Tashan E Ishq Mohabbat Ka Ek Naya Andhaz Episode 21 #KeepingTashanEIshqAlive (Updated)

Hey people!!! We have crossed 20 episode…Yaaay!!! BTW I have completed writing the 26th episode and I have developed a very interest track… I am just waiting to post but you all will need to wait… I have one more thing to tell… I will try to post during examination, but I wont be replying the comments but that should not stop you all from commenting because I will reply after 4th march… I wont all of my commenters to comment because when the studies and stress gets the better of me, I need to see and know your reactions, love and wishes to keep up my sprit… To keep me going through this difficult and stressful time… So keep me in your prayer…

The amazing and wonderful ommenters of the previous update is – Riya, Presha, Sidmin78, Twinj2000 (who I came to know is Sanjana so hai Sanjana), SSK, Yashika, Cheena2001Cp and Ramya… Thanks to all the 27 who liked the ff… and 2 people who disliked…

Recap – Viren – Hey hey stop your drama now… okay…

Kunj – Koi nahi, shayad aap bhool rahe hai ke mere ek aur bada bhai hai…. Mein unhi se baat karloongi…

Viren – haan baatado Virat ko… woh tho yahan ude ke aa jayaega na London se …

Just then from behind – Naam liya aur hero haaaaazir!!!!

They both turn to see Virat standing and beaming at them…

Viren – Virat!!!!

Kunj – Virat bhayya!!!

And then three of them hug…

Virat – Oh my God man… I missed you both so much …

Kunj – We missed you too bhai… Especially me… yahan koi mujhsai pyaar hi nahi karta… Aapke jane ke baad mein ek dum akela padgaya tha

Virat – haan woh tho mein nay dekh liya hai… Par yeh ladki kaun hai jiske vajah se mere bhai se uske bade bhai chin gaya

Kunj – Darasal woh mere mangethar hee hai…

Virat – then I am sorry I can’t help it… (and virat and viren hifi’s and laughs)

Kunj – Achaa tho aap dhonon milay hua ho…

Virat – Not exactly but yes, thoda sa milay hua hai hum

Viren – Well mainnay hee bulaaya hai essay (and pats Virat)

Kunj – oh !!! But bhayya something serious that you called bhai immediately ?

Viren – Haan because of Yuvi… But Virat go, freshen up, have something, and get some sleep, you are coming after a tiredsome travel. And Kunj buckle up and go for your meeting, we will talk abt this tomorrow… (And they both nods and leaves)

Ahinz Café

Kunj and Twinkle are seated in a table for three and are waiting for Kabir…

Kunj – Kahan hai tumhara Kabir Khan. Hummay time dekhar khudi itna late…. So unprofessional … (Twinkle rolls her eyes) Why are you making faces. sahi hi tho keh rahi hoon mein… Mein dekhna chahthi thi iss namoona I am mean iss amazing architect ko dekhna chahthi mein jo tumhari itni khaas dost hai… (Twinkle indicates towards the entrance) And a dashing Kabir is seen walking towards them…

Kabir – Hello Twinkle and I am assuming you Mr. Kunj Vadhera (Kunj and Twinkle rises. Kunj shakes hand with Kabir)

Kunj – yes, well it was not that hard to guess, was it?

Kabir (smiles) – Of course not… Afterall diya tho Twinkle ne mujhai tumhara simple description (and they settles down)

Kunj – woh kaisa description?

Kabir – Insaan ke shareer aur bandar ke shakal… (and starts to laugh and twinj looks at im awkwardly)

Twinkle – Kunj, woh darasal Kabir bohot Mazak kartha hai… (And Kunj fakes a smile) But now let’s start the meeting.

They starts the meeting. Kunj is getting bored as he only came for Twinkle.

Kunj (Thinks) – Pyaar chakr main kahan phas gayi mein …. Array yaar kya karu…. Haan… Kuch order karke kaathi hun… Pe’t Pooja and boredom relief… Yes

Kunj – Guys kuch order kare….

Twinkle – Haan … A cappuccino and choco chip cookies for me

Kunj – Kabir, Aap ?

Kabir – You don’t need to do this “aap” and all with me. Tum iss perfectly fine (and he smirks) I will take an espresso and mushroom cheese sandwich… You shud try the mushroom sandwich twinkle, they are heavenly …(Kunj naarows his eyes at Kabir)

Twinkle – No thanks, Kabir. Some other time…

Kabir – sure some other time…

Kunj – WAITER! (and the waiter comes hurriedly)

Waiter – Yes sir…

Kunj – Please take our Order – A medium cappuccino with soya milk and no sugar with Chocolatechip cookies (Kabir looksat Kunj and then at Twinkle who is smiling at Kunj beamingly realizing how much he knows her), an espresso, a mushroom cheese, a caramel frap no sugar and a chicken cheese sandwich…

Waiter – okay sir .. Frap small/ medium/ or small?

