The episode starts with twinkle helping yuvi in packing
yuvi eyes her adoringly
He tells her he is really fortunate to marry twinkle she is so sensible
He thanks her for her support and convincingly family
she says he is her husband and she will support him on every phase and step of his life she says that she will pray to babajii and all his problems will get sorted
she asks him to take care of himself
and not to worry much n leave everything to babajii
He hugs her and says he will miss her he asks her to come to him fast.

At airport yuvi thanks kunj
Kunj tells him that his bro is always with him
yuvi tells him he needs one more favour
He request Kunj to take care of twinkle
he requests him to try to keep her happy
kunj compiles

At sarna residence Twinkle does arti everybody is pleased with her arti
Usha makes twinkle wear bangles
she hugs twinkle
she tells her that she always wanted a daughter and now god blessed her with twinkle
she tells her that she is proud of her the way she supported yuvi yesterday
she says that twinkle has brought new hope in their family
twinkle doesn’t understand
she says after 3 years she saw kunj dancing singing and smiling due to twinkle she tells her that she misses her old jolly Kunj
Twinkle says usha that now this is her family
she promises usha that she will get the old Kunj back
usha hugs her

Twinkle goes to Kunj’s room with break fast and knocks at door
Kunj assumes it is Usha and opens door without wearing shirt
he is embarrassed to see twinkle
he quickly wears shirt
she apologizes
he asks her to come inside
she tells him that he is yuvi’s bestfriend can they be friends too
Kunj remembers about yuvi’s request and agrees and shakes hands with twinkle
twinkle asks him y are there so many files on table
he says these are his case studies he doesn’t at night
she tells him its not good to study at night there is strain on eyes then one may have to wear big big specs she says it willnot suit him
He smiles at her innocence

Yuvi is shown getting interrogated by police
A foreigner girl tells police that she didn’t try to commit suicide because of yuvi
it was because of workload
police leaves yuvi
yuvi thanks the girl
she asks him will he ever leave her again
he says no
he hugs her and says I love u Kate

yuvi thanks a man for explaining kate and making her change her stand
he says I thought I will have to spend time in jail for abetting kate to suicide by marrying twinkle
man says only thanks is not enough
yuvi says tell me vishal what u want
vishal says he has seen twinkle’s pics and she is real beauty he says he wants to spend with her
yuvi says let her come once to London u can do whatever u want
I donot care
I love Kate
my family would never accept kate because she is foreigner
so I will enjoy pleasure of both Indian wife and foreigner girlfriend
he smiles wickedly

Babee is worried she tells she made a mannat on next of yuvi and twinkle’s marriage they will serve langar in gurudwara
now yuvi left her mannat will remain incomplete
twinkle tells her not to worry she will try to complete mannat alone
Babee says she is proud of her

in gurudwara twinkle serves langar she gets tired Kunj observes and starts helping her
he says now that they are friends he can help her
a sardaarjii blesses them and says they are very good looking couple may waheguru always keepthem together
they eye each other awkwardly

so friend s now tell me what u feel is it twinj or twiraj
n please let me know did u like the story? ?

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. I really like this story! Keep writing 🙂 And great job!

  2. ohh wat a chng of stry….loved it…rushi..

  3. What a tricky story ?? Waiting for what ‘s gone happen next…

  4. Wow very very interesting can’t wait for the next part

  5. Pls make it kunj twinkle

  6. Of course its being amazing n its of course twinj ff n abhi dekhne se lag rha hai dat kunj ll always b wid twinkle n also dey both ll marry n twinkle n uvraj ll hv divorce n wat nt i don’t want 2 speak mch bt yah i thnk im getting d story n trust me u r amazing n story ☺☺☺?

  7. Wooow amazing epi dear n it shld b twinj ff dear it ws amazing n seems to be interesting do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Rushii when i started to read ur ff i was like no plzz… but this episode is just ?????…. tricky amazing superb im just speechlesss… loved it alot…!!!
    Plz upload the next part asap??

  9. awmaing twist. do cont soon

    1. sorry amazing twist. do understand

  10. Twinju(bhavika)

    maja a gaya uv ki sacchai jankar aab jab twinkle ko kate ka pata chaleega tab wo uv ko chod degi aur jab kate ko twinkle ka pata chalega to vo bhi uv ko chod de gi ise kehte hai nehle pe dehla ??actually uv ye hi deserve karta ha shame on uv and dear rushi tu kaise kar leti hai yaar matlab suppppeeerrr se bhi uppppaaarrr ki writer hai yaar tu to
    loved it dear ?????????

  11. its nice bt i thought its twiraj…. its gud

  12. A
    Love it nice twist and twinj 🙂

  13. Woowww…..it was fab epii yrr….I just luv it….waiting 4 ur next epii

  14. Sidmin(twinj)

    Awesome epi rushi wat a twist I loved it n as I said u if its twinj ff oly il comment it so here s my comment…I loved it to the moon and back plz post it asap

  15. very nice epi

  16. fiona,sidmin,Rupam,sam, yashu, mitali, bhavika,sweetie, babee, amy, zikra,fatarajo,lovleena, jaya,sadaf khan
    thanks dear all
    am overwhelmed and touched with all ur comments
    it has made my day thanks thanks thanks a tonne
    all ur praises support and love Truely mean world to me
    I just hope to stay upto ur expectations
    it has been always my passion to write
    ur appreciation abt my writing
    makes me feel like achiever
    thanx again

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