Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA episode 3


Dear readers
please humble request please please be patient I know u all love twinj I too like them
but my story demands some twiraj moments
Am working very hard on this ff all I need is ur support

Episode starts with everybody enjoying mehendi rasam.
kunj is standing silently in one corner
Mahi is starring kunj
She says he is just the perfect one.
Mahi approaches kunj and introduces herself as twinkle’s sister
Kunj isn’t much interested
Twinkle observes this
She asks babee How can two brothers be so different
she apologizes Babee for her question
Babee tells her that she is now their family member and should know everything
kunj was not like this since birth situation made him this way
she tells its a long story and she would tell her some other time as today is her mehendi
Twinkle looks at Kunj and feels bad for him
A guy is shown at airport he gets disappointed seeing that nobody has come to receive him
kunj receives call
he smiles and says
welcome yuvi
yuvraj tells him how come nobody has come to receive him
He is coming to India after 5 long years
kunj apologizes and says he would be there in sometimes

Twinkle receives yuvraj’s msg
”Hii Mere saapnoo ki raani ur raja has arrived in India
its ur mehendi today please send me some pics of u
my eyes are waiting to witness ur beauty”
Twinkle smiles and forwards some pics
yuvraj admires them
and says she is very pretty
yuvraj sends her romantic msgs
Twinkle blushes reading those
yuvraj sms twinkle that he wants to meet her
she replies they cannot meet before marriage
Sanam Re plays in Bg

Yuvraj gets glad seeing Kunj they hug each other
yuvraj says he missed him alot
see says I too missed u
yuvraj asks him did he meet twinkle
he says yes
yuvraj is keen to know did he like her yuvraj asks kunj she is beautiful right
kunj says she is my yuvraj’s choice has to be good
she is little antique but perfect for u my antique brother
yuvraj tells him he needs his help he hasn’t meet twinkle in person and wants to meet her once before marriage
Kunj gets thinking

A woman in ghunghat enters Taneja house
She goes near twinkle and compliments her on her mehendi she says her husband will love her alot

she asks her to come alone on terrace and display her mehendi to moon
it is good
babee asks leela who the woman was leela says maybe somebody from neighborhood

Twinkle goes on terrace somebody holds her from behind its yuvraj
she hugs him
she gets shy and gets far
yuvi sings chand chupppa badal mein
they eye each other lovingly
yuvi kisses her on her forehead
and says she is real beauty
twinkle blushes.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. wwoowwww!!!!!! vvv nice…. luv u ruchi… it is showing ur hardwrk dear

  2. Amazing episode… But hope to see twinj together…

  3. marvellous……………..

  4. Amazing work. Can’t wait to see twinj together soon!

  5. Pls make it twinj

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