Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 16

Hey guyz soo how r u all??
I know u all must be waiting for all the ffs i too was waiting for them because it gives me new ideas nd im inspired especially by harshi, ria, saibo, SMC i really love there ffs
Nd thank u all the commenters thats a great honour soo i will start my episode

The episode starts with
Uvi nd maya being shocked to hear mrs twinkle kunj sarna while twinkle smirks watching uvi nd maya
Uvi is angry nd starts hitting kunj badly nd speaks how the hell did u marry my twinkle she was mine i will kill u nd starts hitting kunj badly
Twinkle pushes uvi nd slaps him hard while maya is shocked
Twinkle: how dare u to hit my HUSBAND (this word echoes in kunjs ears) before hitting my husband u should hit….. come uvi hit me come on HITT MEE
Uvi is very angry nd leaves with maya
While twinj too leaves nd reaches manohar house
Twinkle enters while usha calls her

Usha: twinkle where were u??
Twinkle: actually maa i went with kunj to college to take his certificate
Usha: acha come lets go today is ur first kitchen work come lets go
Twinkle: i will change nd come
Usha agrees
Twinj reaches her room (which is kunjs room)
Kunj: twinkle u dont have to do all this
Twinkle: im married to u now i have to full fill every duty
Kunj: twinkle u know how this marriage happened
While twinkle is leaving kunjs room usha nd leela enters nd tell them about there decision to get them married while both of them protests they cant do this leela takes twinkle with her nd convinces her while usha does the same with kunj
Twinj gets married nd both of them make a deal that they both did this marriage for the sake of there mothers but deep in there heart they r happy
Kunj soul talk: i will always keep u happy twinkle because i love u that much
Twinkle soul talk: thank u babajii that u gave me kunj as my husband
Flashback ends
Twinkle: i know kunj but that doesnt mean that i will not follow all the rituals even u ful filled every ritual of ur mother
Kunj: oh really!!! Which ritual did i follow tell me
Twinkle: carrying me in ur arms remember
Twinkles gharpravesh is happening she hits the bowl of rice

Usha asks her to wait nd tells about the ritual that husband should carry his wife twinkle denies but kunj carries her in his arms
Flashback ends
Kunj: umm ha so what my mom told me to do
Twinkle: so this is also my mom is telling
Kunj: she is not ur mom
Twinkle: yes she is…im married to u so from now what is urs is mine
(Sajna ve plays)
They both have an eyelock kunj breaks it nd leaves
Twinkle gets a msg from uvi telling her to meet him at his house other wise something bad will happen twinkle gets tensed nd leaves by sending msg to kunj telling him she is going to meet uvi at his house

Uvis house twinkle reaches there nd asks uvi what is happening he smirks evilly and speaks up
Uvi: very bad twinkle very bad
Twinkle is confused
Uvi continues: u urself have come to destroy ur respect (twinkle is still confused) oh my innocent twinkle (nd he locks the door) i meant i will do everything that happens on the wedding night
Twinkle is shocked as well as tensed
Uvi comes closer to her twinkle moves back
Twinkle: uvi dont u dare come closer to me i will scream
Uvi doesnt listen nd he pushes twinkle on the bed nd he holds her hand
Uvi: what did u think twinkle u will leave easily by marrying kunj…. no twinkle no when i want something i have it….

While twinkle tries to free herself uvi comes closer to her nd is about to kiss her kunj makes heroic entry nd kicks uvi nd he falls down from the bed twinkle gets up nd hugs kunj while crying (sajna ve plays)
Uvi gets up nd starts to hit kunj
Kunj is being beaten by uvi very badly while twinkle tries to stop but is unable to do twinkle comes in between uvi nd kunj
Uvi pushes her she gets hurt on her head nd she falls unconscious
Kunj sees this nd starts hitting uvi badly
Kunj: how dare u hit my wife?? How dare u hit my twinkle?? (Rabba ve plays arnav nd khushis tone I LOVE IT THEREFORE IM USING) Nd beats him black nd blue uvi falls down accepting his defeat
Kunj goes to twinkle and asks her to get up she doesnt respond he carries her in his arms nd goes to hospital
Doctor comes out nd tells kunj to take care of her but she is fine
Kunj comes to twinkle
Twinkle: im sorry kunj i….

Kunj interrupts telling her its ok we have to head home now
Twinkle: yeah i forgot my first kitchen work i completely forgot
Kunj: twinkle u r not well today u cant work i will convince maa
Twinkle: no kunj this is happening because of my mistake nd i cant let my in laws head down because of me it is my duty to save ur reputation not destroy it (sajna ve plays)
Kunj is touched by her words screen freezes

Precape: twinkle is having difficulty in making food kunj comes nd helps her

Hope u guyzz like it thank u…
Love u all…!!

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