Tashan-e-ishq Love For TWINJ (episode 9)

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Every 1 was present there..

Yuvi gets angry and leaves the room.. In hall every1 z there all notice his behaviour..
Anita tries to ask something he pushes her.. nd goes to Leela nd sits on his knees while leela is sitting on sofa..
By the time Twinkle also reaches there… but no one notices her

Yuvi: Maa u know how much Twinkle loves u… she loves me so she wants that our marriage should happen in presence wid ur permission.. plzz accept this marriage…

Leela: Whom are u talking about.. my daughter is dead… i have nthng to do wid that girl… she cant be my daughter… Firstly she did such a bad thing… i m feeling shame to say that but she didnt even care… i have done a big mistake by believing her trusting her… now i wont repeat this mistake.. go from here

Yuvi gets angry and bangs his hand on the table.. every1 gets worried..

Anita: Twinkle.. Twinkle is the cause for all these problems… I will throw her out of this house… I know Property is on Yuvi name nd she is his wife but i am also his mother i also hv some rights over my son..

Yuvi: Now thats of no use property is on Twinkle’s name.. she is the owner of this house and business..

Anita and every1 present there are hell shocked

Anita: Yuvi wat hv u done… how can u do this… u never thought about me.. i cant believe this.. and tears rolled down her cheeks..

Yuvi: Vry nyc… and wat about u hv u thought about me… u always use me for ur selfish reasons… now i have given my property to my wife than whats the problm in dt.. m happy wid my decision… and Leela maa Dont u believe ur daughter.. hw cn u agree that she can fall so low… that MMS that u all received was just fake… it was made by me to destroy Twinj and I succeeded too..

Every1 was shocked..

Leela: This means..

Yuvi: This means that Twinkle never lies… watever she said was true… she is innocent.. U know Mahi watever happnd wid her was done by me… i dont love her… i was using her.. i hate her… i only love Twinkle…

Every1 began crying… Twinkle came down clapping..

Twinkle: Wow Yuvi u are a master planner…

Yuvi: I know baby u r hurt but this was the only way to make u realize ur love for me…

Twinkle: (in casual tone) Wat u thought UV that I wont be knowing that everythng was done by u.. everytym I used to plead to believe me but they never did.. But i cant accept that any1 points out on my character.. U know after establishing myself I went there and investigated there and i was dissapointed as I found no proof there.. I thought to make u Confess the truth and see I made it… u confessed the truth… and smirks..

Yuvi: Wat this was all ur plan dont u care about me.. I love u from the core.. And u did this…

Twinkle: I loved u too and wat u did u were taking revenge on me… Anyways get out of my house..

Yuvi: Property is on ur name but i am your legally wedded husband and have full right on you… U cant force me to gt ojt of this house…

Twinkle starts laughing..

Precap: Yuvi gets a biggest shock of his life… will Twinkle forgive Kunj… Will they be TWINJ again..

Guyzz you know that Twinkle and Kunj will be TWINJ.. but plz vote whether u want Twinkle to easily forgive Kunj or after some time

Credit to: Anaita


  1. Cutie pie

    Yea bt not dat easily by add sme nok jhok n den lot of romance bt let her forgive kunj wasily bt not dat easily bt let dis happn in 1 epiosde

  2. loveleen

    i want twinkle shud take tym as it was the quesn of kunjs trust n his love fr her …..so twinkle shud nt forgiv easily…..kunj shud repent fr his mistake…

  3. Dheemahee

    Ya I also think twinkle should not forgive kunj easily but for 2-3 episodes only then reunite them now coming towards todays ff it was amazing keep it up dear

  4. Sam

    I want twinkle to forgive kunj after some time lots of romance and cute fight I am eagerly waiting for the nest episode please post it ASAP

  5. rupam

    Epi was awesm…..i was waiting 4 ur epi since long…..bt is worthfull anaita….plzz upload yrr next epi soon ……n yaa dont forgive kunjjj easily..

  6. Rashi verma

    Twinkle should not forgive kunj so easily…..it was a matter of trust…..add some non jhok, intense scenes……not before 3 episode twinj should be together…..pls don’t end the ff after Twinj is back together. … Lived the episode ……

  7. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    I want twinkle to take time to forgive him…..anyways it was an awesome amazing episode..

  8. panchi

    i want twinkle to take some tym to forgive kunj….. by d way d episode was awesome …..

  9. Salma

    I don’t want twinkle to forgive him that easily I want him to suffer even if is for little he deserve that much for not trusted his wife

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..