Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA episode 4


Episode starts with twinkle thanking yuvraj for making her mehendi so memorable
she says he has again impressed her with his idea to meet her
he says to be frank idea was given to him by kunj
she says strange can kunj get such romantic ideas
he tells her that Kunj is king of romance
twinkle hears leela calling and panics
yuvi asks her to go down calmly he will manage
twinkle smiles

At sarna house everybody welcomes yuvi
usha tells him now their house will look good
it looks so dull without her two sons

Twinkle and yuvi are shown talking on phone
Next day twinkle wakes up to see bouquet on her window plane
she picks it and finds a letter
saying Some Roses for my Rose happy haldi
she smiles she notices kunj’s car leaving
she says he really gives awesome ideas to yuvi

yuvi is getting ready
he sees himself in mirror and says am really a wonderful creation of god I look good in jeans, formals and even traditionals

Usha is preparing haldi
babee tells her she understands her pain
usha says kunj is elder and I always had a dream that he should get married first
I love yuvi too but
am worried god knows will Kunj ever get married
babee asks her not to say such inauspicious things
there will be someone like twinkle for kunj too

haldi starts yuvi msgs twinkle not to apply more haldi as she is already more beautiful and fair than him they should look equal twinkle blushes

kunj is shown I mandap as a dulhaa he spills water over marriage fire
he calls out maya
and wakes up
( He sees all this in his dream and gets sweaty)

It is sangeet
Twinkle is dressed in blue lengha
she hears some body singing
”tenu le ke javanga”
every body are suprised to see yuvi
latter they make out that Kunj was singing yuvi was just doing acting
yuvi apologizes his voice isn’t as good as kunj
both families dance
mahi asks Kunj to dance he refuses
Twinkle notices this and request Kunj to sing
He sings Hum saat saat hain
all start dancing with yuvi and twinkle dancing in centre
twinkle goes near kunj and requests him to dance
babee n usha get happy seeing kunj dance little with twinkle
yuvi comes in between them.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. it was good..

  2. amazing rushi yes twinj r sun gonna meet eo i mean i thnk dey r gonna rite?

  3. Amazing…. Just a confused it is twinj ff or twiraj…

  4. i thnk its twinj… nice one dear

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