Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 12

The episode starts with kunj being shocked as twinkle is not in the car he starts finding her while it is raining he listens some song
A girl is shown singing who is none other than twinkle she sings zoobi doobi parampaa from 3 idiots
While kunj smiles nd joins her they both starts to dance nd enjoys

Next scene kunj is shown holding twinkle in his arms while she is unconscious he looks at her lovingly he brings her to farmhouse
He makes her lay on the bed he puts her hair behind her ears (hua haii aaj pehli baar plays) kunj thinks y do i always want u… y cant i just leave u… y i always want your presence…whyy?? Nd caresses her face nd stands up to go twinkle holds his hand and cries in her unconscious state plzz dont leave me i want u plzzz plzzz dont go plzz dont leave me
Twinkles dream
A man is shown but the image is blurred who is trying to leave

Kunj holds her hand nd sits down nd calms her down telling her he is alwayss with her nd wouldnt leave her twinkle calms down nd holds his hand tightly (mujhey teri zaroorat haii plays) kunj feels sleepy nd sleeps beside the bed

Next morning
Twinkle wakes up nd find kunj sleeping beside the bed nd sits with a headache nd sees her hand in kunjs hand she smiles nd thinks what happened last night
Twinkle tries to remove her hand from his with the movement kunj wakes up nd screams TWINKLE
Twinkle is surprised nd tells kunj that she is here what happened last night
Kunj starts teasing her telling that yesterday night she was having so much of energy what happened to her now nd comes closer to her
Twinkle gets shocked nd feels terrible she asks him why didnt he stop her kunj replies he was also having fun y would he even stop her
Twinkle starts to cry badlyy while kunj tells her to calm down nd tells her that it is a joke twinkle hits him badly kunj holds her hand nd pulls her closer nd tells her that he was just joking i didnt knew u will cry
Twinkle: y did u joke so badly…. yeah u wanted to see me cry right i know everything
Kunj pulls her more closer (sajna ve plays)
Kunj: i can never see u cry… infact i will wish to die before watching u cry
Twinkle is touched by his words nd asks him y is that so
Kunj leaves her in confusion nd leaves telling her to be fresh nd come down

Kunj is walking down the stairs nd thinking y is that so y i cant see her cry……. he stops nd remembers all the moments spent with her nd tells himself……. do I LOVE HER???
He feels happy knowing that he loves twinkle

He starts to sing (i love u from bodyguard) nd dance

Twinkle comes down nd laughs watching him dancing screen freezes

Precape: maya nd uvi plans to seperate twinj

Hope u guyzz like it
I know the episode is short sorry for that
Plzz do comment

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  1. amaging,very niceeeeeeee episode

  2. Oh plus no separation needed

  3. Lovely

  4. Awesome…..

  5. Nice episode yaar. But do not seperate twinz…….. Otherwise it will become boring and become like all other story…..

  6. Nice episode guys….. But please please dont seperate twinz…. Otherwise it will become boring and become like all other dailysoaps

    1. Hey vartika are u from uttrakhand….???

  7. Goooooooood

  8. Wonderfull…….

  9. Awesome episode…..

  10. im sorry I didnt catch a few updates. what twins are u talking about??

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