Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka episode 11


Recap-Previous epi twinj cleaned kunj’s house together an old neighbour thought them to be couple and blessed them twinkle hugged kunj on his victory and said he is her hero and she is his namoonii

Kunj is deeply engrossed in his files
twinkle wakes up from sleep and notices kunj trying to control his sleep and focus
she looks at clock its 3am
She makes coffee for Kunj
Kunj tells her she should have not taken trouble at this time
she says its no trouble its her responsibility
she asks Kunj is the case so imp
he says every case is important
justice should be done
he says law is very noble profession simple rule let justice be done to innocent and guilty be punished
twinkle admires Kunj
kunj asks her to sleep
she says first he should orelse she wouldn’t
Kunj tells her she is good dramebaaz
he closes his files and tells twinkle to go n sleep in her room
twinkle goes to drink water
as she passes through Kunj’s room she finds him deep in sleep
she says he really has a heart of gold he is just too good.

Twinkle makes Kunj have dahi sakar and wishes him good luck for case
he tells twinkle to take care of herself and leaves

Twinkle talks to Leela on phone she continuously keeps praising Kunj
leela tells her to take care
she says Kunj hain na

Kunj brings chocolates for twinkle and tells he has won this case too
twinkle excited ly makes him eat chocolate
sajna ve plays in bg

twinkle says they should celebrate this victory
he tells twinkle he will take her to a popular resort
she gets thrilled
she goes to get ready

Kunj and twinkle are shocked to see each other as they both are wearing blue
sajnave plays
twinkle says she will change
Kunj requests her not to change as this sari is suiting her alot
he asks cannot friends wear same coloured clothes
she smiles

At resort

Games are being played twinkle says Kunj she wants to play these games as she likes winning gifts
she requests Kunj to be her partner
he agrees
in a game they have to throw a ball together and make all glasses fall
Kunj holds twinkle’s hand they eye each other together they throw ball and all glasses fall in first try
in next game male partners have to make hairstyle of their female partners
Kunj hesitates
but twinkle says they are friends
Kunj carefully makes her hairstyle
they win
in next game all participants are blind folded they have to find their partners
twinkle finds Kunj
she holds his hand

They have food together

They are walking on road

Twinkle tells Kunj she has never won so many games and so many gifts
she says he is best partner it was her best night
some guys eye them
one guy comments we too can buy gifts for u madam and make night more memorable
Kunj gets angry
He starts beating the guys
he keeps yelling how dare u
twinkle panics
she stops him
he keeps on beating them
she pulls him
she tells him they were just saying
dogs bark we should ignore
Kunj says he cannot ignore if anybody misbehaves with her
she eyes him
sajna ve plays

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Nice episode rushi! Good work 🙂

  2. It was superb! Hope yuvi’s truth comes out soon.

  3. awesome i loved it a lottttt

  4. omg it’s awesome ????
    continue asap

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  6. rushi…………

  7. amazing rushi wen ll uvs truth cum n wen ll twinj unite m very exited pls post nxt episode asap pls

  8. Luvd it!❤❤

  9. it was amazing but what is namoonii

    1. It is Hindi translation of English word antique

  10. Rushi amazing epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  11. Amazing !!!! Loved it ……. waiting 4 d next 🙂

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