tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 9

tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 9 – by pooja makawani #keepingtashaneishqalive

Hey guys . I am back . sorry for the delay . its becoz I am having eye infection and I am told not to strain my eyes . so I counldnt . but as I am feeing better , I thought I shud write before its too late and u guys loss interest in the ff . guys what abt the name suggestion . I didn’t receive any except for Sidvee_yashvee’s . well the character is a boy . guys pls suggest more names . I am very bad at it (tested and proved!).
Any ways thanks to all my readers and specially my commenters . you guys keep me going . the big smile I get after seeing ur reaction .. I can never compensate for that . so thanks!!! Love u all to infinity . and yes , so my awesome commenters for my previous episode are – Presha , Priya23 , RUTU…… (sorry , couldn’t reply to ur comment becoz of some technical eror but thank u so much !!!) , Chiku , Purnima.agrawal30 , SidVee_Yashvee (I couldn’t reply to ur reply , again tech prob . BTW the names were really gud . jus that I want more suggestions . ), SidMin23 , Adya , Ramya , and Aanya_Pandey (I couldn’t reply to u too becoz of tech prob , well thank u so much) .
Now lets continue

Recap -Yuvi – wait a second , twinkle ne mere baray mein tumhay kya pati padadhi . infact mein ussay pehle se jaanti tak nahi hun. Who tho uss din airport mein hum pehle baar mil rahe the .
Kunj – oh really ! then let me tell u . kal raath mera prepare kya date pe tumnay kaisay twinkle ko propose kya , sab dekha hain mainnay . aur yeh pakade jaanay pe bhi tumhara yeh joot sabith kartha hain ki tum kitni guilty ho .
And kunj walks off . Yuvi – kunj wait . kunj ek mere bath bhi sunno yaar pls .
And kunj stops near the door

Yuvi comes there and starts his emotional drama – haan , you was r8 . I proposed her but kya karu . lagtha hain woh mere naseeb mein tha hi nahi . (here yuvi is trying to convince kunj so that kunj can talk to twinkle for yuvi and then he will be able gain to twinkle . he is doing all this to gain twinkle and has no bad intension except that he wants twinkle and he is doing this oblivious of the fact that according to kunj twinkle and yuvi are a couple now ) . mein ussay bohot pyaar karthi hun . par ussnay mujhai tukra diya . tumharay liya kunj !!! mere pyaar ek tharfa ho gaya . just becoz of u . becoz she loves u .
Kunj – (now kunj doesn’t care abt yuvi’s so called “ ek tharfa pyaar “ as all he cares is abt is his twinkle ) kya !! mathlab ussnay tumhai tukra diya kyunki who mujhsai pyaar karthi hain and she told that to u ?
Yuvi – haan , but you heard it dat day r8 ?
Kunj – yes , yes I heard it .
And he runs to viren’s room

He opens to see jeevika on the wall and viren blocking her way and staring at each other romantically and gets disturbed by the opening of the door .kunj – Im so sorry . who mera timming humesha galat hota pata nahi kyun , par meinnay kuch nahi dekha . kuch nahi dekha . and he turns to leave . viren tells jeevika – bath tho who bilkul sahi kaha . and he also leaves .
In the corridor ,
Viren – kuuunj !
Kunj – bhai , pls mujhai daatna math . problem sirf meri nahi hain . problem meri timing ki aur apkai kismet ke bhi hain .
Viren – chaal chod diya . par tumhare mere kamray mein aanay ki wajah ?
Kunj – woh aap say ek bohot hi zaroori bath kehni thi , issliya .
Viren – ithna kya zaroori hain ki tum knock karna hi bool gayi
Kunj – sorry na bhayya . woh twinkle mujhsai gussa hain aur
Viren – not again kunj !!!
Kunj – bhayya aap mere sath aao

Viren – fine , chalo
After sometime in kunj’s room .
Viren – achhaa tho pyaar and all …huh … aur tumhai ussay mannay ke liya idea chahiya , r8 ?
Kunj nods
Viren – achha hua tumnay mujhsai puchliya . u know mera bohot experience hain iss field mein !
Kunj – jee , janti hun
Viren – tho beta tum ayssa kar wayssay mein bolthi hun
After sometime
Viren dials someone
Viren – haan twinkle , mein jiju bol rahi hun

Twinkle (in her room sitting next to the window wipes her tears corrects her voice and says) haan jiju . kaisay hain aap . aur di . woh kaisi hain .
Viren – mein aur tumhari di bilkul teek hain . btw mainnay issliya call kiya kyunki mein tumsai milna chahthi hun . mein tumhai address message karti hun okay ?
Twinkle – teek hain jiju , rakthi hun , bye
Viren winks at kunj who is sitting behind him in the sofa and says – done !