Kunj – Medium

Waiter – Sure sir (and leaves)

They receive their snacks and discuss the architecture. Kunj nods inattentively just to fit in… Finally the meeting gets over

Twinkle – Kabir pls send me the tints and the shade which you said would look good… I will then finalize it …

Kabir – Sure Twinkle, Kunj would you like to add on to anything…

Kunj – No I think wat Twinkle decide will be just perfect…

Kabir(murmurs) – Joru ka gulaam

Kunj – Tum nay kuch kahan …

Kabir – Nahi mein kuch nahi kahan …

Kunj – Hmm so teek hai (he than gets up followed by Kabir and Twinkle) we will take your leave… Chalo Twinkle shall we leave

Twinkle – sure … Bye Kabir

Kabir – Bye Twinkle , Bye Kunj (Kunj smiles and they leave Kabir smirks) Maza ayegaa…

Precap – Kunj – what!!! Trip to goa… Aur tumnay mujhai bhi bataya…

Twinkle – haan woh inauguration, phir woh yuvi wala drama aur uss sab ke beech mein mein batana hi bhool gaya…

BTW thanks for answer and sharing your views about the previous question of the day… It really helped me … The results showed that the most loved charchter is Viren, then Twinkle, then Kunj and then Jeevika…

Question of the day – What the thing that you love/like about the ff?

Hope you all liked the episode. Keep reading. Like and Comment.


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  1. Thumhare writing…..

    1. vomiting

      1. Poojama

        If thats how you felt about my writing, I pity you for you dont have talent to recognise and appreciate hardwork and talent like many other who has commented… if thats not what you meant – sorry

    2. Poojama

      Sorry for the inconvenience but this post is incomplete because of some technical issue while posting … pls wait for the updated one… Thank you

    3. Poojama

      I guess that is the answer for the question of the day. If yes thank you and if otherwise please specify

    4. Fenil

      Ohh hello Riya and Miss.Hahaha.
      Your writing plus vomiting then why are you even reading, u r reading it means u r liking it that’s why u r reading it from start to end of chappy…n in end u r throwing tantrums….U r lucky that u can read it in free and she is writing …do try to write one chapter…khud likhte nahi ho dusro pe has rahi ho…listen whoever u r Riya or Hahaha don’t come again here.
      With Love

      1. Poojama

        Hey Fenil,
        Thanks for standing up for me… I really appreciate it… BTW do you read the ff??

  2. Twinj2000

    Superb ❤️❤️
    Totally Loved it ❤️❤️
    Well my guess was absolutely right …hehe….the trio is Viren Virat and Kunj ????
    How much kunj knows twinkle ??
    This Kabir ???
    Let’s see her happens
    Post soon??
    Well about this ff the thing I love is that all the characters are given importance and all the characters are unique and have a different way if thinking and also they understand each other ❤️

    1. Twinj2000

      Hey pooja btw my name is sanjana…u can call me Sanju

    2. Poojama

      Sorry for the inconvenience but this post is incomplete because of some technical issue while posting … pls wait for the updated one… Thank you

    3. Poojama

      Hey Sanju, Thanks lot for your beautiful comment… It came handy when I was so stressed out and was wrecking my head… Kabir, ha ha… Well that track will take a break and will resurface really … Thank for sharing your view on the question of the day… I hope you have read the part that was updated…

  3. Awesome epi
    Kunj’s jealousy was superb
    Every thing was superb
    I like the bond which is shared by the kunj & his brothers & also of twinkle & jeevika !also luv the romantic nok jhok of twinj ..
    luved it so much

    1. Poojama

      Thank you so much Yashika… special thanks for answering the question of the day…
      lots of love

  4. Presha

    Loved it

    1. Poojama

      Thanks Presha, If you wouldnt mind I would like to hear from you the answer for the question of the day….

  5. Poojama

    Sorry for the inconvenience but this post is incomplete because of some technical issue while posting … pls wait for the updated one… Thank you

    1. Fenil

      No , i am not reading just came through that comment so i just replied …no need to say Thank you !!

      1. Poojama

        Thanks to you…

  6. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb
    Kabir ka chakkar kya hai

    The thing I like most about your ff is your dialogue
    I just love it.
    All the best

    1. Poojama

      Thank you Ramya
      thoda intezaar karo… Actually this track is pending since the time I took a break so I just wanted to introduce the character because he is only coming back after a few episodes so I want to introduce the character and leave a suspense so that when I come to his track after the upcoming track, no one forgets him…
      Really, The dialogue, I thought that was my drawback… Well you gave me idea for the next question… Well did I mention I have an aunt named Ramya, you always remind me of her…
      Thanks for your wishes

      1. Ramya

        That’s awesome. Will be waiting for your next post

  7. SSK

    Hey Pooja, I really loved the episode. Seriously how can Kabir mock Kunj. I loved the update. And regarding the question _ I actually love everything in the FF. Every writer has its unique way of writing and I love that. In your FF also I really like each and everything esp Twinkle and Viren bond, Twinkle and Jeevika’s bonding too.
    Please post soon. 🙂

    1. Poojama

      Hey SSK,
      I glad you loved the episode…. IK, but raaz se parda utna baki hai…. I am glad to her you views on the question…
      I will post mustly on friday or latest by saturday…

  8. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Pooja!! So Virat has finally come! The bond among the brothers is so endearing… The way Kunj knows all of Twinkle’s likes and preferences is soooooo cute!! Looks like this Kabir is not up to anything good… And what’s with the Goa trip?? I’m extremely excited to know… Looks like this is going to get really interesting now… Poor Kunj though, he was really bored during the meeting… Fantastic!!! Really beautifully written!
    And what I loove about your ff is your ability to keep the mood high, and suspense going throughout the story…. , And your flawless writing skills…

    1. Poojama

      Hai Ananya_DSK, yessss! IK… Well the Goa trip, don’t keep your hopes too high one that ;p… Well thank you so much for this amazing comment and for sharing your views about the ff!

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