Tashan E Ishq Mohabbat Ka Ek Naya Andhaz Episode 20 #KeepingTashanEIshqAlive

Hey Guysss!!!! I am back…Firstly I have been receiving a lot of love and appreciation for Viren’s charchter…. Well I want you all to know the charchter is inspired from the Viren in ehmmbh and also my real Jiju –, who is so much like the charchter and when I told him about the love the charchter is receiving, he expressed gratitude… Well I also request all my commenters and readers to answer to the question of the day so that can get toknow you all better which in turn well help me write better, special thanks to the commenters who has done so…. BTW it’s a longer episode this time becoz there might be a delay in posting the next….

Now my lovely, amazing incredible commenters of the day are – Sidmin78 (special thanks for being the first one to comment most of the time), Sia, Presha, Cheeni, Yashika, SSK, Twinj2000, Ananya_DSK (special regards and thanks) and Msmahi

Recap – Jeeevika – Mathlab?

Viren – Mathlab, yeh ki Yuvraj has sincerely changed… that’s what twinkle thinks, Twinkle bohot samajdar hai… Sab kuch soch kar apne sharpness aur bade dil ko milaake ussnay phaisla kiya tha… Ab uske sath dena hai ya nahi yeh tumhari phaisala hai….


Taneja Mansion – Twinkle’s room/ Vadhera Mansion – Kunj’s room

Twinkle in sitting on the window sill in a her pyjamas with a phone her phone sobbing. She recalls her what Kunj had told her… Kunj calls her and she disconnects …. He calls repeatedly and she disconnects them angrily. Screen shifts to Kunj’s room. He walks tensed back and forth.

Kunj – Array yaar, kya karu mein … Pata nahi gussay main meinnay kya kya keh diya… shit man !!! Ab isski sau nakrain chehelni hogi issay mananay ke liye…uff…. Twinklllee…

He leaves the room and collides with Viren. They see each other pareshan and gets confused. The screen shift to backyard there is coffee table with two mugs of hot coffee.

Viren – Mathlab hum dhonon ke waat lage huyi hai

Kunj – haan aur woh bhi apne-apne pyaar ke wajah se

Viren – I know…

Kunj – But ab tho yeh hummay suljana hi hoga na?

Viren – right !

Kunj – But what do we do? Double date?

Viren – Seriously? Are you mad or dumb? I just don’t get it? You think they need a date …. Especially after what “you” did …

Kunj – Par aur kya karon …

Viren – ufff!!!!! Jo yeh tum apne bade se sir mein lekar goom the ho, ussay kabhi kabaar isthamaal kiya karo, varna sadd jaayega…(Kunj rolls his eyes)

Kunj – Teek hai soch thi hun…. Let me do one thing, let me go talk to her… He then rings up Twinkle….

Twinkle is still sitting on the window sill… This she picks up the call… And Kunj puts the call in speaker….

Twinkle – DEKHO MUJHAI CALL KARNA BANDE KARO AUR MEIN PHONE KAAT RAHI HOON!!!! (Kunj scratches his head and Viren is supressing his laughter…)

Kunj –  Yaar partner pls phone math kaaton meri baat sunno ek baar…

Twinkle – Kya kehna hai tumhai… Abhi tak tho tum uss Kabir ke wajah se chidthe the, Par abh tum Yuvi ke wajah se insecure ho rahi ho… Woh Yuvi jo tumhara bhai hai, Jo kisi aur se pyaar karthe hai aur jo mujhai footi aank nahi sohathi… Your just an insecure fool!!!

Kunj – Its because I love you na…

Twinkle (smiles) – Don’t act cute okay?

Kunj – but atleast you smiled…

Twinkle – how do you know?

Kunj – Hello, I am your love Kunj Vadhera… Tum kab hasthi ho, muskurathi ho, sab pata hota hai mujhai

Twinkle – Teek hai teek hai, I’ve got to go…. I have a meeting with Kabir to discuss the interiors of the other two floors which is not furnished yet… You know that we have to hurry on that, right… The cubicles are not enough…

Kunj – Yeah yeah whatever , Bye…

Twinkle – I Love You Kunj !

