Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka episode 21


Recap-Twinj reach amritsar babee apologizes to twinkle on Yuvi’s behalf
usha blames twinkle for ruining their life
babee leela n kunj insist twinkle to sign on divorce pprs
yuvi gets upset after receiving notice n divorce pprs
kate tells him about good plan

Twinkle is cutting vegetable she is deeply engrossed in her thoughts she is about to cut her finger
kunj places his finger she cuts it
she panics on seeing it bleeding
she apologizes
she starts crying
babee gets first aid

Doc tells Kunj that twinkle is behaving
this way because she has gone through lot
basically she is traumatized
she needs complete family support n change is must for her
Doc says she should be taken to hill station n spend some family time this would help her feel good

Babee manohar Rt n leela with Kunj plan about different places where they can take twinkle
Kunj says they can go to goa
as twinkle likes beaches everybody like his idea

Twinkle tells mahi she doesn’t wish to go to goa mahi says it would be fun family outing
n for her sake she should accompany she wasnt there in her marriage too
twinkle agrees

usha says she doesn’t have mood to go anywhere
Kunj convinces her

Kunj, babee, twinkle n leela are in one car Kunj is driving he notices twinkle getting engrossed in her thoughts he stops car n says he is tired n cannot drive he requests twinkle to drive
she refuses she says she isn’t in mood he says maybe twinkle is scared maybe she forgot driving
she says no
n excitedly says she will drive n prove him wrong
Kunj leela n Babee smile
twinkle drives

All go to beach
Rishi n Kunj tell mahi n twinkle that they should have a girls vs boys baseball match
because boys love to see girls lose
mahi says twinkle will never let them win
they start playing
twinkle feels giddy kunj notices
he holds her in his arms n saves her from falling
sajna ve plays
somebody clicks their photo
Kunj lifts twinkle n takes her to room again photo is clicked

Twinkle comes to senses leela gives her medicines

Kunj tells babee that they shouldnot make twinkle do more exertion

All play antaksari
Rishi sings tumhi ho Rishi n mahi dance romantically
twinkle gets glad seeing them

Kunj n twinkle walk on beach
twinkle thanks kunj for selecting a wonderful groom for mahi
they talk
Kunj tells twinkle funny things about mahi’s marriage
twinkle laughs
photo is clicked

It starts raining twinkle says she hates rain n tries to find shelter kunj tells her he loves rain he asks her to try getting wet
they get wet sanam re plays

All go to church twinkle doesn’t light candle she says she doesn’t believe in all this
Kunj says but she can atleast light a sharing candle with him
they light candle
usha smirks
photo is clicked

everybody are shown enjoying carnival
Manohar sits upset
Kunj asks him is there any problem he says no

All return back
everybody is shocked to see yuvi n kate sitting in sarna house
babee asks him how dare he enter house she asks them to leave
he says now he is owner of this house
he says papa has given entire property n business to me
everybody is stunned
babee slaps yuvi n says she never thought he could fall to this extent
he says ask papa he has given me happily

precap-everybody are shown leaving sarna house

Credit to: Rushi

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