Tashan-e-ishq Milan do Dilo ka episode 22


Recap-We saw family trying to cheer up twinkle by taking her for a trip to goa.
somebody keeps clicking twinj’s photos
on returning back sarna’s make out that manohar has given entire business and property to yuvi

Babee asks Manohar what is yuvi saying
he says it is truth
he has given him entire property n business
everybody is stunned
Kunj asks the reason


Manohar gets a envelop
he is shocked to see kunj n twinkle’s pics
yuvi calls him
yuvi says that he willnot sign on divorce pprs n instead spread in media that twinkle n kunj had affair n thats y twinkle wants divorce
he says poor twinkle with efforts of u all she is recovering but she definitely will not be able to tolerate all this
n babee n maa
I pity them
Manohar yells at him n asks him what he wants
he says its simple if he signs on property pprs n give entire property n business to him he will sign divorce pprs n never intervene in twinkle’s or their life

Kunj gets angry
he tries to slap yuvi
yuvi holds his hand n asks him to remember that he is in yuvi’s house
he says as they all are his relatives they can stay
but twinkle is his ex wife so she cannot stay in his house

Kunj tells that he n twinkle will leave
babee says everybody will leave nobody wants to stay in this house with cheap yuvi n kate
yuvi says its their choice

everybody pack things
Kunj says Manohar he shdnt have taken yuvi’s threat seriously
he could have handled it being lawyer
twinkle cries n says all this is happening because of her she should have never returned back
usha pacifies her n says its not her fault its fault of their upbringing
she says yuvi has become really shameless
she apologizes to twinkle for not trusting her
she hugs her
all smile n look on
babee says they should be together they should united this is way to overcome all problems

everybody are shown leaving house
twinkle remembers her garparvesh n cries
yuvi tells them that he is planning to get house auctioned in six months
if kunj wants he can bid for it n purchase it
Kunj says I swear on my family they will return to this house with complete dignity
yuvi says u just have six months u cannot earn such alot of money by winning ur silly cases

leela says they should stay at Taneja mansion
usha thanks her n says they will stay at Kunj’s place

All reach Kunj’s flat
Kunj says this house just has 2 bedrooms n is small
babee tells him house is not where there are many rooms it is one in which family members love, understand n trust each other
Manohar says he is proud of Kunj atleast he has purchased house with his hard earned money n not snatched like yuvi by blackmailing

Kunj tries sleeping on sofa he is uncomfortable
twinkle sees
she tells him to sleep in room with babee while she will sleep on sofa
he refuses
she asks him y he is so stubborn
he says he is like this since birth
twinkle shows him photo n says but he was like this fat n cute (his childhood pic)
Kunj feels embarrassed
she laughs
he asks her where did she get
she says in his drawer
Kunj asks her to keep smiling as it suits her
they eye each other
agar tum saath ho plays

Kunj talks on phone n says he urgently needs case
twinkle asks him to be patient n tells him she too will assist him get back sarna mansion

Twinkle tells babee n usha about starting boutique in house they get glad n promise to help her

Kunj is working on files n twinkle on laptop
Kunj makes coffee for her
agar tum saath ho plays
twinkle is shown talking to ladies
twinj get 2 machines all clap
kunj is shown fighting case twinkle signs him good luck
twinj put banner amritsar boutique on door
customers are shown coming
usha babee n twinkle are shown working
Kunj n Manohar help them

Precap-Rishi tells kunj its high time he shd confess his feeling s
mahi tells twinkle that kunj’s support she gets strength n she shd give life second chance

Credit to: Rushi

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