Precap – twinkle pls mujhai maaf kardo mainay tumharay baray mein bohot galat samjah . pls forgive me . I am on my knees Ms.twinkle taneja . will u marry me ? twinkle to see someone by which she gets shocked then smiles .

Guys from now on my episodes will be quite short till april as I am having my preboards in 15 days followed by my boards . I am sure u all will co-operate .
And yes , don’t forget to suggest a name .
Loads of love
Pooja Makawani

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  1. Sohi

    Awesome episode dear
    Can you please send me the link of episode 8
    And about character he is a boy right then give him name as Ajay ok
    Do continue and post soon bye

    1. Poojama

      hey sohi . thank u . i will send u the link . thanks for ur suggestion . i will continue . bye !!

  2. Presha

    Hey pooja the episode is awesome nd the name forehead boy can be khus, thru,dheerya any of ur choice if u like

    1. Poojama

      hey presha . thank you . special thanks for ur suggestion .

  3. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome ??
    I really loved the brothers talks
    Waiting fir the next episode
    All the best for your boards ???
    And yes a name for a male character : Rohan, Sidhant,Khush, Omkar, Vivan …..
    Love you ??

    1. Poojama

      thank u so much sidmin . thanks for ur wishes as well as ur suggestion . love u too

  4. Hey poo.. Missed ur ff dear.. No pblm u couldn’t rply to our cmnt..and don’t wry we will surly co-operate with ur short update coz study r also important.. And I love this ff yarr so don’t think that we will loose interest in this ff instead i want more..
    Now the epi is too good.. Love the whole epi very much.. And i suggest the boy name is… ( Raj, karan, Ranveer, Aryan, Ronak, Arjun, Kunal ).. That’s all name if u like anyone name u can chose it..rest of is ur choice..ok
    Wish u a big Happy new year.. May god bless u always and May ur this year and the rest of next year turn out to be the best.. And best of luck 4 ur best exam.. So plz post next epi soon…
    Stay happy always.. Love you..!!

    1. Poojama

      thank u so much priya23 . u have no idea wat dis ff , you all and ur comment mean to me . thanks for supporting me and loving this ff . i am glad u liked the epi . thanks for ur suggestion dear , wishing u too a happy new year . thank u once again . love u too

  5. Chiku

    Awwww!! That sooo sweet??????loved it. Lovellyyyyyy
    All the best for ur exams
    Post soo

    1. Poojama

      thank u so much dear

  6. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode dear just loved it

    1. Poojama

      thank u , RUTU

  7. SidMin23

    Awesome exited for next update

    1. Poojama


  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

    1. Poojama

      THANKS purnima

  9. SidVee_Yashvee

    Amazing epi as always.. kunj n his wrong timings? here are more suggestions if u say so 🙂 Rajbeer, Rayan, Riaan, Priyav, Aniket, Chirag, Armaan, Rajveer, Ronak, Paaras.. sorry I can’t recall any other names .. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Poojama

      thank u dear . special thanks for ur suggestion

  10. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb
    Finally kunj knows twinkle loves him superb
    N boy name (rohan karan rohit )
    Bas aur nahi yaad Aa raha hai
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Poojama

      thank u ramya , keep smiling , love u too

  11. cantmentionit

    hi pooja … sorry for not replying to your other epi . well the pentant u gifted was amazing . my mom always wears and doesnt even let me wear . love u loads

    1. Poojama

      hai . thank u . love u too dear

  12. Adya

    First thank you for reading my os and yah.. I’m glad that you wait for my comment.
    Bow the episode was soo cute yrr.. I love it cutie. Look I can’t comment long.. I’m a bit bzy.. sorry for that.
    Post soon..
    Love you!

    1. Poojama

      hey adya . u r always welcome . thank u . its okay .
      love u too

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Fabuloys update

    1. Poojama

      thanks aanya

  14. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh lord
    pooja di srsly sry for late cmnt well 😀
    i jst read from episode 6 to 9 n luvd dem dis uv huh………
    n precap pta nhi kya hoga cant w8
    plss post asap di
    luv u lods♥♥
    dey were amazing speechless emotional n maza aagya twinkle ka dhaakedaar jawaab uv ko hhahaahaaa osm marvalleous………………… 😀

    1. Poojama

      hey , baby
      missed u yaar .
      its okay dear .
      i will post it 2da .
      love u too , and i am glad u liked it ..

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