Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 20

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The episode starts with twinj hugging each other kunj breaks the hug cups twinkles face nd kisses her on forehead (sajna ve plays) nd hugs her again

Next scene
Twinkle is discharged she is sitting kunj fills all the formalities nd comes to her twinkle is about to stand but kunj picks her in his arms (sajna ve plays) nd walks out of the hospital

Manohar house
Twinj reaches there kunj is still holding twinkle in his arms usha does there arti and asks kunj to take twinkle to the room kunj does

Twinjs room
Kunj keeps twinkle on the bed slowly but he slips nd falls on her (bas itni si tamanah haii terey rang mein hi rang jaou title song plays)
Kunj gets teary eyed nd moves twinkle holds his hand nd asks kunj what happened to her nd y is he acting like this nd asks him if he is not angry at her
Kunj turns to her nd he starts crying twinkle gets tensed
Twinkle: kunj what happened y r u crying?? Plzz dont cry
Nd she wipes his tears nd asks him what happened
He sits beside her
Kunj: twinkle….. u…u have brain hemorrhage
This echoes in twinkles ears nd she is shocked
Twinkle: areyy bas itnii sii baat i thought that my husband got very handsome (nd she laughs) but notices kunj is watching her nd she becomes serious
Kunj: twinkle… plzz dont stop urself u think that u wont cry so i wont get sad right??
Twinkle nods in agreement
Kunj: twinkle im ur husband nd this is the duty of her husband to keep his wife happy nd i wont let any harm come to u i will pray to god that even the death should come to me before (twinkle stops him by keeping her hand on his mouth)
Twinkle: dont u ever tell this again… nd i know my handsome nd innocent husband will never let anything happen to me but u have to promise me something
Kunj: what
Twinkle: i have heard that… umm… i have heard that brain hemorrhage operation is 90% unsuccessful so if anything happens to me…
Kunj holds her hand tightly trying not to cry
Twinkle cups his face
Twinkle: if anything happens to me then u would move on in ur life (sajna ve plays)
Kunj nods in agreement
Kunj tells twinkle to sleep he goes to balcony nd talks to himself
What does she think of herself i wont let anything happen to her she dont know that she is my life nd i cant play with my life or i wont let anyone play with it he kneels down nd cries slowly so that twinkle doesnt listen he peeps into the bedroom nd watches twinkle sleeping he comes to her (tere bin from heropanti plays) he sits beside her nd kisses her forehead
Kunj soul talk: i wont let anything happen to u twinkle

The days passes by nd kunj is taking take care of twinkle they both share cute moments together nd their love increases day by day

Finally the day of operation comes twinkle is laying on the bed kunj wishes her luck nd tells her not to think so much nd leaves
Twinkle thinks plzz babaji protect my kunj if anything happens to me while kunj prays for twinkle
The operation is over the doctor comes out kunj and the family member stands there for the result
Doctor: the operation was…….
Kunj waits for the result nd hopes it wasnt unsuccessful
Doctor: the operation was successful
Kunj nd family members gets happy kunj cries because of happiness usha hugs him while he too hugs her back
Kunj comes to twinkle to meet her twinkle is conscious he smiles brightly while twinkle too smiles kunj shows her thumbs up

Twinkle is been discharged from the hospital maya comes to her twinkle sees her comes forward to her angrily while maya is feeling guilty twinkle comes to her
Maya: tww…twinkle im
But before she can complete twinkle hugs her thanking her that she realized what is wrong nd what is right
Maya feels great nd they both laugh nd talk
Kunj sees this nd smiles
My siyappa queen she only loves to do siyappas well obviously she is the wife of mr kharoose sarna…wait did i just call my self kharoose…. oh twinkle this is ur influence

Twinj nd other family members comes home nd asks twinkle to rest
Twinkle: maa for this many days i was resting today i will help u
Usha asks her not to do this nd asks her to rest
twinkle shows childish face nd usha agrees twinkle smiles brightly nd leaves with usha to kitchen
Kunj thinks: omg what a dramebaaz she is but yet i love her soo much

Twinkle completes all the work and comes back to the room she enters nd sees full room decorated with balloons flowers lights candles she picks one of the balloon nd thinks wow so cute kunj comes from behind nd scares her
Twinkle: aaahhh very bad kunj… stupid man
Kunj: atleast u thought that i am a human
Twinkle: no mr kunj sarna man no human… humans r humans i know that but u r a man means dog nd i think dogs r one of the kind of animal (she laughs badly)
Her laughing voice echoes on kunjs ears he smiles (sajna ve plays) but controls herself
Kunj: mrs twinkle kunj sarna… did u heard mrs twinkle kunj sarna… kunj sarna u r married to a man whereas u r also an animal
Twinkle acts like laughing
Twinkle: so funny u have broke the record of all the bad jokes HAHAHA
Kunj: well this wasnt a bad joke
Twinkle: yes it was
Kunj: no it wasnt
Twinkle: yes it was
Kunj: no it wasnt (nd he comes close to twinkle
Twinkle: yes it was (nd comes close to kunj)
Kunj: no it wasnt (he comes more close while coming close twinkle slips she holds kunj but kunj also looses his balance nd falls on her they land up on bed (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: usha gives tickets to twinj nd tells them they r going for honeymoon twinj r shocked

Hope u guy like it nd plzz do comment

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  2. Itsss awesomee amazingggģggg Sweetie!! Loved ittt nd thankss for postingg 4 epi’s today, thankss a lot!! Love ur ffss?????

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  5. heyy sweetie episode is nice and cute….but I guess you don’t know what exactly is brain hemorrhage…its like coma…the person cant be awake and talking if he/she has that….how can ur body function if ur brain is damaged….I guess u hav confused it with brain tumor…sry if u felt bad but being a science student I thought of sharing this piece of info with you

    1. Thank u aakanksha for correcting me well im not a science student the thing is what i have heard i just used that… im sorry if u didnt like the episode…. i will try my best…!!

      1. no no I loved the episode…ony tried correcting ur conception about brain hemorrhage…ur way of depicting a story is very nice

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  6. wowww honeymoon now this must b a romantic one……

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