Tashan E Ishq Mohabbat Ka Ek Naya Andhaz Episode 17 #KeepingTashanEIshqAlive

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Precap – Inaugration ke subah yuvi ka anaaa then Puja and inaugation…


The Vadhera family and Taneja family are seated in The Vadhera Mansion. All are have thinking and very serious faces. Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj are standing behind the sofa waiting for someone to say something, pass the “final verdict” and dismiss the court/family meeting/family court/or whatever was happening, really soon. Since half an hour everyone is extremely confused on what to do and is quiet…. The finally Viren breaks the silence …


Viren – Yuvraj, What you had done before, before you came back was why you were asked to stay away from us because we didn’t know until today what had happened after you came back…You didn’t prove your right intensions then, why ? Why didn’t you tell us then? How do we know you didn’t cook up this story? Your past records does prove that you are extremely talented in it. Doesn’t it?


Flash back (after vireeka bidaai)

Jeevika is seen in much distress and is upset (in Viren’s room) … Viren comes out of the washromomm and walks towards Jeevika, he sits beside her and holds her hand. Viren –“ why are you upset Jeevika?? Missing home?”. Jeevika nods and bursts into tears and Viren hugs her … Jeevika – “ Virenji, mujhai ghar ki bohot yaad aa rahi hai aur shayad issilye mujhai essa lag raha hai ki Twinkle teek nahi… Mujhai kuch achaa nahi lag raha hai Virenji.. Twinkle teek tho hogi na??”. Viren caresses her any says “Shayad nahi …”. Jeevika composes from the  hug – Virenji, Aap eesay kyun kah rahi hai ??? Viren – Jeevika, Isn’t it obvious, Her sister is crying badly here and you excpect her to be fine . Jeevika, I have never seen you or Twinkle cry alone. When she is crying you are always crying and when you are crying she is always crying… And it was her sister’s Bidaai, She must be upset..But why don’t you do one thing, call her… you might also feel and she might also feel better”. Jeevika – “teek hai”. She then dials Twinkle. Twinkle is hastly walking towards her car(refer to https://www.tellyupdates.com/tashan-e-ishq-mohabbat-ka-ek-naya-andhaz-episode-8/ if you forgot the setting). Her phone rings and the screen flashes “DI”. Twinkle “shhh, yeh di ab kyun call rahi, mein unhai car mein betkar call karongi”.Scene shifts back to Viren’s room. Jeevika – Virenji, why is Twinkle declining my call, she never does that…” Viren comforts her “Calm done Jeevika, she might call you back, just wait… Scene shift to Twinkle who swiftly walks towards the car, starts and puts the phone in speaker.

Jeevika – Twinkle!!!!

Twinkle(tries to act all fine and okay) – Haan di, Aap abhi phone kyun kiya. I mean at this hour. Aren’t you supposed to be celebrating your first night…

Jeevika – Twinkle, kya baath hai , tum teek ho???

Twinkle – Haan di, I am fine. I am not able to cope really well with Yuvi being here… And you know I realized that I love Kunj. So its all messed up… Plus I am having a tough time as you are not here… But now that I am a grown up adult I will have to handle this myself so yeah .. That’s it…

Jeevika – Haan , Twinkle. Shock tho mujhai bhi bohot hua tha when I got to know that Yuvi is Virenji’s brother …(Viren is confused by what he hear them speak…)

Twinkle – teek hain mein rak thi hoon di.. I don’t want to spoil your night …

Jeevika – Teek hai, take care… Ramini se haldi wala dhoodh banwakar pee lena… neend aa jayengi…love you twinkle…(jeevika and twinkle’s eyes becomes glassy)

Twinkle – haan peelungi … I love you too di … (and she hangs the calls, wipe her tears and continues driving)

The scene shifts to Viren’s room

Viren – Jeevika…

Jeevika – Haan Virenji…

Viren – Tum dhonon yeh yuvi ke bharay mein kya keh rahe the …

Jeevika – kuch baatein hain jo mujhai aapko batanay hai …

Viren – Kya ?

Jeevika then reveals to Viren Twinkle and Yuvi’s past…

Flashback ends…

Manohar – Viren is absolutely right,(Usha rolls her eyes) This time your mistake is big …

Bebe – aur nahi tho kya, sambhdi ji aap hummay maaf keejiye… Humnay apne taraf se puri koshish ki thi issay aachi paravarish dayne de vaste….

Leela – Yeh aap kya keh rahi hai bebe. Aap kudko dosh kyun de rahi hai. Aur twinkle ne tho ussay maaf kiya hai tho mujhai bhi ussay koi problem nahi hai… I trust twinkle …

Jeevika – Virenji, Twinkle yuvi ko maaf kare ya na kare, mein Yuvi ko kabhi maaf nahi kar sakthi…

Viren – Jeevika ek minute…Yuvi tumnay tho mere sawal ka javaab hi nahi diya… Why didn’t you prove your right intensions back then ? Why didn’t you tell us Yuvraj?

Yuvi – Tab mein apke diye hua saza ko zariya samja tha… Par ab mein kisi aur se pyaar karti hun aur ussay shadi karna chahti hun… Mein apne parivar ke bina shaadi kaise karongi … Parivaar ke ashirvaad ke bina shadi kaisai hogi…

Viren – But after what you did, Mujhai soch na padega … Yuvi filhaal tum jao, mujho soch nay ke liye waqt chahiye

Yuvi – But Bhayya, I have already got my punishment. Much more than what you gave me!!

Twinkle – Paar jiju aapne issay kya saza diya tha ???

Precap – Flashback!!!!

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