tashan-e-ishq mein beintehaa mohabbat…(part 1)


hey guyzz how r u all?
hope all r f9…n thanku soo much for ur comments.. luv u all…

so lets begin our ff…

both the family of Aliya and Twinkle are takin their respective bags from train….
both the bestiess were strolling around.. they saw many miniatures of tajmhal.. aaliya said i hope i wud also get an awesome hubby like shajahan …. twinkle also said the same…

twinkle siad.. ok i will just come beck from the washroom u just wait here.. dont go anywhere else… after sometime aaliya sees a baba she goes near him and asks her to tell her destiny.. he says hr destiny is made by god in here in the city of love she will also get her love..she smiles… she turns to leave when all of a sudden she bumps into our hero.. zain.. both share an eyelock.. he lefts without saying a sorry aaliya was enraged..then both of them leaves in different direction.. twinkle was passing by the same baba .. he said u will meet ur love today…. she was shocked.. but didnt take that seriously..a guy was running as if someone was goin to die.. and suddenly bumps into twinkle.. thats none other than our kunj… they share an eyelock..he leaves without saying a sorry.. this leaves twinkle in disgust… twinkle reaches to aaliya.. both share the same story abt baba n the respective guyzzz….they think that these kind of guyzz r just burden on the earth….
aaliya n twinkle had to go to their new respective homes.. they didnt want to.. but they shared a hug n left iin their respective taxiss… soon they reaches their new home.. but to their shock..aaliya n twinkle wud be shring a single home.. they were soo happy…….

aaliyas father said that opp to their house..h er mamu stays..that is ussman abdullah.. she says muy mamu.. i missed him soo much.. suddnly she heard a voice from behind…. i missed u too my dear.. aaliya runs and hugs him…

her old neighbour manohar comes and says to twinkle.. beta how r u ..u became so beautiful these days.. twinkle became ver y happy and hugged him…she says i missed u so much uncle ..then he says aww! same here beta…

all of a sudden our heroes take their entry both of them call their respective parents..DAD!

aaliya and twinkle were shocked..
both of them had just one thing in their mind..

ussman sqaaid beta u remember ur cousin zain.. u both always fought… aaliya was more enraged…..that idiot zain.. i have to see him eery day..eww!! not possible..
manohar said..twinkie.. see ur ex dushman.. kunj u used to fight soo much.. twinkle said.. i have to see this disgusting person daily????? impossible…

MANOHAR AND USSMAN SAID THESE BOTH R BEST FRNDS REFFERING TO KUNJ AND ZAIN..ghlam and rt sayas even our both princess r bestiees…

Manhohar and Ussman syays so no more fights n tommorow.. these guyzz will take you out for seeing agra..


even our kunj and zain r shocked.. they think.. we wont go with these normal girls.. we want someone like jaqueline fernadez

SITE SEEING WITH THEM? IMPOSSIBLE.. ( all the girls n boys say this in mind )the epiodes end with the freezzing face of zain aaliya kunj and twinkle…..

PRECAP:the sweet nok jhok of zaya n twinj..

hope u guyzz will love this episode….
plzzz give your viewzz n opinions..

n thanks again for all the love u guyzz have given me..

Credit to: JAZZ

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  1. Jazzzzz i love u for this… this is just awesome ur storyline is superrr sey uperrrrr i love it…. ?????????? they both r my fav couples…. ????
    Plzzz post more… ???

  2. Hey JAZZ I to love zaya and twinj I was really sad that beinteha had finished but now I am happy and I love your ff

  3. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice episode jazz.

    1. Nic epi jazz…just lvd it Nd btw muskaan ur name is quite resembling ur job dear!!!???


  5. nyc episode …..

  6. uff ur ff is as good as ur name…just loved it..keep writing..

  7. it’s nice…

  8. Awesome episode.. Both d couples r so cute

  9. like it…zaya nd twinj 🙂
    hey anyone of u is watching salaam e ishq ?

  10. Meenat Abubakar

    nice jazz

  11. Amazing yrr JAZZ
    Y i hope u dont mind if i call u by this name…

  12. Srry i mean if i call u JAZZY i hope u don’t mind

  13. ya sure sanu.. nbtw my real name isnt jazz..:)

  14. HEy , why you are not posting another part…when will you upload next episode?

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