tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 8

Hey guys. Thanks for all ur beautiful comments . I am so glad u all liked . I hope that everyone who commented had read their reply (which I do just below each of ur comments). Anyways , keep commenting and suggesting amendments becoz it’s a great source of motivation and encouragement to write better . well I am not a person who is very confident abt my work . hence I feel my ff is not that gr8. So when I see ur comments , I like so overwhelmed that u guys liked something which I don’t feel is so gud . and for liking and comment on my ff (which I underestimate so much) surely deserves thanks . so thanks to all of u .
Thanks to all my commenters for ur comments – Presha , SidMin , Priya23 , Chiku , Sohi , Supriya18d , SidMin23 , SidVee_Yashvee , Purnima.agrawal30 , Aanya_pandey , Ramya , Adya and ZARIN . Thank so much once again ; at times I don’t see the last few comments and I am not able to mention their name and when I see them I am not able to reply as the reply option also goes off . So sorry for that . anyways lets get to the episode .

Yuvi proposes twinkle . Twinkle says yes and then keeps her conditions . but kunj just hear her say yes and leaves shocked . Twinkle says haan , par will u be able to compensate for the tears I shed for u ., for the pain and betrayal I suffered , for losing a friend , the bestest friend a person can get , if u can then main yeh shaadi karnay kai liya mein raazi hun . and I know u cant do this , issliya dubara apni shakal mujhai math dikana
Yuvi – mein jaanthihun paar .
Twinkle – achaa , so you know the destructions u have caused and u still want me to forgive .
Yuvi- paar hum ek dusray se pyaar karthay hain .kya yeh kafi nahi hain .
Twinkle – tumsai kisnay kahan ki mein tumsai pyaar karthi hun.
Yuvi- twinkle
Twinkle – mujhai lagtha tha ki mein tumsai pyaar karthi hun . paar nahi , I never loved u . Infact I didn’t even know what love was . my friendship with kunj taught me the meaning for friendship , relationship and unknowingly the meaning of love . mein tumsai nahi , kunj se PYAAR KARTHI HUN . I LOVE KUNJ NOT U .(murmurs) mujhai yeh kunj se bathana hoga . jis se mein humesha ladthi thi aur bilkul paasand nahi karthi uss say mein ab pyaar karthi hun , I love kunj , I love him. ( then : to yuvi) excuse me mujhai jaana hoga .
Then she lifts her lehenga and runs .
Next day
Taneja mansion.
Leela – yeh gudi abhi tak utti nahi hogi . jeevika ke bina yeh kabhi utti bhi toh nahi hain . mein jaa kar ussay uttathi hun .
She goes to her room . twinkle is dressed in a long blue dress . she is seen wearing her earings .
Leela – twinkle , tum inni jaldi kaisay uttgayi?
Twinkle – haan main utt gayi ,tho kya hua ?
Leela – nahi nahi kuch nahi . yeh tho inni chungi gaal hain . koi nahi . tu nechay aa . breakfast tayyar hain . bhag phiray ki rasam kai liya tumhai meri madad karni hogi . tik hain ? (leela finds twinkle in her own world smiling ) twinkleee
Twinkle – haan maa
Leela – rehnay do , waisa itni sajdaj kar kahan jaanay wallay ho .
Twinkle – woh kunj ki ghar .
Leela- kunj ki ghar
Twinkle – haan maa . aap naa meri nashta ready karo mein aathi hun .
Leela – teek hain .
And she goes

Twinkle thinks what is the use of going when he still doesn’t trust me . I don’t think I shud go . nahi I think I shud go . aapnay liya . so that I can tell him that I am in love with him .
Then she rushes down .
Leela – chalo , nashtha karo .
Twinkle – nahi maa , I am getting late .
Leela – kya ! tumnai hi tho kahan tha ki nashtha tayyar karo . phir kya hua ?
Twinkle – its becoz I am getting too late maa
Leela – kunj se baath karnay ki koi muhurat nahi hain na . chup chap kaana kaakai jao . warna kahi jaanay ki zaroorath nahi hain .
Twinkle – teek hain maa . I will just drink the juice .
She sits in the chair and drinks the juice .
Leela – BTW , kaal kahan thi tum .
Twinkle – yeh kaisa sawal hain maa
Leela – mera mathlab yeh hain ki tumnay vadehera house jaanay kai liya humaray car mein betnay wallay the fir dusri gaadi mein betgayi . paar vadehera house mein mainay tumhai daika hi nahi .
Twinkle – mein wahi thi . phir main aur kunj bore ho gayi tho kaana kanay kai liya bahar gaya . achaa ab main late ho rahi hun . tho main chalthi hun , bye
Leela- paar twinkle kuch kaakai jao na . (but it was too late )

Vadehera house
Twinkle rings the bell . usha opens the door .
Usha – kya baath hain twinkle . itni subah subah . apni di se milnay aayi hain kya ?
Twinkle- nah..(usha interrupts her)
Usha – agar haan tho woh mere pathi yaani manohar ji ke bade betai kai saath sleepings kar rahi hai .
Twinkle – nahi aunty mein kunj se milnay ayaa hun
Usha – teek hai’s who apni room mein hain . agar sleepings kar rahi hai tho utta layna .
Twinkle- ji aunty
Usha – good girls
And twinkle goes to kunj’s room .
Kunj sees twinkle . he doesn’t belive his eyes as he was dreaming of her the previous night and after he woke up .
Kunj- twinkle tumhai mujhai sathanay mein bada maaza atha hai right ? issiliya mujhai sathanay kai liya tum yehan wahan har jagah appear ho rahi hun , right ?
Twinkle – FYKI I am really here .
Kunj – jooty
Twinkle – nahi . u can test it if u want .

