Tashan e ishq MILAN DO DILO KA episode 13


Dear Readers
Yuvi’s truth will be exposed very soon with
more twist to tale 😉

we saw twinj going for sight seeing
twinkle gets heat stroke
Kunj very nicely takes care of her.

Epi starts with twinj entering sarna mansion
Babee welcomes them
usha asks twinkle to take rest

At night twinkle comes to kunj’s room
she asks him does he remember whats tommorow
he gets thinking
he says ma’s bday
she says right
she tells him they should give ma surprise
kunj asks her but how does she know about ma’s bday
she says when she used to chat with yuvi she had asked for everybody’s bday
kunj smiles
he asks her what surprise they should give ma
she tells him something
he smiles

Next day usha is upset as nobody wishes her
she says strange nobody remembers
not even babee my husband even kids dnt remember
manhohar comes she gets glad he tells her she should accompany him to market
as he needs purchase some saris for his staff
she agrees sadly
after they leave
mahi n kunj start decorating house
Kunj asks mahi to be careful as she climbs up
he holds stool for her
mahi feels gud
twinkle eyes them

In kitchen kunj says he will help twinkle in making cake
twinkle asks him to beat batter
he beats fasts batter starts spilling
she asks him to do with love she holds his hands n teaches him
he eyes her
sajnave plays
twinkle applies cream
little cream gets applied to her face mahi laughs seeing her
kunj gently cleans from her face

usha n manohar return everybody wish her she gets glad seeing arrangements
she cuts cake

babee tells all was twinkle’s plan kunj n mahi helped her alot
usha gets emotional
they all play antaksari
yuvi calls twinkle
she cuts call n enjoys
usha goes to twinkle n tells her that she gave her a very big gift on her bday
she tells her that she fulfilled her promise n her son her old Kunj is back
Kunj is shown laughing n talking with Mahi
Babee tells usha but one task is impending twinkle needs to find a suitable bride for kunj someone just like her
twinkle says she already found one
usha n babee are shocked
Babee asks who
twinkle says mahi she asks them to look how happy they are in each others company
they all eye them
usha says wow twinkle I just hope we can make this happen in reality
babee asks her but did she talk to mahi n Kunj
she assures she will talk to both

Mahi is singing songs in her room
twinkle comes there
n asks her she seems happy today n glow on her face in awesome
mahi says function was good n she had fun
twinkle asks her to be frank n tell she enjoyed function or Kunj’s company
mahi blushes
she asks her will u like to be my jeethani
mahi blushes
twinkle hugs her n tells her she already spoke to babee n ma
n they are ready n very happy to make mahi her jeethani
mahi happily asks her really
she asks her what about Kunj
twinkle says Kunj is silly but not stupid to reject queen like mahi
she hugs her.

Credit to: Rushi

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