Kunj (smiles) – I love you too Twinkle … Take care… I should I come with you?

Twinkle – No need, Kunj… Main chali jaoungi … Thanks for offering … But meeting attend karna chahthi ho tho you can join… Do have any suggestions to make?

Kunj – (think and then suddenly) Haan haan, even I have some ideas… Ek kaam karthe hai, Now that I also need to come, let’s go together… Okay?

Twinkle – Are you sure you want to come? And are you coming because you have ideas and you want to share it with us?

Kunj – of course…

Twinkle – fine then… 8 sharp…

Kunj – hey its already 7:30

Twinkle –  so?

Kunj – itni jadi?

Twinkle – haan… He fixed the time long back and I agreed on it so yeah… We will have to keep personal life separate from professional. I know right now with the stuff that had happened home its hard for you to come out for something professional but I have my commitment. So it would be complete alright for me if you can’t come

Kunj – nahi nahi … I know what you are saying but its all cool … I have no issues coming… I was just saying becoz I need to get ready…

Twinkle – ready hona hai ? kyun ? kisiki shaadi hai? Its just a meeting. That to with Kabir … Just come down with what you are wearing…(Viren smiles teasingly)

Kunj – Haan haan teek hai , bye… mein aa rahi hoon

Twinkle – Teek hai jaldi aao, bye

Then Kunj cuts the call.

Kunj – Dekho bhayya, yeh aapke saali chahti hai ki mein essay hi aam kapdoom mein jao uss Kabir ke paas meeting ke liye jab woh poori tayaari ke saath aayegi meri waali ko pataane ke liye…

Viren – saahi kehte hai Twinkle, you are just an insecure idiot…

Kunj – R u serious, bhayya? Hai bhagwan mein kya karu mein, Iss ladki ne meri bhayya bhi mujhse cheeen li (and Viren laughs)

Viren –  Hey hey stop your drama now… okay…

Kunj – Koi nahi, shayad aap bhool rahe hai ke mere ek aur bada bhai hai…. Mein unhi se baat karloongi…

Viren – haan baatado Virat ko… woh tho yahan ude ke aa jayaega na London se … (and kunj makes a sad face)

Precap – A trio Hug (guess who they are!!!!)

Question of the day – Who is your favourite charchter in this story?

I sincerely hoped you all loved it… I am really puttingin the effort even though I facing severe Exam fear/fever…. Pls don’t forget to like and comment…


Loads of love

~ Pooja Makawani


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  1. Amazing…….
    Kunj.virat and Viren
    Favorite is twinkiii

    1. Poojama

      Thank you so much Riya… Hey hifi! twinkle is my favourite too…

  2. Awesome
    Loved it

    1. Poojama

      Thank you, Presha

  3. aww it was such a cute episode
    loved each and every scene of it….twinkle and viren are right kunj is really an insecure and jealous…but i really love to see jealous kunj
    viren and kunj’s scene was really awesome…
    post soon eager to read the next episode…and i think virat is coming and that trio in the precap will be kunj viren and virat (may be)..post soon
    bye…take care

    1. oh sorry sorry i forgot to tell my favourite character…well all characters are amazing in their respective roles but i really love viren’s character..he is such an amazing and understanding husband+brother+brother-in-law and son in short he is perfect in all relations the way he handels everything is awesome…so verin is my favourite character

      1. Poojama

        I know man… Viren is the prototype of a husband, son, Jiju, brother, friend and you name it…. Well thanks for sharing your views…

    2. Poojama

      I am so glad you loved the episode…. I will post as soon as possible coz I have 5 more episodes ready, I just want to give time for late readers to read and I also have some editing left…
      And abt the trio hug, you never know ;p it could be any of them… Even Taneja fam is currently a tio family… Thank you for your wishes… With my readers wishes and prayers with me, I pretty sure I will ace it …. Lots of love

