Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 21

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The episode starts with kunj nd twinkle on the bed they share eye lock kunj comes close to her for a kiss they r just milli meteres away from the kiss twinkle closes her eyes as she feels butterflies in her stomach she gets goosebumps kunj holds her hand (kuch na kahey bas chup raheyy khamosiyan rehjaye plays) they r about to kiss suddenly they hear bell ring twinkle opens her eyes while kunj moves back they both feel awkward twinkle gets up nd leaves kunj holds his head
Kunj to himself: what was i ever thinking damn how will we face each other nowww…. wow kunj sarna u r soo stupid
Nd hits his head nd tells ouch

Twinkle is smiling nd coming thinking about what happened in the bedroom but she thinks kunj dont love me now after that misunderstanding nd her smile fades away she opens the door nd sees many suitcases usha comes there asks twinkle to cover her head fast twinkle does usha also covers her head a lady walks in wearing punjabi suit nd she is none other than babe she comes nd hugs usha
Bebe: how r u?? Where is the bride when i got to know kunj is married i came as fast as i can
Nd then she sees twinkle she comes to her
Bebe: so this is the new bride… jeeti rey puttar jeetii rey
Twinkle takes her blessing nd bebe blesses her
Kunj comes there nd hugs bebe in excitment bebe beats him telling that he didnt change a bit till now u r hugging me like a baby have some manners u r married now kunj moves back bebe asks twinj to take her blessing but together both of them sees each other but feels awkward they bend down twinkles duppata moves from her head nd falls down on her shoulder bebe blesses them twinj stands up
Usha gets tensed she signals twinkle to cover her head but twinkle doesnt understand bebe sees twinkle without duppata
Bebe: twinkle puttar…. y is ur head like this
Kunj: bebe nothing naa
Bebe scolds him nd asks him not to interfere
Twinkle: actually bebe… (she continues) i never covered my head before like im a very typical girl i dont wear like modern things but my mom never told me to cover my head
Bebe smiles
Bebe: im happy twinkle puttar u told ur hearts desire and asks usha not to cover her head also
Usha smiles nd thinks i got such a nice bahu
Kunj smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is working in the kitchen she is kneading the flour her hair comes on her face kunj comes to kitchen to drink water and watches her messing with her hair nd smiles seeing her cuteness (sajna ve plays) he feels awkward but comes to her nd moves her hair behind her ear both of them smile at each other kunj speaks
Kunj: twinkle woohh
Twinkle: yes kunj
Kunj: twinkle everything happened in the bedroom
Twinkle recalls the moment nd feels shy but controls herself she smiles
Kunj: im sorry for that
Twinkles smile fades away
Kunj: actually i couldnt…. i mean i couldnt control… aah how to tell u this
Twinkle interepts
Twinkle: its ok it happens sometimes (feeling sad)
Kunj gets happy
Kunj: so that means everything is fine between us
Twinkle: yes everything is fine
Kunj: by the way u look cute u know how?
Twinkle: (surprised) how
Kunj takes flour nd puts on twinkles nose nd laughs nd says like this
Twinkle gets angry
Twinkle: oh really
She moves her hand from the flour nd rubs her hand over his face she laughs nd says u look good like this they both have a flour fight
They both r fighting bebe enters nd smiles seeing them kunj sees bebe nd stops while twinkle also stops
Bebe: waah what a cooking… cooking should be like this only
Twinkle: bebe he started first
Kunj: how very bad twinkle bebe she started first
Twinkle: no bebe he started first
Kunj: stop lying twinkle
Twinkle: acha im lying who was the one who puted flour on my nose
Kunj: u puted on my nose
Twinkle: haaww u r such a big liar
Bebe: enoughhhh both of u… (she laughs slowly) rab tum dono ki jodi ko salamt rakhey… now go nd change ur cloths looks what both of u have done playing like children only
Twinj r about to go twinkle slips because of the flour on the ground but kunj holds her in time they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays)
Bebe smiles watching them nd coughs
Twinj breaks the eyelock

Twinjs room
Twinj reaches
Kunj: i will bath first
Twinkle: why everytime u have to bath first i will bath first
Kunj: no i will…
Twinkle: acha acha go i know u smell so bad go i will wait… u need to bath more than me
Kunj: i dont smell ok… acha then u go i wont go first
Twinkle reaches the bathroom nd laughs before going inside
Kunj matches all the words nd thinks twinkle pranked him he turns around nd twinkle laughs nd enters the washroom kunj changes his mood nd smiles

Twinj, usha, bebe, anand, nikki r having lunch bebe signals usha
Usha takes an envelope out nd tells twinj that they r going for honeymoon twinj r shocked nd looks at each other
Kunj accepts the gift while twinkle stares at him kunj doesnt see twinkle as he know she will question him

Twinjs room
Kunj is sitting with envelope in his hand twinkle comes kunj looks at her
Twinkle: why did u accept
Kunj: accept what
Twinkle points at the envelope
Kunj smirks: well as u know twinkle we r married to each other for almost a month nd we got to know each other more soo
Twinkle: soo….
Kunj: why dont we take our marriage to other level
twinkle is shocked she pushes kunj
Twinkle: how did u even think like that
Kunj: well obviously from my brain
Twinkle: u have one (acts like shocked) i never thought u did
Kunj fakes a smile nd becomes serious
Kunj: what do u think that i want to spend honeymoon with u… with twinkle kunj sarna
Twinkle: i didnt mean that… whatever think something to stop this
They both get thinking
Twinkle gets the idea nd tells kunj
Kunj: wah kia baat haii siyappa queen… i never thought u can think this idea wow… amazing
Twinkle lifts her shoulder up feeling proud and asks kunj to go nd start the plan he leaves
Twinkle talks to herself i never want to stop this honeymoon kunj but u started to hate me now i cant come close to u because u dont want me to… she gets teary eyed the screen freezes

Precape: twinj r packing there stuff kunj to twinkle because of ur stupid plan we have to go now

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