Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka episode 18


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Recap-Kunj prays for twinkle’s safety
twinkle is shown teaching in school
pragya shows twinkle’s pics to abhi abhi identifies her n informs Kunj that twinkle attended his concert in Mumbai

Epi starts with Rishi n Kunj talking to inspector in Mumbai
inspector tells them that they have checked records with all police station
nobody with name twinkle sarna or twinkle taneja is found
which means twinkle isn’t staying in a rented apartment because for that police verification is mandatory
or maybe she has created a different id for herself
Kunj says she willnot do such things

Rishi tells Kunj they should check in hotels n resorts maybe twinkle was here for few days
Sanam re plays in bg
Kunj is shown visiting several places showing twinkle’s pics n getting disappointed
Kunj gets sweaty
he sits under tree
he starts feeling giddy
Rishi comes there n makes him drink water
He tells kunj y is he behaving like a mad person he isn’t eating food properly he doesn’t sleep properly
he tells him by doing all this they willnot get twinkle
Kunj says god knows in what condition she is
she looks so sad in pics pragya has sent
Rishi tells him its 10 days since they are trying n have got no clue maybe twinkle left Mumbai
Kunj smiles
He says he has idea one place is left
Rishi is confused

Twinkle is playing n enjoying with kids kunj admires her
twinkle says kids are so magical they have ability to make one forget his worries
she tells him if life gives her chance then she would definitely love to spend her life with kids n become teacher

Rishi says if this is case maybe twinkle is attached with school where lodging facilities are available they should check these schools first

Kunj goes to different schools
n gets disappointed

Rishi tells him about a convent
Kunj goes there
He talks to nun
she refuses to give him any details
she says she cannot risk privacy of her teachers
Kunj tries to explain
she doesn’t agree

Kunj goes outside n says twinkle where should I search u
he closes his eyes
tears fall

He suddenly feels he twinkle’s voice
he turns around to see twinkle talking to a lady
he runs
he looks at her
she is stunned to see him he
hugs her n says thank god u r fine I was so scared
twinkle pushes him n starts running
he calls her
she keeps running
he goes behind
twinkle goes on other side of road
Kunj follows her
He collides with bike n falls
twinkle sees n screams Kunj

At hospital
twinkle asks Kunj is he mad to run behind her in middle of road
what if something might have happened
he eyes her adoringly
he says atleast spoke to him its enough
twinkle asks him to go back
he says not without her
she says am no longer sarna bahu with what right can she come to that house
Kunj asks her to tell what happened between her n yuvi
she says whatever yuvi has told them
he tells he wants her to say
she says will he believe her
after all yuvi is his bro
he says like always he will support truth n correct

Precap-twinkle is crying leela tells her on phone that every marriage demands adjustments.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Hey rushi I just luv ur ff…n now finally twinj meet so…it would be interesting to see…plzzz update asap??

  2. Wow ….it was a nice confrontation between them…finally their love story will begin..
    Waiting for d next.

  3. twinjfan-(tamanna)


  4. Twinju(Bhavika)

    FINALLY…..now there love story will start waiting eagerly

  5. Mind blowing epi finally we’ll no wat happened between twinkle n uv

  6. Waiting eagerly for the next episode

  7. Amazing n finally we can see there love story

  8. amazing fimally they met

  9. finally

  10. awesome epi like always

  11. Superb episode! So happy that twinj finally met 🙂

  12. Awesome loved it at last they met

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