Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka epi 16


Recap-kunj n twinkle pray for eachother in gurudwara
everybody bid twinkle
after twinkle leaving kunj says a emotional good bye seeing a flight taking off.

Ok friends so here we go
A big surprise for u all
for my ff our serial will take
two leap

After two years

Kunj (with beard and in formal blue full shirt and black trousers) is shown talking to a man
He tells him its six months six long months n they have yet not succeeded

In sarna mansion

Babee tells usha today is twinkle’s birthday
usha requests babee not to take name of twinkle in this house
she tells babee to try to forget twinkle
she left their yuvi
yuvi is destoryed because of twinkle
babee says but where did twinkle go
Usha says she doesn’t care
all she knows is that her son’s life is ruined because of that girl
she says thank god kate is there to look after him in London
she says that foreigner girl is much much better than this desi twinkle
twinkle being a wife didn’t care for yuvi
she being just a friend takes so good care of him
usha leaves in anger
Babee says waheguru twinkle ki raksha karna

Mahi (In sari n married avtaar) comes there she asks kunj to calm down
she says rishi will find twinkle di anyhow
that man (he is vivek dahiya acp abhishek from yeh hain mohabatien in this ff he will essay role of Acp Rishi khanna)
tells Kunj that yuvi is repeating same story again n again
he always says that approximately one year ago he had small agruement with twinkle regarding which movie to watch n she left next morning without informing him anything
kunj says Rishi this is impossible twinkle had lots of patience for such absurd reason he cannot leave yuvi like this
mahi agrees
rishi says even the records with airport authorities dnt indicate twinkle leaving from london one year ago or even after
maybe she left before that or maybe she is still in London
mahi tells but Kunj has been to London for 2 months and he has found twinkle absolutely nowhere

Rishi says he will need to be more stern n take yuvi’s statement
He promises Kunj to leave no stone unturned n find twinkle.
Kunj leaves

Mahi tells Rishi that since past six months Kunj is just involved in finding twinkle v
he has not fought a single case
he doesn’t eat properly
Rishi says Kunj is his best friend n he will help him
mahi smiles

Mahi weds Rishi
(yes friends she is Rishi’s wife and not kunj’s
she has married his best friend)

Everybody is eagerly waiting to welcome twiraj who are coming for mahi’s marriage
Babee asks usha if she has prepared kheer for twinkle
usha says yes
Kunj is getting ready
he sees twinkle’s photo n says so we are going to meet after one and half year
I missed u lot
Leela is also very excited

Yuvi enters
everybody ask for twinkle he doesn’t answer
Kunj asks him to stop this childish fun n ask twinkle to come in as they all are waiting for her

yuvi hugs Kunj n starts crying
everybody is shocked
he tells he doesn’t know where twinkle is
she left him six months ago
arti plate falls from usha’s hand

leela says twinkle cannot do this
usha n leela argue
yuvi asks them not to argue with tears in his eyes he says maybe luck didn’t favor him
they should blame his kismaat not twinkle
he says they should not create any hurdle in mahi’s marriage
Kunj asks him y did he hide from family all this
he says he didn’t want to make them worried
Kunj says we could have searched for her god knows where she would be
yuvi tells kunj that he searched for her everywhere

Yuvi is shown drinking alcohol
everybody look at him
usha says twinkle ruined his life n because of her he went in
depression n started drinking
Kunj says twinkle cannot ruin anybody’s life


Rishi says he has doubt on yuvi
he says whenever he question s him he panics n acts weird n main thing he didn’t tell family all this
mahi says yes he always lied whenever they called or webchatted

Kunj is shown driving he says twinkle where did u go how can I search u
sanam re plays

Precap-Kunj thanks somebody on phone n smiles

Friend s how was the twist?

Credit to: Rushi

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