Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 19

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The episode starts with kunj asking twinkle to get up but she doesnt move kunj gets tensed
Usha: arey what r u asking her to get up take her to the hospital
Kunj picks her up in his arms nd runs out

Doctor comes out kunj asks him is twinkle fine??
Doctor: im sorry mr kunj sarna because of some stress nd tension ur wife got brain hemorrhage
Brain hemorrhage echoes in kunjs
He breaks down in tears while other family members r shocked
Usha tries to console him but he moves from her nd goes out he walks down the streets (janey kyon plays from always always kabhi kabhi) he recalls all the moments with twinkle her eyes, her lips, her smile, her tears he screams TWINKLEE nd cries vigorously

Mayas car passes by she sees kunj like this she stops the car nd comes out nd asks kunj what happened he narrates her everything she is shocked nd starts to cry kunj asks her not to cry as twinkle will be fine
Maya: im not crying because she wont get fine i know she will be fine because u r with her always…. im crying because what i have done to her
Kunj confused: what do u mean
Maya tells him everything she planned with uvi
Kunj is soo shocked nd is angry at her he is about to slap her but stops thinking about twinkle
Kunj: why did u tell me this u want to die with my hands
Maya cries: no kunj i loved u but trusting uvi was my mistake
Kunj: what do u mean?
Twinkle leaves from uvis place breaking his phone maya comes uvi nd maya laughs
Maya: plan A finished now plan B
Uvi: nd i will do plan C

Maya is confused nd asks him about that uvi tells her to be brave as he is going to kill kunj
Maya is shocked nd asks what is he telling
uvi: im sorry maya but i used u twinkle didnt accept my proposal no girl did this to me so for that she have to pay price for that twinkle loves kunj for that kunj have to die nd yeah plzz dont u interfere saving kunj because i wont let u do that
Someone hits mayas head nd she faints
Flashback ends
Maya: i came as fast as i can to save u but…. im guilty to see u like this because of me this happened im sorry…. nd i got to that also u nd twinkle r made for each other
Kunj: its ok u realized ur mistake but (get angry) i wont leave that uvi
Maya: im with u kunj as a friend i will do everything to get his game over
Kunj recalls how he pushed twinkle how he screamed at her how he ignored her he starts to cry again but maya consoles him

Maya nd kunj comes there
Kunj to doctor
Kunj: when will u start her operation
Doctor: after 2 weeks because the operation doctor is out of town mr kunj take care of ur wife nd yeah dont give her any stress
Kunj is sad but agrees he goes to twinkles room nd sits beside her she is still unconsious he cries holding her hand (tere bina plays from heropanti) he cries vigorously thinking how he hurted twinkle
Kunj soul talk: im sorry twinkle i should never have doubted u im so sorry nd cries badly

Next day
Nurse comes there and asks kunj to getup as twinkle have to be discharged
Kunj nods he is about to go out but twinkle calls him
Twinkle: k..kun…kunjj
Kunj turns around nd is happy to see her conscious he gets teary eyed nd runs to her he hugs her tightly while twinkle smiles nd hugs him back (agr tum saath ho plays)
Screen freezes

Precape: twinkles operation is done nd she is shocked to see maya twinkle comes to her angrily

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