tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 7

tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 7
Hey guys !!!! you know what – the more i post and see ur comment the more I fall in love with firstly with all my commenters , who encourage me to 1)bring good and interesting tracks and 2) to post them , secondly with all my readers who I know in some part of the world are reading my story 3) with jasmine bhasin (aka twinkle) and ofcourse sidhant gupta (aka kunj )( who I can die for) , becoz of whom we got kunj and twinkle and I got to make their ff and gain all ur love (but they r my third priority and u r my first and second ).
Now I would want to thank all my commenters for supporting me and encouraging me !! And they are – sohi , priya23 , chiku , sidmin , supriya 18d , purnima,agrawal30 , presha , adya and sidmin23 .
Lets start the episode :

Twinkle- kyun ? why cant he do it kunj , why ?
Kunj – (ranges in anger) COZ HE IS MY BROTHER , DAMN IT!!! (and exits)
Twinkle falls down crying and recalls jeevika’s words “par tumhay ussay iss sach par yakeena karnay kai liya thoda wakt bhi daina hoga “ and makes her mind up to give kunj some time to ponder upon the whole situation
Kunj walks off and reaches the car parking area while twinkle is still sitting there , weeping . kunj sits in the car recalls what twinkle said

“I am going to say something which is going to test ur trust in me and our friendship . its about yuvi . I met yuvi 2 years ago when I was in 11th . We met , he proposed me for a date , we dated for 18 months , ie 1and a half year . life seemed perfect and the most romantic for me . then one day I called yuvi as I want to meet him . he refused me and said that he was extremely busy and I noticed he was behaving extremely weird with me through the fone . I too thought that exams were coming and he might be busy and that maybe he is stressed out . then my friend akshara who works in holiday inn as a part time receptionist called me there for coffee in the hotel cafeteria . I went there and was taking to akshara . she told me abt this guy who come drunk with a prebooking who spoiled all her mood and was acting cheap , I laughed at her as I know she is the kind of person who hates this kind of guys “ who has spikes and acts cool ” as she says . so I didn’t even think of it . then when I was stand near the reception talking to akshara after coffee just before planning to leave a girl came who was having a lot of extra make up and went to reception and asked the flat no of yuvraj vadehera . I was kind of shocked .the receptionist called someone was allowed her in to go and told her the flat no. I pulled akshara and followed that lady without she knowing .

she then went in one room . we waited for sometime for the women to return but she didn’t . then I burged into the room and what I saw was something which I don’t want to utter from my mouth . I pulled yuvi of the bed who was is an extremely drunk condition and gave a tight slap on both his cheeks and left . the next day yuvi called me to meet him at the residencial park and I went . instead of apologizing , he said that he is like that a carefree drunkard who uses girls as a tissue paper and that he kept me long as I was those long lasting napkins but he thinks its time to throw me too . the betrayal I felt was something I can’t explain . I loved him so much , lied to my mother for him and even lied to jeevika di who I never lie too . yuvi did all this with me . seeing the way u behave with yuvi I think u r oblivious of this . I know I should have told the to you long back but I couldn’t”

Kunj – oh my god ! what did I do !!! I shouldn’t have told all those things to twinkle . why will she ever lie to me . maybe she is wrong and its a misunderstanding . I shud have trust twinkle . I shud have atleast trusted her eyes which lies to me . I shud have trusted her and shud have consulted yuvi a cleared the misunderstanding instead of blaming her for blaming yuvi . I will rectify my mistake . I called her here on the day of her sisters marriage and distrusted her and left her there to cry for making a partner who doesn’t belive her !!! no , I will rectify my mistake aur mein ussay tab tak manaunga jab tak who maan na jaye ..
And he makes his way towards the gazebo while just outside the gazebo
Twinkle is sitting and crying when a voice behind- twinkle …
Twinkle knew who it was . she got up and turned around to see yuvi on his knees *fb –yuvi was eavesdropping and saw evething that happened outside the gazebo .

