Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA episode 5


Epi starts with Kunj supervising marriage decorations
suddenly he gets some flashbacks and starts to sweat
Usha sees him and takes him to room she request him to forget maya as a bad dream and move on in life
3 years have passed he shd move on
winning legal cases n being a successful lawyer is not enough
she tells him that wants her son kunj back
Kunj doesn’t react
usha leaves with tears in her eyes

Yuvi is getting ready
and Twinkle is also shown getting ready
Tare hain bhaaratein chaandni hain yeh bhaarat plays in bg
yuvi n sarna family dance and arrives with bhaarat at Taneja residence
Twinkle watches yuvi n bhaarat from Windows and blushes
Twinkle comes downstairs with mahi
she looks extremely beautiful in her bridal attire
yuvi looks at her
kunj is also shown starring her
yuvi gets up from mandap n goes to hold her hand and makes her sit in mandap
he compliments her she is looking like a queen
she blushes
tara hain bhaaratein plays
Varmalas are exchanged
yuvi makes her wear mangulsutra and applies sindoor
they take saath pheras
they take blessings of elders they go to Kunj he hugs yuvi and says congratulations twinkle welcome to sarna family
twinkle says thanks atleast u spoke I got to hear ur voice
He smiles
Twinkle’s emotional bidaai takes place
leela tells usha that they are taking charm of their house
twinkle is shown crying
Kunj feels bad seeing all this
He asks dhol walas to play dhol
and sings Milan ki raat hain khushi ki baat hain
He tells twinkle that she wanted her wedding to be different so make unique smile and have ur bidaai because everybody cries on bidaai
Twinkle smiles
yuvi holds her hand and makes her sit in car
she happily says bye to everyone
mahi thanks kunj and requests him to take care of her sister
he smiles
mahi feels good

Twinkle is stunned to see welcome twinkle banners everywhere
usha tells her this is kunj and yuvi’s idea
usha does their Arti
and ghar pravesh takes place

Twinkle is sitting on bed n blushing
yuvi enters and locks the door
he sits besides twinkle and tells her he is very fortunate to have her in his life
he tells her thanks for making my life complete
He tells her he has a gift for her but she should close her eyes
she closes he removes her earings she feels shy he makes her wear another and takes her near mirror she sees the earings and remembers kunj purchasing it
but she doesn’t say anything to yuvi
yuvi’s phone rings
he attends call and gets panicked

Kunj is shocked to find yuvi in his room yuvi tells him he needs his help
entire sarna family including twinkle gather downstairs
Kunj tells them that yuvi will urgently have to leave for London as due to his some mistake his company is in legal problem
but since twinkle’s passport is not ready yuvi will have to go alone
usha and babee saybthis is unfair
Kunj and twinkle explain and convince them.

Credit to: Rushi

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  2. it was good..

  3. Twinju(bhavika)


  4. nice!!!!!! ab uv toh gya soo now twinj bt twinkle is married… there r soooooo many ques in my mind…

  5. what a ff
    it was amazing

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