tashan e ishq mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz episode 2

i know you all are confused but the lat one was episode 2 part 1. well Hai guys !!! I hope no one is angry because of this late submission of article. By the way rhea here . I am going to continue for 2-3 posts as u know pooja is not well and is hospitalized .the story will be written as she told me too . I will be showing all ur comments to her so pls don’t forget to comment.
So lets begin
Twinkle : hahi yeh apkay bhai nahi ho saktha. Yeh badtam…
Viren (interupts): twinkle , tumhay ho kya gaya ? what are u saying ? main tumsay joot kyun kahungi?
Twinkle : woh .. darasal.. main

Jeevika (enters):yeh ho kya raha yahan aur kunj tum ?
Kunj: hai jeevika di . actually yeh sab kya ho raha hai mujhai bhi nahi pata , she is calling bhai jiju neither is she believing I am his brother . do you know her ?
Jeevika: haan ji . yeh meri behan hai jissay milnay kai liya mein bhar bhar delhi jaatiti aur tum meri saath athithi to meet ur brother. Yuv….
Kunj(interrupts in such a way twinkle doesn’t listen yuvraj”s name) : yeh apkay behan hai , do behanay itni allag kaisay . I mean how can sibling be so different .
Twinkle: shut up okay?Main tumharay baray main bhi yehi soch rahi thi .(and whispers) loser kunj sarna.
Kunj: tum nay kuch kaha kya ?
Twinkle: agar kaha tho ?

Jeevika: I don’t think they ever stop . virenji lets go . then he makes way for her eyeing her lovingly . then she walks and he follows . then twinkle shouts out : di mein bhi aa rahi …
Then kunj came and closes her mouth and says : tumhari problem kya hai? Hamesha kabab mein hadi hoona zaroori hai kya ? chalo meri saath
Twinkle : sorry who meinna soch nahi tha .
Kunj: wahi tho , itni kam samay mujhai yeh pata chala ki tum soch thi kam ho aur bolthi zyada ho aur bolthi pehli ho soch thi bademein

Precap: leap!!!!-confrontation-dillon ki millna aur barso thodna-etc

Hope you guys liked . I did exactly like how pooja told me . hope u liked this dialoge style then the paragraph style. Did on pooja’s order.
Hai pooja here.. she did thank the commenters as she forget thanks to all commenters and specials thanke to frequent coomenters
Loads of love
pooja makawani & rhea kashyap


  1. Payal ....

    Hey pooja, rhea
    It was a fabulous episode eagerly waiting for ur next update…….
    pooja pls take care
    Luv u

  2. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Pooja……the episode was too cuttttteeeee…….Nd take care Pooja……..hope you’ll get well soon. ..

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it cute epi 🙂
    sorry for the late comment 🙂 I had my exams today had a break so decided to read and comment 🙂 Love you 🙂
    Get well soon 🙂

  4. Baby


    |Registered Member

    pooja di amazing episode loved the cute episode hahaahaa kunj sahi kheta hai siyappa queen ke baare mein loved it
    but one question y did kunj stopped twinkle from listening yuvi’s name……
    love you di……..

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