Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (intro)


Hello guyzz!!! coming to the point.. guyzz a silent reader of ur fan fictions… wanna write something for our TWINJ… so here is an ff… both negative and positive responses are welcmd… wanna make sure that u guyzz enjoy it….
My ff will start from the current story line that is Yuvi’s planning and plotting…. and I will make everyone aware of the true colours of Yuvraj… In my ff Twinkle will feel bad about her insult and will not go back into Sarna’s house and Kunj will feel bad about his behaviour and will try to seek forgiveness from Twinkle…
my ff will start from tmrw…

Guyzz i am really bad at negativities… and i ll try my best and also need your suggestions… And i m vry bad as a writer… so plzz guide me… cast is same.. If I feel the need to add someone than i ll inform u.. i can abruptly stop this ff if dont get expected comments.


Credit to: Anaita

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  1. this is exactly wat i wanted to happen i.e.kunj realising his mistakes n seeking forgiveness …bt that didnt happen in real……nyways best of luck…..

    1. Thank you!!! keep reading

  2. Ok ! It seems to be nice and I ‘ll be adding you on my favourite fanfictions list, waiting for you!?

    1. Thank you!!!! keep reading

  3. Hey anaita I think your ff are going to be amazing

    1. Lets see if its gonna be amazing… keep reading

  4. nyc idea…. go ahead …. wtng fr ur frst episode…. and al d bst fr ur ff…. ???

    1. Thank you!!!! keep reading

  5. Good idea!! Waiting for ur first epi…

    1. Thank you!!! I will update it… keep reading!!

  6. Luving it..eagerly waiting for this track in real..but this did not happened..can u plz update the episode today itself. .I am desperately waiting fr ur ff

    1. Good to see ur eagerness… i am uploading it… keep reading

  7. I like your new ideas.
    Good luck.

    1. thank you!!! keep reading

  8. In tei also twinkle should not forgive them so easily

    1. I agree…

  9. go a head anaita

    1. thanks for ur support..

  10. oh wow..after many days someone is starting from current story track….plzzz continue..

    1. yes i will… keep reading

  11. Preety Sid Bieber

    Good idea…..n waiting for ur first ff….keep writing….dr…

    1. Thank u… keep reading

  12. Just continue…feel from ur heart…

    1. Thanks for ur support..

  13. ♥twinj- forever♥

    interesting story line…. plz continue…..

    1. thank u… yes i will… keep reading

  14. Hmmmm interestinggg anaita….plz continue dear

    1. Thanks… sure i ll… keep reading..

  15. Very good aniata that was what i want. Keep it up aniata

    1. Thanks… keep reading

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