Tashan e ishq … mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz epi – 1 part 2

Tashan e ishq … mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz epi – 1 part 2
Thank u for all your comments –SidMin , Sana(sanu) , purnima.agrawal30 , ramya , romaisha , payal . And where is one of my fav SIDMIN-damini ? waiting for u comment too. Guys if liked it or disliked it pls comment . it is an inspiration and makes me feel really happy . well sorry if I didn’t see any of your comment . and cantmentionit , thank u for the address . I have ordered the gift . it will be delivered anytime .

Lets move on with the story

Twinkle says “Ohh hoo di !! who jokes on such sensitive issues” … jeevika says ”sensitive!!! Kya sensitive ? issmai itni sensitive kya hai ab tum hi mujhai bathao “ . and twinkle says : kya sensitive !! Aapnay Abhi THE ROCKSTAR kai saath Mazak banay aur apko lagtha hai ki yeh sensitive nahi hai . jeevika : tum bhi naa ? main aur kya kartha tum tho uttnay ki naam hi nahi lay raha tha . ab jaldi say fresh ho jaoo . college bhi thoo jana hai . tum aa rahi hun na … ya main khud hi chali jau . twinkle: nahi nahi di main aa rahi hun .

Two brother come outside the car … All the college girls crowd near the gate staring .. viren sarna and kunj sarna comes out . girls whisper to each other “so handsome naa…. Blah blah”. kunj is wearing a black suit and a half buttoned black shirt inside it with black jeans . Viren looks dashing in this blue denims with blue coat and half buttoned cream and blue check shirt . Kunj enters with full attitude while viren enter with a mix of humbleness and attitude . kunj and viren walks to the other end of the college to meet the principal . they enter his room . He tells kunj to get the admission slip from the reception in the entrance of the college and he runs to get it .

Twinkle and jeevika are in the car listening to the radio . suddenly tumhai apna bananay ki kasam plays twinkle goes to flashback : a boy and a girl is seen inside a gazebo theme for a romantic date . the boy is on his knees and sings tumhay apna bananay ki kasam . twinkle gets distracted by a horn . She gets back to sense and screams at the driver for keeping the song . Jeevika gets confused and surprised seeing this . she says : what is the problem with the song . and why r u shouting on him? Did he keep the song in the radio ? no naa . and he also kept the radio becoz u told. What is up with u , twinkle ? anyway chaal , college aa gaya . twinkle says : sorry chacha . jaan buchkar nahi kiya tha . chalo di .

Twinkle suddenly sees chinki and informs jeevika and runs . twinkle is running from one side and kunj from the other and the DISHOOM . They bang on each other. Then they compose themselves . kunj : dekh kar nahi chal sakthi . twinkle : excuse yeh main tumsay bhi pooch sakthi hun, okay? Kunj : college ki pehlay din hi siyyapa . ek tho itni zoor say dekha diya upar say attitude, yeh achaa hai. And the they fall into a cute fight .

Precap – viren : hai twinkle kaisa hai tum. Twinkle : main teek hun gonna be jijo . kunj looks confused . viren : waisay yeh meri chota bhai kunj . twinkle : kyaaaa

Hope u enjoyed it. The decrease of comment is a little depressing so if you like it or not pls comment .
Loads of love
Pooja makawani

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  1. Awesome…

  2. Nice episode
    and kunj ka dialogue college ke pehle din hi siyyapa…….to good….keep it up

    1. Poojama

      thank u payal

  3. Ramya

    Hey Nice episode
    Pehle din hi twinj ki fight
    Pls asap

  4. Ranabulbul

    Yr maine cmnt nhi kiya email to kiya tha na…
    Main hi hub bulbul…himachal wali…..
    And ur muhabbat ka anadz I just loved it muaaahhh

    1. Poojama

      oh hai . well i am bed ridden so i didnt check tha mail . thank u .

  5. Nice

  6. SidMin

    Wow Loved it sorry for commenting late but Loved the episode 🙂 Post soon 🙂 So Jeevika and Viren are already together Wow Post soon can’t wait for the next part 🙂

    1. Poojama

      yeah . i will upload it next week as it is difficult for me to type with the bandage

  7. Wowwww di epi was amazing but I didn’t understood some parts as I have not read the intro of ur f so plz pz plz can u give me the link of ur ff’s intro

    1. Poojama

      okay sweetie i will try . as exactly dont how to do it

  8. awesome……

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

    1. Poojama

      thank u purnima for commenting on all my uploads without even missing a single one

  10. Amazing epi.. loved jeevika n twinkles bonding.. do cont soon ?

    1. Poojama


  11. Romaisha

    Awesome! Loved there first meet! ?❤

    1. Poojama

      thank u . happy to know that

  12. Loved it
    Short but nice plzz get well soon and do write more

  13. Loved it
    Short but nice plzz do write more

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