Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka epi 24 Milan ki Raat

Recap-Twinj work hard earn money n win sarna house back through bid
Rishi asks Kunj to confess his feelings
Mahi tells twinkle that together with kunj she can do anything
Rishi n mahi suggest family members to get twinj married
everybody readily accepts proposal
leela asks kunj n usha talks to twinkle

Twinkle blushes usha says it means its yes usha gets glad
kunj asks Leela did she talk to twinkle she says she is twinkle’s ma n can understand whats in her heart she says but this means he is ready kunj smiles
leela gets glad

Taneja’s n sarna’s congratulate each other
Rishi n Mahi hug each other
Manohar says they should send them out for dinner let
everybody agree

Mahi helps twinkle get ready
twinkle says all this is so awkward
she has been with kunj alone many times but never felt so nervous
mahi says hota hain di pyaar mein sabh hota hain
twinkle hits her

Rishi tells kunj they did everything for him but he shd atleast propose bhabhi she would feel good kunj smiles

Kunj n twinkle are stunned to see each other as both are wearing purple
babee says they are Truely made for each other nazar na lage wahe guruji donno ko khush rakhe

Kunj is driving
twinkle is sitting next to him
she nervously plays with her duppata
Kunj looks at her n smiles
he puts on radio
chup tum raho plays
they eye each other

At restaurant Kunj keeps drinking water
he says twinkle she looks at him expectedly
he says what would u like to eat
please order excuse me I will come
he goes to washroom looks in mirror n says Kunj sarna whats wrong with u
u r unable to speak
u need to win this case
do something

Twinkle tells kunj that she isn’t able to decide she request s him to order
he smiles he goes to waiter n tells something to him waiter is shocked

they eat food they look at each other

waiter asks about feedback
twinkle says it was very tasty
waiter says he has a question he asks kunj y did he order his food without salt n spice
twinkle gets worried n asks him is he fine she asks him is he sick
he stands up goes near twinkle n says u add all spice in my life
I can relish any type of food if u are around
twinkle is shocked
Kunj removes a rose from his pocket he sits on his knees n says will u please add glitter in my life by ur twinkling smile twinkle
please be twinkle twinkle star of my life
she starts laughing
he says will u marry me
she shyly places her hand over his all clap agar tum saath ho plays

in car twinkle tells Kunj it was most unique proposal she says twinkle twinkle star n laughs
he says but I forgot something imp
he says I love you twinkle they eye eachother

Kunj tells usha that he wishes to marry twinkle in simple manner he doesn’t want her remember her past n get disturbed because of marriage rituals
leela hugs him n thanks him

Twinj get married in gurudwara they take blessings of everybody

twinkle is sitting on bed
kunj enters room twinkle gets nervous he thanks her for accepting him in her life he says they were friends n will always remain friends first
he tells her he has confessed his feelings n will wait patient ly for her confession
she can take time
he picks up pillow n goes to sleep on sofa
he says good night twinkle
twinkle smiles thanks Kunj for understanding u r best
sajnave plays

Precap-Kate asks yuvi to leave her house he says that he loves she says she loves somebody else now vishal is shown entering

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  1. So sweet…… ????? twinkle twinkle star of my life ????.. Awesome yaar….

  2. Hey rushi I m a silent reader of ur ff but must say that ur episode was superb…n the precap was fantastical.. This UV deserves this but hope he won’t create any problem in twinj’s life

    1. Yuvi now is a good person

  3. fabulous yaar .. so sweet twinkle twinkle star of my lyf

  4. So amazing epi precap UV ki toh band bajgayi…?????

  5. i mean lyk srsly kate was using uv hehehe pehli baar sum1 dared to use uv anyways tere epi ne toh mar dala haye mar dala awwsumm yaar

  6. Awesome…..finally do dilon kar Milan ho gya….loved the way u wrote….

  7. Sidmin(twinj)

    Lovely epi…proposal ws really vry unique n to height of awesomeness…precap s gud UV deserves dis plz don’t bring him in btw twinj…

  8. hiiii wowwwwwww……… finally milan do dilo ka…….

  9. Great episode! Really liked the proposal part. I’m sorry I couldn’t comment on the previous episode. Was too busy with exams!

  10. Awesome At last yuvi gets to know the taste of his own medicine love u post soon

  11. Awesome yrr loved it… what a cute confession… feeling good to see you Uv’s poor condition….

  12. Lol precap ??? poor Uvi .. N Yes i loved ur confession it was simple 🙂 im wait eagerly for next epi :v ?

  13. I agree with twinkle .. the proposal was so cute..haaye koi aise propose karein toh koi kaise mana kaise kare.. back toh the point the episode was fantastic.. and, yes “Milan ki raat” reminds me of “jaate diye” and their latest date!

  14. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing ….

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