Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 11

The episode starts with twinkle kissing kunj on his cheeks
They both get shocked
While yuvi nd maya feels jealous
Twinkle feels embarassed while kunj is still in a shock
Twinkle: so…so…sorry kunj…wo…wo..ex excitment mein…im…sorry
Kunj: its…itss ok…umm hota haii u know excitement meinn
Twinkle is still embarassed
The judges gives the trophy to them the host comes there
Host: congratulations… i just want to know how did u guyzz propose each other
Twinj are shocked
Kunj: no sir we r not what u think

Twinkle: yes sir we r not… i mean im not his girl friend
Host: oh im sorry…. actually u both were so perfect for each other so i thought u both were u know couple
Twinj feels awkward
Host: anywayzz best of luck bye
Uvi nd maya comes to them
Uvi: what happened guyzz (trying to act happy) come lets celebrate
Maya: yeah come on after all our friends won
Twinj uvi nd maya goes to the bar
Twinkle: i will just have apple juice
Uvi: i will have a wine
Twinkle nd uvi both engage in talking
Kunj: orange juice plzz
Maya: me too i also like orange juice
Kunj: i dont like orange juice just for refreshment
(basti complete) :p :p :p

The waiter mistakely gives wine to twinkle nd apple juice to uvi
Twinkle drinks the wine while uvi drinks apple juice nd notices the taste difference nd is shocked to know that twinkle has drank the wine
Twinkle starts to behave weirdly kunj notices her nd asks uvi
Uvi tells him about the wine kunj gets tensed nd thinks twinkle has never drink the wine how is she gonna control her self
Kunj goes to twinkle
Kunj: twinkle come lets go to home
Twinkle: areyy kunj come lets dance (nd starts dancing)
Kunj smiles watching her nd tries to handle her he drags her from the party while she keeps protesting to leave her twinkles leg twists nd she screams ouch kunj gets tensed he asks her if she is fine she nods in a funny manner while walking kunj notices that twinkle is not able to walk he picks her in his arms nd takes her to the car (sajna ve plays)
Kunj soul talk: i cant take her to her house like this
He thinks something nd takes twinkles mobile nd msgs leela that twinkle will come tomorrow as she got detention again
Leela gets the msg nd thinks oh god this girl

Kunj is driving the car he gets a call from uvi
Uvi: where r u kunj?
Kunj: im taking twinkle to my home as she cant go in this state
Uvi gets tensed nd replies ok
While twinkle is listening all this nd starts screaming
Kunj: keep quite twinkle ssshhhh
But she doesnt listen nd continues screaming
Kunj: twinkleee keeep quiteee ssshhhhhh (but she doesnt stop) SIYAPPA QUEEN CHUP
Twinkle stops nd stares at kunj like a baby kunj smiles
Kunj: keep quite why r u screaming?
Twinkle asks kunj to bring his ear close he does nd she whispers
Twinkle: u told me not to speak how will i tell u
Kunj moves nd laughs silently
Kunj: acha speak tell me why were u screaming
Twinkle: because u will take advantage of my state

Kunj feels sad nd tells twinkle he will not do anything which she doesnt like
Twinkle feels happy nd hugs kunj while kunj too hugs her back
Twinkle while hugging tells him i know kunj u will not do anything against my will (sajna ve plays)
They break the hug nd twinkle sees ice cream nd tell kunj she wants ice cream
Kunj: no twinkle not now i will buy after wards
Twinkle starts screaming like a child kunj sshh her nd tell he will bring it starts to rain
Kunj: it is raining i will afterwards plz
Twinkle: no i want i want i want nd starts screaming again
Kunj: ok ok ok i will bring
Kunj leaves he brings ice cream to the car nd is shocked to see twinkle missing screen freezes

Precape: kunj realizes his love for twinkle

Plzz guyzz do comment nd tell me ur views

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