tashan e ishq (Lovers) epi 2


HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FRIENDS………HOW R U???SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRY AS Today’s epi will be short as i dnt have time as i m bzy till tuesday in the prepartion of hosting a concert and another function……..hope u understand…….love u…….keep redaing and commenting……….

twinkle and yuvi hug
twinkle hits him:i had been waiting for so long.where were u??
yuvi:sorry…..by the way.looking hot.
twinkle:like always
yuvi:why did u call??
twinkle:today u r gonna go and pay the fees for our admission in college.to morrow is frst day and I m not in a mood to go today.that stupid chinki is also not comin g today
yuvi:chinki???oh yes….that chashmish
twinkle:o hello.she had been living in London for a year.i m sure she would have changed.
yuvi:i dnt think so.
twinkle:u remember her look???

yuvi:how can I forget her chashmish and innocent face.oily hair and two braids.
boith laugh
twinkle:dnt talk about my best friend like that
yuvi:sorry sorry
twinkle gets a call of leela
yuvi gets Anita’s call.both are shocked and rush
they reach a construction site.
yuvi’s dad(same who was shown in real track) and twinkle’s dad(neil from itna na kro mjhe pyar….he was appeared in a serial with leela so I had chosen him) are fighting

mr.taneja:just get lost from here.this is my site
mr.luthra:i will buy it
taneja:i wnt allow u
luthra:i dnt need ur permission
both start to fight badly and twinkle yuvi try to stop.
twinkle:dad stop it na
yuvi:wt r u guys doing???
anita leela arrive there
fight stops and they challenge each other to buy the site
twinkle yuvi and aita leela are left there

anita:wts happening???
leela:dnt know how long will this business enmity go
twinkle goes to anita and hugs her
yuvi:dnt wry mom and aunty ur children will set everything
they smile and share a hug

next day twinkle kunj and yuvi get ready for college
they enter college
twinkle:time for some fun and success
kunj:i will have to work hard for secure future and to get some respect
yuvi:wow….time for some dhamal and hotties
twinkle is walking and collides with kunj and falls into his arms

SAAJNA VE plays in bg

twinkle:i told u yesterday toi get ur eyes checked
kunj:it was ur mistake madam.u were talking on mobile and didn’t see me
twinkle:why do u think that its always my fault
kunj:bcz it is ur fault
twinkle:really??I dnt think so
kunj:do u have mind to think???

twinkle gets angry.yuvi comes there
yuvi:hey hero.why r u irritating my friend
kunj:its ur friend who likes to fight
twinkle:i was just telling u about ur mistake
kunj:u collided and my glasses fell and broke.did I say anything???
yuvi:oh its all about money??poor guy.

he takes out money and throws at kunj’s face.kunj is shocked.
yuvi:buy new one and if u need any financial help just come to me.i will help.
kunj feels insulted and controls his anger.he leaves silently
twinkle keeps looking at him
twinkle:i think u shouldn’t have insuted him like this.it might be his frst day and so bad experience and it was my mistake too.
yuvi:oh yar.i fought for u and u r feeling for him
twinkle:i should apologize

she leaves while yuvi keeps calling her………….

next epi:twinkle apologizes to kunj.chinki’s entry


Credit to: Angel

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