Tashan E Ishq Mohabbat Ka Ek Naya Andhaz Episode 18 #KeepingTashanEIshqAlive

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Recap –


Twinkle – Paar jiju aapne issay kya saza diya tha ???

Flashback continues(which Viren is revealing to everyone(not in that much detail) unlike the previous one)

Viren – Kya ?? Tumhai pakka yaakeen hai ne ki woh yuvi hi hai???

Jeevika – Haan Virenji… Aapko pata hai, Twinkle ne mujhai ussay milaya bhi tha par inn saalon mein mainnay tho uske naam tak bhool gayi thi… Par jab mein humaray haldi mein usay dika mein tho shok gayi thi. Aur shayad issliye ki mein ussay pehchanay naa woh mujhsai muh chupke chal raha tha. Then when I confronted him he acted all weird as if just saw me and asked how am I, twinkle, etc …Aur phir I got to know he is your brother and that was totally unexpected. Virenji, I despise him and now I feel bad that I despise becoz he is your brother. But what do I do Virenji… Even if I try I not able to hate him less…

Viren – Its not your fault. Ussnay kaam hi essa kiya hai …Mein abhi ayyaa …(and rushes towards the door when jeevika catches his hand…)

Jeevika – Nahi Virenji … chodo…. Koi zaroorath nahi hai ….

Viren (shouts)– Zaroorath hai, Jeevika… Zaroorath hai … Twinkle meri bhi behaan hai… Aur ussnay meri behaan ko … Nahi ussay tho saza milengi

Jeevika(tears shed from her eyes) – Virenji its very late and I don’t want him to be insulted in front of the whole family… And if you go now ad talk, shor ke wajah se sab jag jayengi aur tum janti ho naa ki sab bohot takhe huye hai…

Viren – TEEK HAI … kal subah, and you won’t stop me (and jeevika nods)

Morning 5 am, the alarm rings, just then Viren offs it quickly so that Jeevika doesn’t wake up… He covers her properly with their blanket and caresses her and leave the room. Viren heads toward the kitchen. He finds an empty jug he feel it with old water from the fridge and then empties he all the ice trays into the jug… He then takes it and goes to Yuvi’s room. He find Yuvi sleeping peacefully in the bed… An angry Viren pours the whole jug on his face and body…

Yuvi – aaaaaahhhhhhh ….. God …. Pagal ho kya!!!! (and opens his eyes to see Viren) Bhayya !!! Aap !!!! Suhag raat achaa nahi chala kya ki meri peeche pade ho!!! Time dekha apnay!!! Kyun pareshan kar rahi ho … sonay dho pls ….

Viren – Get out for your bed at once !!!

Yuvi – Bhayya you sound serious… Is everything okay?

Viren – Everything okay … What a joke !!! If someone had done to Tasha what you have done to Twinkle would everything be okay for you?

Yuvi (gets irritated) – Twinkle aapke liye Tasha jaisi kab hogayi aur kaisay??

Viren – Tab jab Jeevika mein ko apnaya aur jab uski dunya meri dunya ban gayi …. She is my sister and how dare you cheat her and hurt her???

Yuvi – (is guilty) Haan hogayi galat…. Par mein kya karoon

Viren – I know you very well… You not just done this with her and today I will give all those girls you have hurt, their justice. Get out of the house and from today stay away from this house. And I have freezed all your credit cards and debit cards. Not a penny from Vadhera Industries…

Flashback ends…

Twinkle is astounded…

Manohar – You had only informed about what he did but this? You had told me that you will handle this yourself. But this was … too less a punishment for him…

Bebe – Haan Manohar… Iss badtameez ko issay bhi zyada …

Usha – Nahi Manohar ji…. How dare this blo*dy manager ….

Yuvi – stop it right there mom!!! Woh koi manager nahi mere bhayya hai… Unhai pura haqq hai…

Usha – Yuvraj beta….

Yuvi – No mom… Bhayya could have given me a bigger punishment… I had done wrong with Twinkle…

Usha(murmurs) – Pata nahi yeh Viren nay mere beton mein kaonsa jadu tona kya hai…

Viren – Yuvi, What did you mean by saying that you got a punishment more than what I gave you…

Yuvi (sighs and pants) – Bhayya, I love someone but I had to stop myself and I had to come back here so that I can do justice with Twinkle because bhayya seriously, I regret what I did …

Viren – But after what you did, Mujhai soch na padega … Yuvi filhaal tum jao, mujho soch nay ke liye waqt chahiye. (Yuvi and everyone nods accept Viren’s decision but Usha gets angry and leaves)

Twinkle – ek minute Usha aunty rukho… (She goes behind Usha and stops her). Jiju, (and walks towards Viren) Please, forgive Yuvi, Whatever he did was wrong but now he regrets it… He is guilty, Jiju…

Viren – Twinkle tum samaj nahi rahi ho….

Twinkle – Jiju aap mere sath aao

Jeevika – Wait Twinkle!!!! (twinkle turns towards her sister) You are innocent and naïve… You are just being too good… Whatever you say I won’t accept the fact he had hurt you and cheated(Yuvi looks on with guilt)

Viren  – Jeevika, Twinkle wants to talk… let me hear her out once before we come  to a conclusion…

Jeevika – Virenji (Viren tries to convince Jeevika signalling her and then she sighs a sigh of compulsion and they leave)

Precap – Jeevika (screams!!!) – VIRENJI!!!!!!!

Viren (revives his ear from the disaster that occurred to it …) – if you scream like this one day you and I, we both will need earing aids…

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    1. Poojama

      Thanks Cheeni,
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    Hello Pooja!! You’re doing a wonderful job!! Even I was curious to know how Yuvi had been punished… And yes, I have to tell you this… Your idea of developing that lovely siso bond is amazing!! (If you remember, we had discussed this over my previous comment) Viren is seriously the best Jiju ever!! Loved his character! Can’t wait to know what happens next!! Absolutely loved it!

    1. Poojama

      Hey Ananya_DSK , Thank you a ton! (yes, of course I do remember it)… I am glad you like Viren’s character, I tried to mold his character and make him more like my Jiju, who is the best Jiju in the world, so thank you!!!

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    1. Poojama

      Thanks alot Twinj2000. If you loved the Viren and Twinkle scene then the the next episode will perhaps be a treat for you …. I am just going to upload as soon as I finish replying … Thanks once gaain…

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    Awesome Amazing pooja
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    That’s so rare.

    1. Poojama

      Thank you, I am really happy that you all are loving Viren’s character. As I said before the charachter is a fusion of my real jiju, Sidharth Shetty and manvi’s jiju in ehmmbh Viren Vadhera… My jiju is just like how you described him… Thanks once again…

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