Yuvi – twinkle main jaanthihun mainay tumharay saath bohot bura kya . u loved me so much and I betrayed u … but after going to califonia , regret almost drowned me to death issiliya main baar baar india athithi . najanay mainay kithni mandir , church , masjid or gurduwaray ki seediyan chali , sirf tumhari kathir (uv’s fb* he is in the corner of a room and a girl is sitting in bed and he is talking on phone – haan bhai aap fone kyun kiya – woh main mandir main hun- who kya hain na main appni zindagi main main bohot galathiyan kiya jo mujhai haunt kar rahi hain tho main usskay liya prayachit karnay kai liya ayya tha – teek hain rakthi hun- sure,sure then he cuts the phone and tells the girl –chalo lets get to work* fb ends) aur tab I realized how much I love u twinkle . yes I love u twinkle . twinkle, pls forgive me twinkle . pls forgive me and marry me, Ms.twinkle taneja .
twinkle – teek hain mein tum shaadi karnay ke liya raazi hun
then kunj is seen witnessing this standing behind the curtains of the gazebo . he gets shocked to know that what twinkle said was right and becoz twinkle accepted yuvi’s proposal . he leaves in shock and disbelief .
yuvi – really twinkle (he thinks – this was easier then I thought )
twinkle – haan , par will u be able to compensate for the tears I shed for u ., for the pain and betrayal I suffered , for losing a friend , the bestest friend a person can get , if u can then main yeh shaadi karnay kai liya raazi hun . and I know u cant do this , issliya dubara apni shakal mujhai math dikana

precap –kunj to twinkle – congrates on your engagement , twinkle . dekho tumhai koi wedding planner ko hire karnay ki zaroorath nahi hain , afterall u r my best friend and yuvi …ammm chuck that . aur saath saath ab mere paas experience bhi hain . twinkle stands there dumbstruck

hope u loved this epi
loads of love
pooja makawani


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    OMG Loved it 🙂
    The episode spot very interesting 🙂
    Has Uv really changed ???
    Kunj ke misunderstanding I feel like crying …
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  2. Priya23

    Awww….. pooja ur soooooo swtttttt… I love ur gesture towards to ur ff readers…….I think because of this i have to fallen in love with u.. …he he..!!!…..and ur such amazing writer dear……
    And omg…the epi was just fabulous and emotional….just love it very much….and is UV ki tohhhh…!!!!… But again kunj misunderstend twinkle…..and precep looks interesting…..
    Plzzzzzzz post next epi soon…..can’t waiting to read further….
    Love you soooo much { poo ••}….!!!!!
    Keep smiling….umaah…

    • Poojama



      thank u priya23 … my gesture is sweet becoz u guyzz are the best . hence best deserves the best ..And i am falling in love with each one of u everytime i post . thank u so much , love u tooo . u too keep smiling !!!!

  3. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Omggg loved it😘😘so awesome!!!! Lovely
    Hope their miss understandings get cleared…. post soon
    Loads of love ❤️

  4. Sohi


    |Registered Member

    The episode was too good
    Yuvi is such a cheapo 😠
    Waiting for the next update do continue
    No need of thanking me you deserve appreciation bye

  5. SidVee_Yashvee


    |Registered Member

    Hey pooja, sorry for not commenting on your previous few episodes.. was busy with exams n needed sometime to cover up some paves which I couldn’t read while preparing for exams.. I’ve read all hr episodes and all have been amazing.. loved it ❤

  6. Ramya


    |Registered Member

    Wow pooja amazing yr loved it kunj trusts twinkle n but soon clear misunderstanding dear
    Loads of love keep smiling post soon

    • Poojama



      hai Ramya .
      did i tell u this – my best friends name is ramya too!!
      thank u dear !!!
      even i liked it !!!
      love u too
      u too keep smiling ..
      i will asap…

  7. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Awwwwwiiieeeeee… that was damn…
    I love each nd every part yrr… awesome..
    Uv ? What about him.. has he really changed ? God knows! Sry you know haha!
    Well post soon yrr.. I can’t wait !
    Love you!

  8. Zarin


    |Registered Member

    Hi pooja, its such a wonderful ff. I am just in love with it. Please post the ne epi asap, 😘 😘❤️❤️
    Zarin Suchi

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