So he come lifts her hand . she thinks he is going to pinch and closes her eyes in fear . kunj takes her hand and bites her
Twinkle- oouch ,
Kunj- mathlab tum sach mein yeheen ho
Twinkle – how dare u bit me kunj ?
Kunj – oh haan… I have lost the right over u for many things
Twinkle- mathlab ?
Kunj – oh yes sorry . mainay tumhay galat samja . yuvi hi galat nikala .
Twinkle- at least now u realized it . then y didn’t u call and tell me that u trust me and u have realized ur mistake .
Kunj – well , I am not wiling to answer that query of urs .
Twinkle – but why did u say that u have lost right on me .
Kunj- becoz tum meri bhbhi ban nay walli hon
Twinkle – kya ??? pagal ho gaye kya !!
Kunj- oh oh ! BTW congrates on your engagement , twinkle . dekho tumhai koi wedding planner ko hire karnay ki zaroorath nahi hain , afterall u r my best friend and yuvi …ammm chuck that . aur saath saath ab mere paas experience bhi hain .
twinkle stands there dumbstruck
twinkle – so u was there ?
kunj- yes ! I heard u ur misunderstanding solve and u saying yes .
twinkle – uskai bade kya hua yeh bhi tho suni hi hogi , r8
kunj – haan ofcourse . infact mujhai lagtha hain ke tum aaj kaal kuch zyada hi cheesy ho rahi ho . don’t u think so?(he just makes up that she was trying to be cheesy and romantic )
Twinkle – mujhai nahi pathatha ki meri partner mujhse joot kehna bhi shuru kya hain .
Kunj – joot ! kya joot …

Twinkle – nevermind (and goes off)
Kunj and yuvi comes from opposite ways and bumps on each other .
Yuvi – sorry . waisay kunj , mein kya keh raha…
Kunj – yuvi , I am busy . I have to leave .
Yuvi – kunj , is everything okay ? y r u behaving weird wid me yaar
Kunj – weird ! really . yuvi u know what , whatever u did wid twinkle … I am not able to believe that u can stoop so low (and thinks – I wonder how could twinkle forgive a bastard like u ?) .
Yuvi – wait a second , twinkle ne mere baray mein tumhay kya pati padadhi . infact mein ussay pehle se jaanti tak nahi hun. Who tho uss din airport mein hum pehle baar mil rahe the .
Kunj – oh really ! then let me tell u . kal raath mera prepare kya date pe tumnay kaisay twinkle ko propose kya , sab dekha hain mainnay . aur yeh pakade jaanay pe bhi tumhara yeh joot sabith kartha hain ki tum kitni guilty(according to law , not by feelings ) ho .

Precap – twinkle pls mujhai maaf kardo mainay tumharay baray mein bohot galat samjah . pls forgive me . I am on my knees Ms.twinkle taneja . will u marry me ? twinkle to see someone by which she gets shocked but happy .

I hope u liked this episode . well a new character is up . so I want name suggestion . so pls suggest the name u want this character to have by ur comments .
Thank u so much for loving me and my ff
I feel so proud that I am keeping my favourite serial tashan e ishq (and ehmmbh) alive
Loads of love
Pooja makawani

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  1. Presha

    Hey pooja its awesome and I think the precape wala guy is kunj

    1. Poojama

      thank u . hope so !!

  2. Hey poo…filling good to see ur post….i miss ur ff so much. The epi was just awesome. Loved it. Oh god kunj bit twinkle hand to test it. Hahaha….its to funny. hope soon twinj confesse their love towards each other And waiting 4 new entry. its getting interest day by day….ur going very good. Keep writing. i can’t wait to read further.. Plzz plzz post next part soon..
    Stay happy and keep smiling..
    Love you…poo.

    1. Poojama

      hey priya23 . thank u . sorry for making u wait . thank u once again . even i am waiting to see all ur reaction seeing the new entry . i will post as soon as possible.
      you too stay happy
      love u too, priya

  3. RUTU.....

    Hi Pooja you ff is really amazing loved it I think in precap that boy is only Kunj plz post asap waiting for next one

  4. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️Lovely
    Post soo

    1. Poojama

      thank u , chiku

    2. Poojama

      thank u so much , chiku

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

    1. Poojama

      thank u , purnima

  6. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomee.. loved it.. and the character.. is it male or female? Then only I can suggest 🙂

    1. Poojama

      thank u , well the charachter is a boy .

      1. SidVee_Yashvee

        Okay then.. I’ll suggest few: Aayush, Aarush, Mohit, Mayur, Sid (?) , Ronak, Rohan, Anshuman, Paaras, Pawan, Kush, Bhavya.. U can choose whichever u like 🙂 I’m sorry if u don’t like these names ?

  7. SidMin23

    Awesome and I hope that precap word by kunj to twinkle

    1. Poojama

      thank u , even i hope so

  8. Adya

    Hey Pooja !!
    Woow yrrr… Amazing one.. I love it !
    I really don’t wanna guess who’s the guy in the precap ! I just want the next episode !
    Post soon….
    Love you!

    1. Poojama

      thank you !!! even i loved ur os – trust yourself . it was just amazing .
      i will try my best to post soon
      love u too

  9. Ramya

    ‘ amazing Superb lovely fabulous pooja
    Loads of love keep smiling

  10. Poojama

    thank u ramya
    love u too

  11. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an awesome episode..
    Loads of love?

  12. SidMin

    Loved it ???
    Love you ❤

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