tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 5


Hey guys !!! pooja makawani here for u all . I am planning to wind up this ff as a result of gradual decrease in comment . guys your comments need not be pleasing but ur suggestion extremely important for me . and that is the reason I feel lazy to upload new epi’s at times. Anyways , special thanks to all commenters . I wanted to know one thing? Which one do u all prefer more 1) me replying your comment or 2) thanking u in the article .

In hall (actually an open meydhan) fully decorated with flowers and colorful lights , kunj is seen giving orders and checking is fone everynow and then
Kunj (thinks)-why is this twinkle ignoring me. Barso say ussay baath karni ki koshish kar rahi hun . yeh ladkiyan kitni attitude dikhatha hai . thoda sa bimar hai tho kya hua , ek fone ya ek message tho kar sakthi hain na? *flashback* kunj knocks on the door of taneja mansion , jeevika opens the door , kunj asks for twinkle , jeevika says she is sick . and kunj leaves disappointedly . what to do , I am in a situation where I cant do anything without u , such that when she is there I cant take my eyes of her and when she is not there , all my mind does is think about her .i am in love with her. I want to tell twinkle that I love her . par yeh ladki meri baath sunnay kai liya tayar hi nahi hai ….
Just ten yuvi interrupts his thoughts . yuvi – bhaiya , ur here aur pata nahi mein apko kahan kahan nahi dunda…
Kunj- haan bollo yuvi , kyun dund raha tha .
Yuvi – Woh caterer ko tumsai aur twinkle sai kuch kaam tha .
Kunj – haan main jaa kar dekthi hun
Yuvi – par twinkle
Kunj- she is sick and is in her house .
Yuvi – oh
Kunj – I will go and check by the time u go and check if the flowers for the mandap has come
Yuvi – k, then
Kunj walks thinking –what do I do now . ek minute is she angry with me becoz I called her a siyappa queen….. oh nooo !!! ab main kya karu , bhaiya sai puchthi hun

In viren’s room
Viren is standing in front of the mirror and checking each sherwani on him from o big dress stand . just then kunj comes in .
Kunj – bhaiya , what are u doing ? don’t tell me u didn’t select a sherwani for urself . haad hai bhaiya . shaadi aaj hai , aglay saal nahi .
Viren – kunj , I am very bad at this . I wanted jeevika to select . but who bohot busy hai . kaash meri maa hoti . aaj shaadi ki din mujhai maa ki badi yaad yaa rahi hai .( his eye become red filled with tears).
Kunj- badi maa nahi hai tho kya hua , apkay bhai ka hai na . I will select for u . par mujhai bhi aapkay help chahiya
Viren – tho bolna .
Kunj – nahi , abhi nahi , badmein . first let me select ur sherwani .
Kunj keep each sherwani on viren and sees if it suits him . he keep some sherwani in one side and the rest in the other side . he asks viren to try out some . after all this process kunj and viren selects one .

Taneja mansion
Twinkle is looking gorgeous in a sky blue and light pink lehenga . and is making jeevika ready for her big day.jeevika is in a maron and green joda with a diamond and emerald set . twinkle once again receives kunj’s call .
Jeevika – pick up the phone twinkle . till when will u hide from him . pick up the call , meet him and tell him everything .
Twinkle – are u sure di ?
Jeevika- absolutely .aur agar uss nay tujpar yakeen nahi kyat ho yeh samjo k who tumhara sach dost tha hi nahi . par tumhay ussay iss sach par yakeena karnay kai liya thoda wakt bhi daina hoga …
Twinkle – teek hai di . agar apko yehee teek lagtha tho mein yehee karugi .
And she picks up the call.
Kunj- twinkle !!!where r u? tum…tum teek tho hai naa? Bhabhisaid that u r sick . ab kaisa lag raha hai ? and haan tumhay jaldi venue pe aannay ki koi zaroorath nahi hain , mein sab kuch samal loongi ? twinkle , why are u quiet ? say something know ? normally doesn’t allow anyone to talk aaj kya hua ?
twinkle – I can speak only if u stay quiet and allow me to talk , r8 ?
Kunj( sighs a sigh of relief on hearing her after 2 days)- right , sorry

Precap- kunj – mera bhai can never do that !!! how can u blame him like this ? for something which he never did ? twinkle stands shocked recalling jeevika’s words

loads of love
pooja makawani

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  1. Sohi

    Agayi mataji apne Darshan karne yaar itna late koi karta hai kya the episode was awesome I think kunj will not believe twinkle waiting for the next post please meri mataji apne Darshan jald karadena

    1. Poojama

      lol sohi !! I will post as soon as possible . thank u for showering so much love on me !!!

  2. Adya

    Hey Pooja…that was superb dear…
    Well it happens … It happened with me too…go on.. you’ll get more comments… Understand !!!
    Well im quite excited for the precap ..post soon…. Nd yah I would prefer the 2nd one.. thanking in articles
    Loads of love

    1. Poojama

      hey Adya . thank u …Thank god u understood me !!! and yes i understand . thank u for ur suggestion but reading your comments , i am forced to reply , so i will be doing both . love u to adya

  3. Chiku

    Hey its awesome ?????lovely. Just loved it
    Post next soon
    Loads of love ??

    1. Poojama

      hey chiku . thank u thank u thank u . sure and love u too

  4. Hey puja….its too nice….. U going good….luv it the way kunj concern 4 twinkle…. Post next epi soon…
    Luv u……

    1. Poojama

      hey priya … thank you . and thanks for ur comment too . its very encouraging !!!

  5. Ramya

    Hey pooja hw r u
    Episode was amazing awesome donrt get disappointed by comments yaar exam time hai na
    Lots of love

    1. Poojama

      hey ramya , i am was fine but overwhelmed reading your lovely comments , thank u so much . yaa yaar i understand . sure . and love u too

  6. Aanya_pandey

    Awedome episode

    1. Poojama

      thanks aanya , btw u remind me of aanya in jamai raja

      1. Aanya_pandey

        Aww.. that’s so cute.. but i don’t know who she is?

  7. SidMin

    Loved it and don’t end Please 🙂 I love your ff 🙂 Precap is interesting Will Kunj not trust Twinkle ? Post soon can’t wait 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Poojama

      thank u sidmin . tumnay kahaan na ? tho baas , zindagi baar likthai hi rehengay … . thank u for loving my ff so much . if kunj will trust twinkle or not , woh tho waqt hi baathiyega !!! sure . love u soooo much !!! (btw woh zindagi baar walli baath ko seriously maath layna !! :p)

  8. Baby

    ohh god di amazing……..
    loved d episode
    bt precap is scary
    plsss post asap 😀
    love u lods ♥♥
    post soon 😀

    1. Poojama

      thank u baby . i will try my best . love u too!!!!

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