Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka episode 19 Saach ka samna


Hii friends
u all have waited long for this
yuvi getting exposed n his truth getting revealed so lets end this wait with today’s epi

Recap-Kunj finds twinkle in a school he hugs her she runs away he runs behind he meets with accident
concerned twinkle takes him to hospital
there he asks her to return back to amritsar n tell him whatever happened between yuvi n her

Kunj tells twinkle that he was looking for her since past six months
n he trusts her he knows twinkle willnot leave yuvi without a big reason n being his bro n her friend he has every right to know truth
tears fall from twinkle’s eyes


Twinkle reaches London
She doesn’t find yuvi anywhere on airport
A driver tells her that since yuvi was busy he sent him to pick her
twinkle feels disappointed
twinkle reaches home to find it messy
she cleans it
she searchs for grocery
but fridge is empty
she asks driver to take her to nearest store
twinkle feels lonely
she purchases things but doesn’t have currency to pay
driver helps her

she cooks food and waits for yuvi
yuvi comes late night
she greets him happily
he says he is very tired
she asks him to have food
he says he had
he tells her its London she shdnt behave like typical house wife

twinkle is soon most of time
she tries talking to yuvi but he doesn’t talk much
he keeps ignoring her
mora piya mohase bolaat nahi plays in bg
a sad twinkle looks at family photograph n hugs it.

Yuvi tells twinkle that his friends are demanding a marriage party so he has invited them for dinner
twinkle gets glad
yuvi tells her not to use her brain he has prepared list of what all should be there in dinner
he tells her to purchase some good modern clothes for herself
he request her not to humiliate him in front of his friends
twinkle feels bad

She is shocked to see 15’bottles of wine written on list
she wonders how can she purchase wine
she feels if she willnot purchase yuvi will get angry

At party twinkle is uncomfortable in her dress
a guy says yuvi that twinkle is really hot
he thanks him
she feels strange
yuvi hugs twinkle in front of everybody and says am so lucky to have her
he kisses her
twinkle feels awkward
they start drinking
yuvi forces twinkle to drink
she refuses
he makes her drink
she vomits
everybody leave
yuvi slaps her n says she ruined everything n humiliated him
he says she is behaanjii n should live in India
twinkle cries n remembers kunj taking care of her

Yuvi is shown dragging twinkle in room he beats her he says she burned his favorite shirt doesn’t know how to iron

Yuvi comes home drunk
he forces twinkle he pushes her on bed
twinkle pushes him n runs away

yuvi apologizes to twinkle n says maybe work pressure has made him this way
he asks for last chance
twinkle talks to leela on phone
leela tells her that no marriage is perfect every marriage demands adjustment
yuvi brings twinkle to a hotel
they eat food
he tells twinkle that he has booked room for them
twinkle feels shy

she waits for yuvi
vishal comes in room
she asks him to leave
yuvi comes there n requests twinkle to spend sometime with vishal as vishal has done big favor
twinkle shouts yuvi doesn’t listen he leaves vishal forces himself on twinkle he tears her dress
she bites him n runs

At home she is shocked to see yuvi sleeping with kate
she leaves
she cries

she is shown working at cafe washing utensils sweeping.
A nun tells her that her sister has school in Mumbai n twinkle can work there

she comes to Mumbai

Kunj hits his wists against wall n says he willnot leave yuvi

Precap-Usha tells Kunj not to forget yuvi is his bro.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. wow rushi i was waiting for this only….how sick that blo*dy uv is…but anyways the episode was emotional

  2. Much awaited episode…… Action time for Kunj ????????????

  3. This episode was emotional … 🙁 i luveddd itt!!!!!!! I luv u yaar u’re amazing … Plzz upload the other epi ASAP hope we get to c some emotional twinj scenes 🙂 :*

  4. Oh god!!! Yuvi is sooo sick.. But, the episode was nice.

  5. Finally truth comes out .. Nice episode waiting for the next .

  6. Great episode! Finally yuvi is exposed!

  7. Wow rushi I a vry vry vry emotional epi

  8. Awesome episode…

  9. Finally Uv real face is revealed …..loved the revelation part awesome… now it’s time for Kunj getting into action and act as Twinkle’s savior. Really loved ur ff..

  10. awesomeeeeeeeenesssss overloaded

  11. woww m jus waiting fr kunjs action against uv….plz make twinkle realise kunjs love fr her soon…

  12. U r such a Gr8 wrter dear loved d epi do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  13. Just fabb wala episode. Loved it?

  14. it’s superb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Awesome rushI …..really nice episode….

  16. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Uff feel like giving that Yuvi a tight slap

  17. awesome

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