Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 18

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The episode starts with twinkle standing with uvi while uvi is watching kunjs video on his phone
Uvi: oh baby u came I was waiting for u…why do u take this much time?
Twinkle: (disgusted) why did u call me here?
Uvi: I want to give u this video as I have realized my mistake
Twinkle is stunned to hear this she smiles
While uvi laughs evilly twinkle is disgusted at his behavior
Uvi: actually I called u to give this video… so that u can give in the hands of police
Twinkle: (forwards her hand) yeah give it to me I will give it to police station then my husbands reputation will come down right? (she gets angry) HOW DID U THINK THAT I WILL DO THIS TO MY HUSBAND
Uvi: because I told u to do so as I love u soo much

Twinkle pretends to show she started love him by his talks nd comes closer to him while uvi gets in her plan nd pulls her closer from her waist nd he is about to kiss her while twinkle snatches uvis mobile nd throws the mobile which breaks into many pieces Uvi gets shocked as well as angry
Twinkle: I can never do this to my husband… I hate u from the bottom of my heart nd I will die but i will not leave my husbands side as I have the sindoor and mangalsutar of his name (sajna ve plays)
Uvi is still angry twinkle leaves uvi changes himself nd laughs while maya come there
Maya: nice job uvi now plan B
They both laugh evilly
Manohar house
Kunj is using laptop he gets msg on his phone nd is shocked he have tears in his eyes
Twinkle returns: hi kunj
Kunj: where were u?
Twinkle hesitates: I went with maa to mandir why?
Kunj: if u went with maa then what is this? He shows his phone
Kunjs video plays where he is with the girl nd the girl alleges him of rape
Then twinkles video where she told uvi that she will give to video to police but it is half video only her words against kunj
Then twinkle nd uvis pictures of them so close

While twinkle cries
Twinkle: kunj it is nothing like this I tried………
Kunj shuts her up: I don’t want to listen anything from ur dirty mouth,
Twinkle: but kunj plz listen to me once I didn’t….
Kunj interferes: I told u twinkle I don’t want to listen anything
Twinkle: but kunj
Kunj gets angry nd pins her against the wall
Kunj: twinkle I told u I don’t want to listen anything from u… I have trusted u soo much nd u have ditched me I never thought u could do that
Twinkle: kunj I didn’t do anything……(kunj holds her more tightly)
Kunj shouts: I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN ANYTHING… I am cursing myself that y did I love u so much I did a huge mistake (twinkle cries listening to this vigorously) what do u wanna tell that u love uvi or u want to marry him

Kunj leaves her she got her because one of the bangle breaks nd hits her kunj hits his hand on the wall his hand starts to bleed twinkle rushes to him kunj pushes her
Kunj: don’t u even dare to come close to me
Twinkle cries but comes nd holds kunjs hand he pushes her badly she falls down kunj gets concern for her he goes to her but stops thinking what she have done he leaves while twinkle cries vigorously (breakup mashup plays) kunj goes out nd screams TWINKLEEEE nd cries it starts to rain the rain drops hitting the ground kunjs crying voice echoes
Twinkle nd kunj crying vigorously
Next day
Kunj comes home nd see twinkle sleeping on the sofa he goes to make her sleep properly but stops tears fall from his eyes one of the tear falls on twinkles hand nd she wakes up she sees kunj crying
Twinkle: kunj I didn’t do anything plzz trust me I just went…….

Kunj: I don’t want to listen to u or speak to u how many times i should tell (angrily)
Twinkle: but just to me for once… clear the misunderstanding
Kunj leaves twinkle cries nd talks to herself oh babajii I just tried to save kunjs reputation why is this happening to me she gets uvis call she picks it up
Oh im so sorry mrs twinkle kunj sarna nd hangs it up
Twinkle to herself: I promise uvi that I will make ur game over nd this is a promise of a wife a daughter nd a friend she leaves
Dining table
Twinkle is serving food she comes to kunj nd she serves him food
He intentionally throws the plate
Because of the sudden plate sound twinkle gets shocked nd she faints while everyone goes to her kunj is still sitting thinking that she is acting
Usha: kunj look what happened to her
Kunj: nothing maa maybe she fainted
Kunj comes to her nd throws glass of water on her face but she doesn’t move a finger
Kunj is shocked he sits beside her nd calls twinkle she doesn’t move he again calls her twinkle get up
Twinkle stop acting get up he is shocked as well as tensed

Precape: doctor informs kunj something he starts to cry badly
I hope u guyz like it
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  1. Wow….sweetie…awesome…wat does the doctor tell….pls hint

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  3. Oh god ur episodes are so amazing.. i loved it.. waiting for d next part

  4. Woww sweetie itss amazinggg nd awesomee !! Waiting eagerly for nxt epiii nd thanks once again for posting dis epi tooo… ❤❤

  5. I don’t have words to describe your ff
    So awesome
    Keep it up

  6. intresting twist. . keep writting

  7. wow so sweet yaar i cant wait for your next episode what did the doctor say plz give a hint

  8. so emotional and awesome episode

  9. My heart beating fast.today episode was heart touching.plz update ur new ff today and keep rocking

  10. i was a silent reader all this while..i read all ffs..bt wt the hell do u think of ur self ha? okay u r gttng appreciation ur episode are also good enough..bt tht doesnt mean u ll fly in air…stop posting so many ffs in a day..give a chance to others atleast..! for u we have to search pages to find other ffs,are u mad? come down to reality..there are many good ff writers whose works r worth ! u keep ur shit with u..i knw aftr rdng this many will protest bt trst me guys i dnt hve ny enmity towards her,jst tht i hate the way she posted her ffs..!

    1. Ruhaina…if you have a problem with this ff , don’t read it. when you comment like this, it hurts others feelings , please try to understand and never post a comment like on my bestie ( sweetie) stories. if you don’t like it , don’t read it.

  11. if u want to ask her to post single episode u can tell politely u can simply ask her to post a single episode but this is not the way and u cant even name ur self then hw can you use such words please dont try to hurt any one just stop this non sense better dont comment again a name less fellow

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  12. u r wrong i can name myself..bt i just want her to read this btw i dnt want to fight..

    1. 1st and foremost let me make it very clear to you that there is a way in which u speak to people for the work to be done… u cd have asked 4 the same in an polite manner but u used harsh words 4 it ..
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      sweetie u deserve full on full 4 this episode

    2. sorry if u r hurt cse I just wanted to make u realise ur mistake

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    4. Im sorry to hear this ruhina but the thing is i didnt know that they stopped posting the articles i gave them what i wrote nd if thy posted all together my episodes what can i do…??? Plus i have no idea what r u doing on my ff when it sucks
      Ps. Just clearing my point

  13. loved it sweetie … :-* waiting 4 d nxt episode. …
    may God bless …

  14. I agree with sudha

  15. Sweetie awesome ff yaar loved it

  16. sweetie i wud lyk to tell u that plz ignore all the negative ppl i knw thats difficult bt that wud b better cz u r a fab writer n will always remain…u hav got great ideas n u hav already created a lot of fans here that u can see…no matter the no. of episodes u post we wud eagerly read all of them (especially me) keep going dear….

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