Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 23

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The episode starts with kunj pulling twinkle close they share an eyelock (ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adayein haii from om shanti om plays)
Kunj: did u forgive me twinkle for what i have done… because of that misunderstanding i….
Before he can continue twinkle stops him by keeping hand on his mouth she comes close to him nd kisses him on the cheeks (the song continues) kunj feels her touch nd closes his eyes twinkle moves back and hugs kunj while kunj too hugs her back
Twinkle: if i didnt forgive u… i wont be soo close to u
(Sajna ve plays)
Kunj feels delighted that twinkle has forgived him
Twinkle continues
Twinkle: (still hugging him) kunj i wanted to tell u something
But before she can continue she feels kunj wrenching in pain because of her hand on his neck
She moves back
Kunj: what why did u stop tell
Twinkle hesitates
Twinkle: i just wanted to tell u…
Kunj: yeah tell me
Twinkle: i just wanted to tell u that… why dont u sleep
Kunj is surprised
Kunj: so u wanted to tell this?
Twinkle: yes… no… i mean yes..yes
Kunj: oh ok u must be tired… acha listen we will go out tomorrow ok not honeymoon but we can think this as a holiday right??
Twinkle nods
Kunj gets up nd gets confused
Twinkle notices this nd asks him what happened
Kunj: umm… nothing u sleep
Twinkle: tell me… why r u so stubborn
Kunj: actually… there is no couch
Twinkle gets surprised she thinks something nd tells kunj to sleep on the bed
Kunj gets shocked
Kunj: me nd u on the bed together?
Twinkle: umm yeah… there is no couch where will u sleep
Kunj: twinkle i think u have a bad eye on me
Twinkle: me nd having a bad eye on u… what a joke mr kunj sarna nd if u have some problem sleeping with me y dont u go to lobby nd sleep
Kunj: what an idea atleast i wont sleep with u
He starts to go twinkle stops him
Twinkle: why r u going down… i will make boarder u will sleep that side nd i will sleep the other side
Kunj: ok but dont cross the boarder
Twinkle: nd u dont cross ur limits
Twinkle makes the boarder nd kunj lays on another side nd twinkle on another side twinkle sleeps kunj turns nd sees twinkle sleeping nd smiles he sleeps watching her

Morning hotel
Kunj wakes up nd finds twinkles head on his chest he gets surprised (sajna ve plays) he moves her but in sleep she gets more close to kunj
Kunj smiles nd gives up nd he sleeps with her
Kunj wakes up the next time nd finds twinkle gone he thinks she went to the washroom he goes nd knocks the door but doesnt find anyone there he calls on her mobile but her mobile is in the room only he gets tensed he talks to himself where would she go screen freezes

Precape: twinkle wakes up nd finds herself tied on a chair she screams for kunj

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