Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 17

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The episode starts with kunj bringing twinkle to kitchen nd asks her if he can help twinkle denies she starts working with difficulties
Kunj is standing over there nd smiles thinking how stubborn is she
Kunj: can i help u??

Twinkle is not at all agree nd denies she starts kneading the floor but because of her head injury she is not able to do it kunj comes from behind nd he starts to knead the floor (tum mile plays) twinkle looks at him while he too looks at her they both have eyelock
Twinkle soul talk: why is there distance between us… i will tell u the truth kunj as soon as possible i cant bear this distance
Nd instead of salt she puts sugar nd starts kneading the floor with kunj helping her
He helps her in making curry nd he cuts his hand twinkle gets tensed nd she holds his hand nd sucks the blood (sajna ve plays) kunj is surprised to see her behavior nd thinks does she like me?? But thinks how can she as twinkle loves uvi
Nd he takes his hand back nd says he is fine twinkle tells no he is not while they both have a cute fight just then usha enters nd smiles watching them fight
Twinkle sees her nd stops

Kunj: ohoo why did u stop now?? I know everything ok u r soo crazy girl i have ever met
Twinkle signals him about usha but he doesnt understand nd continues
Kunj: why r u signaling me…wait a second the direction goes to our room (kunj starts to act like closing his button) look twinkle jii im very innocent person i know that i am handsome but plzz control urself i know ur thinking is bad but plzzz spare me nd u cant do anything as there is nothing betwee…… before he can continue twinkle cuts him off
Twinkle: maa u here??
Kunj understands that she was signalling usha nd feels embarassed
Usha comes there
Usha: no kunj continue (she laughs)
While twinkle stares at kunj for his mistake nd smirks looking at his embarassed face usha leaves
(Funny tone plays)
Kunj is about to leave
Twinkle: oh mr kunj sarna what happened now hah… (she laughs) nd plzz how many times i have told u stop dreaming
Kunj leaves in an embarassed way

Twinkle soul talk: u know what kunj u are right u r handsome but not innocent (she smiles) but no girl can will be sad if they get husband like u i love u kunj (sajna ve plays)

The lunch table is served while twinkle is serving everyone food first she gives kunj the paratha (which is made up of sugar) nd goes to serve others kunj tastes her paratha nd gets shocked nd thinks if everyone will eat this paratha they will think twinkle cant cook food nd thinks he will have to do something
Kunj gets up nd starts collecting all the parathas while everyone is shocked as well as twinkle
Kunj: aammm…. i love twinkles hand parathas i will eat them all
Twinkle thinks what is he trying to do usha smiles nd agrees while anand and nikki also agrees on ushas command
Kunj starts eating the paratha they r terrible but still he keeps eating while twinkle notices that something is wrong
everyone is done with their lunch and praises twinkles food
Twinkle gets happy nd smiles brightly kunj sees this nd smiles while eating paratha (sajna ve plays) he looks at her lovingly

Everyone leaves twinkle comes to kunj he gets in his senses
Twinkle: why did u eat all the parathas
Kunj: my wish (he leaves).
Twinkle sees one paratha left she tastes it nd vomits twinkle is shocked thinking kunj ate all the parathas to save her from everyones taunt she leaves hurridely to the room

Twinjs room
Kunj is vomitting he comes out nd sees twinkle in tears
Kunj: what happened twinkle? Why r u crying? Did anyone told u something?
Twinkle comes nd hugs him tightly while crying kunj too hugs her back (sajna ve plays) twinkle moves back
Twinkle: why did u eat all the parathas?.
Kunj hesitates
Kunj: because i was hungry we cant even eat now
Twinkle: i know u did this to save my reputation infront of everyone right?
Kunj: No i just wanted to save everyone from ur bakwass food
He leaves
Twinkle smiles thinking he wont accept it anywayzz thank u kunj ?

Uvi nd maya r sitting together thinking how to seperate twinj
Maya tells uvi one idea which is muted
Uvi calls twinkle nd asks her to come or else he will do something to kunj and also he will give kunjs video to police twinkle gets tensed nd tells she will come

Twinkle reaches the place where uvi called her uvi is holding his phone nd watching kunjs video twinkle sees him screen freezes

Precape: kunj pushes twinkle nd tells her that he did a mistake by loving her soo much

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  1. Nicc epi loved it!! Nd thannks for posting 3 epi’s today , thankss a lot!

  2. Again a twist ……wow…..luv u …..keep writing

  3. excited for next ff article… can u please next episode.. please please

  4. Oh girl so many updates in one day i loved dem… all d episodes were awesome sorry cant comment on all so here i go it was amazing but the precap oh god hope soon everything is fine

  5. Lovely yrr twinj scenes awesome waiting fr nxt part

  6. precap is quite interesting todays episode was just fab I lvvd it

  7. The Precap is so shocking

  8. Preety sid bieber

    Omg i jst hp evrything is alright btween twinkj..n todys epi is oxxm..

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