Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka episode 20


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Recap-Flashback showed yuvi beating her, scolding her
he wanted her to spend time with his friend vishal n vishal tried getting intimate with her she ran from there only to see yuvi sleeping with kate.

Twinkle request Kunj to give her sometime she says she cannot face everybody at moment
Kunj says she can take her time but he will stay with her he willnot leave her alone
twinkle says she is fine
n Kunj should focus on work
Kunj tells her now she is his priority

Kunj sees twinkle taking medicines
she tells him those are multi vitamins

Yuvi beats twinkle with belt twinkle requests yuvi to stop
twinkle cries she yells
Kunj comes running to her room he asks her what happened
twinkle is drenched with sweat
she is very scared
she hugs Kunj
n cries
Kunj tells her to relax n
not worry he tells her it was just dream yuvi isn’t here
he tells twinkle to sleep
he asks her not to worry he is with her
slowly she sleeps
he eyes her
dard dilo ke kaam ho jate plays in bg tears fall from his eyes

kunj checks about medicines on internet
he says twinkle lied

he goes to meet nun
nun tells him twinkle is suffering from depression n thus doc gave her those medicines
she wakes at midnight gets scared .
nun tells him that twinkle gets panic attacks
she tells him twinkle needs lots of care n love
he assures to take care of her

Rishi tells Mahi that Kunj found twinkle he tells her they should go to meet her in Mumbai
mahi gets glad n hugs Rishi
she thanks him
he says it was all Kunj’s efforts

Twinkle is in resort deeply engrossed in her thoughts
some body touches her she yells
its mahi
mahi gets shocked seeing twinkle so scared she hugs her
twinkle cries
mahi pacifies her
Kunj n Rishi look on
twinkle compliments mahi on her looks mahi makes her meet Rishi

Mahi makes twinkle have food
she tells her leela n Rt are very worried for her n that she should come back to amritsar
twinkle says they might be angry with me
mahi says no not at all
they miss u alot
Kunj thanks Rishi for getting mahi
Rishi tells him once twinkle gets back to her family she will become alright

Kunj n Twinkle enter sarna house
Babee does her arti n hugs her she tells they trust n love her n are sorry for whatever yuvi did
babee folds her hands
twinkle asks her not to say sorry she hugs her
leela Rt manohar n usha look on usha goes to her room
everybody hug n welcome twinkle

Kunj goes in usha’ s room
he asks her y she didn’t welcome twinkle
she says just because babee said am allowing twinkle to stay in this house
I dnt trust her yuvi cannot do this Kunj asks her to look at twinkle yuvi has ruined her life
she shouts enough n says
dnt force me n u too remember yuvi is ur bro
this twinkle has ruined my family
Kunj tries to speak but notices twinkle at door
twinkle leaves kunj goes to her
he tells her ma will understand
she says ma hates me so much n cries

Kunj gives pprs to twinkle n asks her to sign on these
she is shocked to see divorce pprs
she starts crying
she says I cannot break is Pavitra bandaan
Babee says yuvi hasn’t left it Pavitra
Leela says its better to break relation that can only give pain
Kunj tells her that yuvi doesn’t deserve her
Babee n everybody tell twinkle that they are
with her
twinkle signs

yuvi is shocked to see divorce pprs n notice case of mental harrassment on him
yuvi breaks glass n tells kate twinkle has ruined my efforts of so many years kunj my own bro trusts her n has sent me notice
am definitely out of sarna property
she tells him not to give up
she tells him she has a great plan

yuvi smiles

precap-Babee slaps yuvi n says she never thought he could fall to this extent.

Credit to: Rushi

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