Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 13

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The episode starts with twinkle laughing at kunj
Kunj sees her nd stops he feels embarrassed twinkle comes down nd asks him to drop her as her mother will be tensed kunj replies she wont as he told her about u
Twinkle: what did u tell her?
Kunj: I told her u got detention nd u r gonna stay in college
Twinkle: WOW mr kunj sarna…. What will my mom think why did u tell her this u could have told something else……..
Kunj interrupts: what will I tell her oh yeah right I should have told her that her daughter is drunk nd she is with a guy in the farmhouse for night nd we both r alone right??
Twinkle soul talk: oh babajii y do I speak so much without thinking?
Kunj: y did u stop speak now
Twinkle: sorry… now drop me to my home

Kunj: not like this
Twinkle: then??
Kunj comes closer to her she moves back until she is stopped by a wall twinkles heart starts beating faster (sajna ve plays) he comes closer to her nd whispers in her ears she have to say plzz twinkle pushes him he laughs nd asks her what was she thinking he will do or tell her
Twinkle: nothing
She starts to leave nd is stopped by kunj he pulls her close nd tells her u thought that im gonna kiss u right? Twinkle stands shocked but replies in NO nd asks him not to think more nd asks him to drop her kunj stands nd looks at her with his one eye brow up twinkle sees him nd tells him PLZZZ
Kunj smiles nd thinks twinkle I cant wait to tell u how much I love u
Next day

Uvi nd maya are angry on there defeat nd starts planning to separate twinj both of them r thinking deeply
Uvi gets the idea nd tells maya about it which is muted
Maya: kia baat hai merey sher….. sometimes I think I should have fallen in love with u
Uvi is stunned listening that maya too is shocked nd corrects herself nothing like that my tongue just slipped… uvi smiles silently at her weird behavior nd hits his head thinking that he loves twinkle
Maya: soo umm should we start our plan uvi agrees nd leaves for planning
Next scene
Kunj is walking in the corridor some girl comes nd starts to come closer to him kunj pushes her but she doesn’t move nd comes more closer nd acts that she is fainted someone starts to record kunj tries to wake her up she gets up nd screams that he is trying to take advantage of her kunj is confused for what she is talking about nd runs away kunj is confused nd he leaves
At night
Tanejas house

Twinkle is in bed thinking about kunj she talks to herself
Twinkle soul talk: kunj is soo nice he is irritating but cute…. He is soo caring also… oh babajii what is happening to me y I am thinking about that kharoose sarna……she remembers all the good moments spent with kunj nd smiles she turns to other side nd shocked to see kunj
(sajna ve plays)

She gets up nd asks him in shock state what is doing here she switch on the light nd find kunj gone she is stunned thinking what is happening to her to avoid thinking about kunj he switch on the TV nd starts watching it a scene comes in TV about a boy purposing her girl she thinks about kunj proposing her she comes in her senses nd starts walking in tension nd thinks that do I love him?? She hits her head thinking she cant as he is only a friend to her… but she recalls all the moments spent with him nd smiles realizing her love for him
She goes to bed nd sleeps peacefully in the thoughts of kunj
Manohar house
Kunj is thinking about twinkle nd decides to propose her tomorrow
Next day college
Twinkle is walking nd busy in the thoughts of kunj she hits uvi nd uvi tells her where is she lost
She takes him in corner nd tells him not to get shocked he is her friend so she wants him to tell something uvi asks her to speak

She tells him about her love for kunj
Uvi is shocked nd takes her in an empty class angrily he asks what is she thinking how can she love kunj twinkle is shocked to see his behavior nd asks him what is he telling
He tells her that he loves her nd he wont let her to be anyone’s twinkle is hell shocked
Twinkle: how can u even think that I will love u I never felt anything like that im sorry I don’t love nd im going to tell my feelings to kunj….. she starts to leave
Uvi holds her nd tells her does she love kunj she nods yes he questions her will she do anything to save his respect twinkle again nods yes but asks his why is he asking him all that uvi laughs evily twinkle is surprised nd asks him if he has gone mad nd starts to leave
Twinkle hears some girls voice like what r u doing this man is trying to take advantage of me she turns nd finds uvi holding his mobile while kunjs video plays she is shocked
Twinkle: what is all this uvi?

Uvi: kunj is taking advantage of a girl cant u see (he smirks) nd im gonna show this video to police then kunjs reputation will go down because he will be in jail (he laughs evily)
Twinkle: what is wrong with u uvi kunj is ur friend how can u stoop so low
Uvi: this is all because of u cant u see how much I love u I can do anything even kill someone (evily)
Twinkle is disgusted by his talks nd tells him she cant love a guy like him who is so evil give me this video she tries to snatch the mobile while maya comes there nd stops her twinkle is shocked to see both of them included in this plan nd cries telling them she trusted them so much they have betrayed her
Twinkle gets a call from kunj asking her to meet at royal restaurant she agrees nd leaves telling them she wont leave them nd tell kunj everything
Royal restaurant
Twinkle reaches there nd is surprised to see all the decorations kunj comes there
Kunj: hello twinkle how r u?
Twinkle: kunj whats all this?

Kunj: something I always want to tell u something I couldn’t understand but my heart did
Twinkle is in tears in thinks what does he wants to tell
Kunj gets down on his knees nd tells her TWINKLE the winds starts blowing
He continues: I never thought that I will get a life partner which I want but I was wrong I know u r fully opposite of my dream girl but u have become my dream girl I don’t want anyone except u I LOVE U TWINKLE I LOVE U VERY MUCH
Twinkle is in tears kunj gets up

Kunj: will u be with me for the rest of my life?
Twinkle: kunj……………. (she is still in tears) screen freezes

Precape: kunj gets a call while he is crying nd he is shocked nd drops his phone

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