Tashan-e-ishq MILAN DO DILO KA epi 7


Dear readers thanks for all ur lovely comments it Truely made my day
and today I reveal this is a twinj ff.
my story was well planned from beginning it just demanded few twiraj moments

so here we goo

epi starts with twinkle praying
she says babajii Kunj is really kind and good
I dnt know what happened with him
but please please help me to bring back his smile and fulfill promise I made to Ma.

Babee tells twinkle that she is very proud of her as she managed langar so nicely
she tells her it is belief after successful completion of this langar whatever one prays for gets granted
she says I hope u prayed for ur n yuvi’s happy life

twinkle says in her mind offo sorry yuvi didn’t pray for us but I prayed for Kunj n I know if Kunj will be happy so u will always be happy

yuvi is drinking with vishal
his phone rings he says aagaya pakaoo ka phone
he attends call n says Kunj I am missing u all so much I hope everybody is fine how is twinkle
Am with my boss just sorting out work I will talk to u latter
Kunj asks him to take care of himself
Vishal tells him what a dramebaaz he is
he says I have no choice
Kunj is perfect son
am just trying to be perfect afterall I need my share in sarna property and business

Twinkle thanks Kunj for helping her
He says it was his responsibility
Twinkle asks him y he didn’t take holy dip at gurudwara it is considered auspicious
he says he doesn’t believe all this twinkle says in her mind that she will make Kunj believe and take this holy dip

Twinkle prepares food for everybody
Kunj sees kheer on table and gets upset and leaves
twinkle asks y did kunj leave like this usha says he has some unpleasant memories attached with kheer and gets annoyed seeing it

Twinkle goes in kunj’s room he is working some files
she asks him does he hate her
he asks her what happened
she says I made food with so much effort u didn’t even taste and u r my friend
he says right now he is disturbed because of work he will latter
she says she knows he got annoyed because of kheer
she says I willnot interfere or force
but we must never remove anger on food and kheer is sweet it symbolizes happiness
if u r happy that I came to this house please com e down have food n kheer I will feel good

Kunj has food he eats kheer everybody smile he tells twinkle that she is good cook

usha thanks twinkle she tells her because of her Kunj tasted kheer after 3 yrs
Kunj is working
he remembers about twinkle telling him not to work at night time he smiles and closes his files

he goes to garden n sees twinkle sitting there he asks her is everything fine is she missing yuvi or her family she says no I have habit to talk to stars
Kunj says vstrange
she tells him that he has such good plans always the way he made her n yuvi meet and then roses on haldi
she tells him his choice for earring was also great
she tells him his gf might be so lucky and gets annoyed
he tells her not talk on this matter
she says sorry I thought am ur friend and family member I didn’t intend to hurt u

whats Kunj’s past,?? excited to know catch up tom episode .

Credit to: Rushi

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