Tashan-e-ishq Milan Do Dilo ka epi 14


Recap- In previous epi we saw twinj returning to amritsar
they celebrate usha’s bday
twinkle suggests to get kunj married to mahi
mahi, Babee n usha like her suggestion

Twinkle goes in kunj’s room
Kunj is working on some files
she tells him she wants to talk to him he asks her to say
she asks him does he always like to see his house messy or eat outside food or noodles
he says no thats y most of time when there is no case he stays with Babee n ma here in amritsar
she says doesn’t he feel need of somebody a friend a person to take care of him always
he says babee, ma n now toh u r there
she says babee n ma are in amritsar n
I will go to my yuvi in london
He closes his files looks at twinkle
she continues I have a solution
u should marry
He says her guarantee nobody will marry she says I have found a bride who will happily marry u
Kunj looks confused at her
she says Mahi
she says Mahi is like me after all she is my sister
she looks at Kunj
she says as a friend am worried for you I want u to settle in life
ma n babee too want that
she says she willnot force him
It is his decision completely
but he should have talk with mahi
n tell her his decision
she tells him to meet her tom in evershine cafe at 5 pm

Kunj gets thinking

Mahi is very excited she keeps on removing n trying different dresses
twinkle tells her she should n’t worry much as kunj is already impressed with her
mahi blushes
twinkle asks her to enjoy her first date
mahi says di n hugs her

Kunj drives n thinks about what ever twinkle told him
He stops car n purchases flowers

In cafe Kunj gives flowers to Mahi
He tells mahi that she is really a wonderful person n he respects her
Mahi smiles
He tells her that he loves somebody else
mahi is confused
He says he meant law currently his career is his priority he tells her that even if he marries he willnot be able to do justice
he tells her to understand
he tells her that he is lucky to have her as a friend but currently his focus is on his career
he apologizes
Mahi says its ok she understand n respects his decision
Kunj smiles

In his Room
Kunj sees twinkle’s photo in his phone n says
mahi is different
she isn’t like u
u r different u r best
u taught me to live I cannot marry mahi
because u rule my heart now
I know my feelings are wrong because u r yuvi’s wife
I promise I will never come between u n yuvi
but I just cannot overcome my feelings for u
I always want to see u happy”
sanjna ve plays
moments that they spend together are shown in fb
Kunj says twinkle this is for ur happiness
go to ur yuvi
passports are shown in his hand

Mahi hugs her pillow n cries
she kisses flowers n says Kunj I will love u always

At dinner table Kunj says a surprise for twinkle
she gets excited
he shows her passport n tells her he has booked day after tom’s tickets for her
babee usha n manhorhar smile
twinkle gets upset n rushes to her room
All get confused

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Awesome i hope twinkle finds out uv’s true colours soon

  2. Sidmin(twinj)

    Nice epi rushi…bring UV truth soon n unite twinj…

  3. woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kunj is feeling fr tw… now i thnk tw vll get to know the truth of uv

  4. Lovely epi but I suggest that u let kunj go with twinkle and let them both find out uv truth together. Let kunj and twinkle both go to uv plan and catch him in bed with Kate that way he won’t be able to make any excuse

  5. Syr o mean uv place in London

  6. fantastica!

  7. Amazing epi dear loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  8. Twinju(bhavika)

    fan rushi ur ff is like ur name chhhooo cute aaawww loved it and todays episode was emotional but plzz try to write a precap

    1. thanks for ur compliment abt my name n also epi yes dear will definitely try writing precap 🙂

  9. Wow Rushi ur story is too good. When u started I thought that ur ff is of twinraj bt d way u twisted it to twinij was commendable.
    Plzzz try to make it more longer coz d more I read d more curiosity it builds to know what will happen next and thanks fr updating regularly.

  10. Fantastic…. Plzz unite twinj soon …. Waiting for the next update…. Plzz post it asap…

  11. Awesome reveal uv truth

  12. Amazing epi ……..

  13. U nailed it dear.

    1. Dear it’s me, actually the I typed the ID wrong

      1. yes dear thanks swty

  14. Dear readers thanks for ur comments yes I have already planned the track to expose yuvi’s truth it would be exposed with a big twist in 2-3 episodes n I hope u all will enjoy it.

  15. awesomeeeeeeeeeee epi
    loved it

  16. Nice but pls make mahi love some one else not kunj or yuvi..

  17. Lovely episode! But I really hope Twinj get together! And pls don’t make mahi like kunj!! But great story. I love it 🙂

  18. Hey rushi amazing pls post nxt episode 2day nly pls

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