  4. Twinj2000

    Awesome ya ??
    amazing ❤️❤️♥️♥️
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Twinj conversation ????it was super cute ???
    I love all characters apni apne Jagan par Sab perfect hai
    But I really love Viren as well as twinkles character
    Viren I love coz he understands everyone and he is very caring and stands with the right one and supports everyone
    Twinkle coz as u told she uses her brain and heart and makes a super conclusion …act in short she tries to go to the consequences of a decision and understands everyone’s pov and then takes a decision
    So ya these r my fav ❤️
    N I feel the trio is kunj Virat and Viren ?
    Lets see
    Post soon??
    Waiting ??

    1. Poojama

      Twinj2000 !!!!!!
      Thank you so much!!!!!
      Thank you for your valuable opinion…
      Y do feel they are the trio?(reply)
      Hmmm well as you said lets see
      Posting under process…
      sabr ka phal meeta hotha hai…

  5. SSK

    Beautifully written episode. 🙂
    My fav character is Viren and Kunj and Twinkle (They are my all time fav, so cant miss them) 😛

    1. Poojama

      Thank you SSK and special thanks for sharing your views regarding the charchters …

  6. Epi was awesome cute lovely
    Kisi ko ek character ko choose krna galat hoga because all r important for the story
    I luv all the characters of the story
    Keep smiling always

    1. Poojama

      Thanks a ton Yashika…. I really appreiciate your choice…
      Lots of love….

  7. Cheena2001Cp

    Pooh, it was lovely! 🙂
    The way Viren knocked sense in Kunj’s head was awesome! 🙂
    Kunj , seriously! An insecure lover? 😛 😉
    Excited for them meeting! Sab theek ho jaaye bas!
    Now for the answer….
    As Sanju baba said all the characters are apt in their places and i like them all but I would give a special mention to the character of Viren, yes he is rocking here ,Jeevika , TwiNj being after them!:)
    See you soon, Pooh,

    1. Poojama

      Cheeni!!! I was waiting for your reaction and very glad that you loved it… More than insecure, I would say Kunj loves Twinkle so much that he is jealous and is afraid to lose her… LOL I just defined insecurity in love… ha ha….
      Oh the meeting! hope you will enjoy it… Lets hope sab teek hi hoga ;p
      Waisay Who is Sanju baba? (reply karke batana)…. Of course, I knew you would go for Viren…
      See you soon too, Cheeni

      1. Cheena2001Cp

        Twinj2000 aka Sanjana!

  8. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing Yaar

    My favourite character is Viren.
    I like the way he handles everything.
    Superbly written

    1. Poojama

      Thank you Ramya,
      I appreciate your sharing your view…
      thank you one again

  9. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Pooja!! You’ve done a really amazing job like always… Viren standing up for Twinkle’s decision and defending her thoughts was so endearing… Again, Viren and Kunj’s conversation was really cute… The way Kunj consoled and convinced Twinkle was totally out of this world… His insecurities regarding Kabir were so adorable… Ummm, no guesses about who the trio could be…
    And yes, my favourite character is Twinkle. She’s so cool, sorted out, a girl with a golden heart, someone who doesn’t just jump at conclusions, and her love for Kunj is so selfless… She’s ideal!!
    Absolutely loved your work!! Fabulous!

    1. Poojama

      Hey Ananya_DSK, I was eagerly waiting for your response… Thank so much for the appreciatation… And hey, my favourite charachter is also Twinkle so HiFi… thanks for all the love

  10. Superb fantastic episode dear awesome
    my fav. Character is twinkle kunj & viren
    plzzzzzz post soon dear
    luvvvvv u

    1. Poojama

      Thank you so much Msmahi… And special thanks for letting me no your view… It means alot… I will be posting right away… love you too!

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