be found he gets more tensed
Kunj to himself: where would this girl go… i hope she is finee
Nd he run here nd there asking about twinkle to everyone

Taneja house
Leela sees a dream in which twinkle is being in a very big trouble she screams twinklee nd wakes up leela talks to herself why i am feeling that something bad is going to happen with my twinkle
She thinks to call kunj nd find out she calls kunj

Kunj gets tensed seeing her name nd think that if maa will get to know twinkle is missing she will be tensed he answers the call nd acts like screaming twinklee come out fast from the washroom we have to go out he answers the call
Leela gets relieved
Kunj: hello maa
Leela: jeetey rahey
Kunj: maa u ok
Leela: yes im fine… how r u and twinkle
Kunj: maa she is fine… how much time ur daughter takes to get ready im ready since one hour nd she is not getting ready… ufff
Leela: hahaha kunj puttar i have tolerated her for the past years now it is ur turn… chalo i will talk to u later byee
Kunj gets tensed twinkle where did u go

Next scene
Twinkle wakes up nd finds herself tied on a chair she gets tensed nd screams for kunj a man enters who is none other than uvi twinkle gets shocked seeing him
Twinkle: uvi u… what r u doing here nd what is this place
Uvi laughs evilly: what did u think twinkle baby i will leave u soo easily no baby no u r my love
Twinkle gets afraid nd screams for kunj
Uvi laughs: kunj is not gonna come for u… u r somewhere that noone knows HAHAHAH he leaves
Uvi brings some men and asks them to keep an eye on twinkle nd dont let her leave
He leaves

Kunj is finding twinkle he goes to police nd files a missing complain
The inspector asks him not to worry they will find twinkle

Kunj reaches the room nd cries seeing the bed he talks to himself twinkle where did u go he recalls the bed moment happened between them nd cries

Kidnapping den
Twinkle is crying thinking about kunj nd tells herself kunj must be finding her she gets an idea nd tells the goons that she want to go to washroom
One of the goon opens her rope nd takes her to the washroom with the goons following them
Twinkle reaches the washroom
Goon 1: come fast we dont have time
Goon 2: nd dont u dare to run away otherwise no one will be bad as us
The other goons laugh
Twinkle enters the washroom nd starts to find something to get out or hit the goons she searches here nd there but is not able to find anything she thinks to herself oh babajii plzz show me some way she moves her head up nd sees a window she gets happy she takes some tub nd climbs on the window
The goons r waiting for her to come out when she doesnt the goons breaks the door nd finds twinkle leaving from the window they all shouts nd goes out from the door

Next scene
Twinkle is running in a jungle while the goons r running behind her she runs as fast as she can nd she reaches a village she runs a hides beside a big gallon the goon tells the other goon to look over there while he stands there itself not knowing that twinkle is there she prays to babajii that plz help her goon doesnt see her nd goes somewhere else
Twinkle sees this nd runs from there she is running her head on the other side she collides with one of the goon
The goons holds her but she pushes him nd runs away the goon is searching for her nd tells the other goon that she is somewhere here only we have to find her nd they starts to find her
Twinkle asks a man passing by that can she call with his phone he agrees nd gives her she dials kunjs no.
Kunj is going to police station he gets the call nd picks up
Kunj: hello
Twinkle cries hearing his voice (sajna ve plays)
Kunj feels that it is twinkle
Kunj: twinkle??
Twinkle: kunj plzz save me they r looking for me
Kunj: ok twinkle tell me where r u? Dont be tensed im coming ok
Twinkle: i dont know this place this is a village (she cries)
Kunj: twinkle plzz dont cry plzz… im coming ok can u ask someone which village is this
Twinkle asks the man about the village he tells mangalpur (im just making up my own village… im not sure if this village exists in mumbai so plz dont mind)
Twinkle tells him about the village name
Kunj: twinkle dont worry im coming… ur kunj is coming (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle ends the call nd runs to hide

Kunj tells the police about the village nd they all go to search for her
Kunj with the police reaches the village nd starts to search for twinkle
The police goes the other way while kunj goes the other way
Kunj screams twinkles name
Twinkle hears him nd stands up happily from her hiding place she screams kunjs name kunj turns nd sees her
They both run towards each other with happiness (sajna ve plays)
But before they can come more close to hug each other one of the goon holds twinkle and the other goons beat kunj twinkle shows her hand to kunj to hold while kunj too forwards his hand but r not able to hold each others hand because of the distance between them while the goons keep beating kunj (dil dediya haii jaan bhu tujhey dengey daga nahi karengey sanam plays)
While twinkle cries nd tries to free herself screen freezes on them

Precape: twinkle runs inside the jungle while kunj beats the goons nd runs behind her

Precape: the police calls usha nd informs her about twinkle she gets tensed bebe tells to go mumbai

Will the goon be able to find twinkle?
Or will she be successful in running away from the goon?
To know more plz read sweeties ffs

Thank u….!!!
Love u all..!!!

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