Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 10 (maha episode)

The episode starts with twinj being tensed for the dance competition
Twinkle: (with tears in her eyes) ab kia karey kunj?? We r gonna lose na??
Kunj: (trying to console her) nothing will happen….i just want to know who did this..!!
Twinkle: we r gonna lose I know that
Kunj: arey paglii we wont ok…do u trust me??
(sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: yes
Kunj: then what is that to fear….when kunj is here do not fear
Twinkle: isi baat ka to darr haii (nd laughs)
Kunj makes an annoyed face but in his heart he smiles watching twinkle laughing (hua haii aaj pehli baar from sanam re plays)
Next scene
Uvi nd maya r celebration
Uvi: the first step to separate kunj and twinkle has come

Maya: yes finally, nd now after some days kunj will become mine
Uvi: nd twinkle will be mine…I didn’t know I will love her soo much that it will force me to do this
Flashback shows
Uvi nd maya goes to the music control room nd writes different song name
Flashback ends
Maya: I don’t know why kunj didn’t understand that the day he held my hand when I was about to fall is the day I started to love him (the entry of maya when she was about to fall) nd thank u uvi u were the one who understood me
Uvi: same thing goes for u… the day twinkle fell in my arms I felt I don’t want this world except for her (they entry of uvi) she also don’t understand that I love her so much
Maya: time will come both for u nd for me
Both of them smirks while giving hi5s to each other

Twinj comes there uvi nd maya r shocked to see them nd think that they have heard what uvi nd maya were talking
Twinkle: why both of u r staring at us? Everything ok?
Maya: umm.. nothing like that
Uvi: what happened guyz why both of u r tensed?
Kunj: abbey u know what a big problem has happened
Nd narrates everything to them uvi nd maya r relaxed that they don’t know anything
Announcement: all the dancers plz come to the auditorium with there partners
Twinkle gets tensed: ab kia karey kunj?
Kunj: chill its gonna be fine….ok?
Twinkle nods they leave for the competition twinkle is still tensed kunj notices this nd holds twinkle hand signing her that everything is going to be fine she nods (sajan ve plays)
Host: good evening people..!!! In this dance competition there will be 3 rounds nd with the twist the Jodi who will stay till all the three rounds will win (there r only 3 couples including twinj)
The first round starts
the dancers will be blind folded, everyone gets tensed everyone is blindfolded
kunj to twinkle: do u trust me?
Twinkle: yes but how is that related to dance?
Kunj: wait nd watch just do one thing don’t leave my hand
Twinkle: ok as u say

The song plays everyone have to dance on the same song twinj starts to dance while uvi nd maya gets jealous watching them (they both r not in the competition) twinj dances properly while none of them r able to do the round ends
The second round
Paper dance with a balloon they r not allowed to drop the balloon
Twinkle: yeh dance competition mujhey na bilkul ang k dariyeh k tarha lagraha haii itnaa tough (this dance competition looks like a river of fire)
Kunj: ha pata haii aur wo bhii tumharey saath it is just out of my mind? By the way what is ur weight?
Twinkle: why do u wanna know I won’t tell
Kunj: fine my weight is 65
Twinkle: y r u telling me?
Kunj: because this is paper dance nd in the end only one person is able to stand on the paper….
Twinkle: so…..
Kunj: in the end u will be pick me up right
Twinkle to her babajii: why I am like this babajii
Nd hits her head
Twinkle: no u r gonna pick me up ok… nd plzz don’t take advantage of my problem
Kunj: ok ok anywayzz who would want to hold u in ur arms… u r soo fat I just hope my hands will be ok after picking u up (teasing her)
Twinkle gets annoyed
The second round starts

Everyone are able to dance smoothly the song stops
They fold the paper the song plays
Twinj gets closer (sajna ve plays) twinkle is about to disbalance kunj holds her from her waist nd pulls her closer twinkles heart beat starts to pump fast nd starts sweating
Kunj: y r u sweating…. Oh so u r not able to control urself that u r in the arms of a handsome young man
Twinkle: oh please mr kunj sarna how many times did I told u not to dream atleast not in the morning (nd smiles)
Kunj soul talk: twinkle u look so beautiful while smiling god plzz take my happiness from me nd give it to twinkle
Kunj suddenly realize what is he talking to himself
One of the couple falls the song ends
Next part of the round they folds the paper
Kunj picks up twinkle in his arms while twinj looks at each other lovingly the song starts (pehli nazar mein plays) both of them r lost in each others eyes kunj pulls twinkle closer in his arms kunj and twinkle hearts beat fasts
The other coupls falls the song ends twinj becomes conscious
The third round only twinj have to dance
Twinkle: ku..kunj we don’t know the song also
Kunj: twinkle relax what did I tell u haath mat chorna (nd completes it in his mind saath nahi chorunga)
Twinj r on the stage

There r three songs
The song starts (pyaar hoa ikraar hoa) twinj gets tensed how will they dance on this song but they try to dance nd are able to dance
The next song starts (Sheila ki jawaani) twinkle starts to dance while kunj copies her
Twinj r laughing nd dancing because of the steps (funny tune plays)
The third song starts (ishq waala love) twinj dance romantically nd closely (u guyzz can imagine) the song ends
The results come
Nd they winners are none other than twinkle and kunj
They both hug each other nd in excitement twinkle kisses kunj on cheeks
Both of them r shocked screen freezes

Precape: twinkle by mistakenly drinks wine instead of apple juice nd starts to behave weirdly while kunj tries to handle her

guyzz plzz do comment nd tell ur veiws

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