Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka epi 23


RECAP-Manohar tells everybody that yuvi blackmailed him that if he doesn’t sign on property pprs he would not sign on divorce pprs n by showing twinj’s photos in media he would spoil their name
sarna family starts staying in Kunj’s house
twinj promise to wrk hard earn money n bid for sarna house in auction which will be held after six months
twinkle starts boutique in house

Banner of Amritsar boutique is shown
many machines are shown
usha n babee are supervising work
kunj brings some fabrics
twinkle tells everybody about getting contract to design clothes for MLA’s daughter marriage
babee congratulates her
Manohar tells twinkle that he is so proud of her in 5 months she has converted a small business to a big boutique n employed so many women
he hugs her n tells her she is a true business woman

Kunj is talking on phone twinkle tells him he should have taken case of gopal money would have got arranged
now he is so worried
he tells her that to earn more he cannot support wrong
he will fight 3 truthful cases instead of one wrong case
twinkle smiles n says all the best
kunj leaves
twinkle says kunj you are best
sajnave plays

Kunj goes to boutique n tells twinkle its late she should get back home
she says no only few days are left now she cannot rest
Kunj tells her if she wouldn’t have been with him he would have lost hope long back n given up
he thanks him
she says she is able to live smile n get out of her depression n trauma only because of him
they eye each other
agar tum saath ho plays

Auction is going on
yuvi n kate sit
a man says 5 crores
5 crore one 5 crore 2
some body says 5 crore 10 lakhs
nobody bids more
deal gets fixed
yuvi gets glad he turns back
n is shocked to see twinj

everybody are shown entering sarna house usha asks yuvi n Kate to leave as they arenot related to them
Kunj tells yuvi that support of family is a strong pillar it helps u overcome everything
wealth has to be earned not snatched
yuvi smirks n leaves

sarna’s plan a puja n party
twinj start decorating house together
twinkle is about to fall kunj holds her they have eyelock sajnave plays

everybody is stunned to see twinkle n Kunj in same coloured clothes
they smile seeing each other

Rishi n Kunj talk
Rishi tells Kunj that his n twinkle’s jodi is rab ne bana di types
u both look awesome black
he tells Kunj that it is high time he should confess his feelings
Kunj says he is scared n doesn’t want to lose her friend ship

Mahi hugs twinkle n congratulates her she says with Kunj’s support she can do anything
she tells her Kunj has returned her sister back twinkle blushes

Mahi tells Rishi that Kunj n twinkle are too shy now they will have to do something

everybody are in room Rishi says dnt u all think Kunj n twinkle deserve a gift for their efforts
babee says yes
usha asks what gift should we give them
mahi says gift them each other’s support for life time
leela says what r they saying
Manohar excitedly says to get married
usha says it is best thought
babee hugs leela
Rishi mahi smile

Usha tells twinkle that she wants a favor from her
twinkle says she will do anything for her ma
she says its for Kunj
she asks her will u take care of my Kunj for ur entire life

leela asks Kunj will he give her chance to be mother in law to a perfect son in law like him

precap-Kunj sits on his knees with rose in his hands twinkle smiles.

Credit to: Rushi

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