Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 14

The episode starts with Kunj waiting for twinkles answer
Twinkle: kunj I don’t love u
Kunjs gets teary eyed
Kunj: wh…wha…what?? (tears in his eyes)
Twinkle: I don’t love u kunj I love uvi nd I want to be with him for the rest of my life I never thought anything like that between u nd me
(it was clearly shown in twinkles eyes that she is forced to tell all this to him)
Twinkle: im sorry kunj plzz forgive me nd she leaves
She comes outside nd stands while kunj stands shocked nd cried he sits down nd starts crying vigorously while twinkle sees him nd she too starts crying (jo bheji thi dua wa jaake aasman sey laut aagayi sada plays)
Flash back
Uvi nd maya blackmails twinkle if she told anything to kunj about her feelings they will give this video to police nd is reputation will go down while twinkle tries to snatch the mobile but is unable to
Flashback ends

Twinkle is walking on the streets nd thinks how she rejected kunjs proposal, how he was crying while kunj too cries in the restaurant thinking about twinkle the moments spent with her, her smile etc (judaii plays from badlapur) he gets a call he drops his phone in shocked state he runs nd reaches hospital nd finds twinkle in the operation theatre nd sees leela crying he goes nd consoles her while she keeps crying
Kunj too cries but he tells leela everything will be fine nd hugs her
Doctor comes out kunj asks him how is twinkle doctor tells that she have lost lot of blood she needs blood nd her blood is very rare to find we r trying nd leaves
Kunj asks leela to stay with twinkle he will just come
Kunj reaches the great mandir which have many stairs he walks with his knees till the mandir (sajna ve plays) kunj reaches the top of the mandir nd prays for twinkle the pandit comes there nd tells him that no one can love this much as much u do
Kunj leaves nd reaches the hospital nd finds uvi nd maya there both of them hug kunj
Kunj sees uvi crying nd tells her he is lucky to have twinkle plz don’t break her heart as she cant love anyone other than u
Uvi nd maya smirks

Kunj is waiting nd cries watching twinkles state leela comes there nd consoles him nd sees his knees full of blood she gets tensed nd asks him about that he tells her it is nothing leela insists him to do his dressing he replies telling until twinkle becomes fine he wont go there leela is happy nd tells him this much u love her he is shocked to know how does she know
Leela: im sure old but I can see nd understand love

Kunj: yes I accept I love her but my love is one sided
Leela is shocked nd asks what does he mean he tells her that twinkle loves uvi not him nd he cries leela consoles him nd thinks how is this possible
Doctor comes out nd is surprised kunj nd leela asks him how is twinkle
Doctor tell them he is shocked kunj nd leela thinks something happened to twinkle
Kunj: is…is… is she fine? What happened to her?
Doctor: no no she is absolutely fine but it’s a miracle she came back from death maybe someone loves her dearly
Kunj nd leela cries in happiness
Leela thinks this is all because of kunj
Leela: doctor can we meet her?
Doctor: sure sure…but make sure don’t give her stress she is having a head injury… nd yeah only one person is able to go inside
Kunj nd leela nods in yes

Leela asks kunj to go nd meet her kunj denies but leela insists nd he agrees
Kunj opens the door thinking how will he see her his heart beat starts to pump faster he comes in the room nd sees twinkle in bed with oxygen mask on her mouth bandage on her head plaster on her hand nd leg he cries watching her state he comes nd sits on the chair he holds her hand (agr tum saath ho plays from tamasha) leela watches all this nd thinks twinkle doesn’t understand who is good for her that uvi just left her in this state she msgs kunj on his phone she is going take care of twinkle she will be back

Kunj is still holding twinkles hand he feels sleepy he sleeps holding her hand twinkle shows some response nd opens her eyes she sees kunj beside her nd starts crying silently she caresses his face nd cries thinking y is there distance between them…… I promise u kunj I will tell u the truth as soon as possible screen freezes on her face

Precape: kunj is giving medicine to twinkle by the time uvi comes nd stops him kunj gives medicines to uvi nd leaves

Hope u all like it nd the twist

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  1. Sweetie…..its awesome…..I am still in tears. ….amazing…..

  2. Yeah your twist is awesome
    But please unite twinj soon

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  6. Sweetie I have been a silent reader
    Your ff is just fab
    Love it
    Keep it up
    Pls solve the confusion as fast as possible

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  9. I have been a silent reader but your ff made me break my silence .
    your ff is just awesome
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