Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA epi 8


Hii readers, thanks for comments, so without any delay and making u wait more here we will have a look at kunj’s past

Epi starts with twinkle getting up and going
kunj says her name was maya
it all happened 4 years ago when I was in last year of my college
twinkle sits next to him


Kunj is shown in cool avtaar in his jeans and tee shirt with top buttons open
he tells his friends they are doing mistake by challenging him kunj sarna and he gets scared of nobody be it smita maam today he will sit on his knees and sing song for her
a old lady is shown entering
Kunj gets ready
he sits on his knees closes his eyes and sings “gulabii ankein”
He opens is eyes to find a young simple girl in pink salwar kameez
(skriti khandpal urf maya ) standing in front of him
he admires her beauty
while she feels awkward

Kunj keeps starring her during lecs and she always ignores him
kunj starts following her everywhere
In canteen maya asks kunj what is his problem he follows her everywhere since 2 months
he says he just wishes to be her friend
he says he needs her help in studies he has observed she is very studious
maya says ok but only in college in library
Kunj agrees
He is shown dancing
They are shown studing together,
Results are declared Kunj tells maya he scored high marks for first time he thanks her and request her to join him for coffee

On farewell function
Kunj goes on stage and says he wants to say something
he says this college gave me alot good education,values , degree but apart from this it introduced me to love of my life I want to confess my feelings to a girl who is thief of my heart
Miss Maya sherawat I love u will u please marry me??

maya runs away kunj is disappointed

next day at maya’s house she tells Kunj she liked the way he proposed her but she didn’t want to say in public so she msgd him to come home
she says Kunj I love u
she makes him have kheer and says this kheer symbolizes their love
they hug each other
they are shown enjoying car rides, movies, games together
they dance in rain together

Babee and usha meet maya
usha makes her wear bangels
both families congratulate each other
Kunj winks at maya

marriage preparations are shown
A party is kept for their college friends
kunj is enjoying party with his friends
he dances with girls
maya gets annoyed
she leaves

its haldi maya calls kunj she says she wants to talk to him urgently he says
after marriage sweet heart
Maya is shown to be worried

Marriage venue is shown
everybody is waiting for maya
a little girl comes and tells everybody that maya isn’t in her room
she gives letter kunj he is stunned to read letter falls from his hand
babee reads
“Kunj today we were supposed to get married but am sorry I cannot marry u
u r very immature and fun loving person
u r not serious about anything in life
am simple not rich like u
I cannot live life like u Amnot happy and comfortable with u
please forget me and move on”

Kunj puts water on fire and shouts maya

*flash back ends*

Kunj says she wanted me to be serious now am serious I dnt know to smile
twinkle keeps her hand on Kunj’s hand
tear falls from his eyes
she catches it in her hand
sajna ve plays

Credit to: Rushi

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