Tashan-e-ishq Love For TWINJ (episode 7)


Friends I was really disappointed by the responses in previous epi.. only few comments.. is it the new twist in story line… guyz believe me u ll be getting TWINJ moments…?

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes…

S. H.

Every1 was present there xcpt Cherry…

Kunj was damn shocked to hear that..

Kunj: I dont believe this u were after me just for money…

Twinkle kept mum.. listening to him being distraught…

Kunj: Everything was just a big lie.. I thought to believe u for a scnd.. wanted to talk to u… but everything was lie.. Now I cmpltly believe dt MMS… u are such a cheat and a cheap women.. U never considered us as ur family… At least u shd hv thought about Leela ma.. no u wanted money…

Twinkle: I have never lied to u.. Watever I told u was truth… About family i always considered them as my family but they never did…

Yuvi: Kunj enough of ur emotional drama.. Now she is Twinkle Luthra not Twinkle Sarna so talk to her wid request… Anyways i ll forgive u becoz today is my wedding night…

They went into their room.. Yuvi hugged Twinkle from back…

Twinkle: No Yuvi u have promised me that u wont… i hope u remember my condition…

Yuvi: Yeah Yeah I remember… and goes and sleeps on couch while Twinkle sleeps on bed…

Its Morning…

Yuvi nd Twinkle wake up as someone was shouting.. it was Bebbe’s voice..

Twiraj rushed towards her…

Bebbe: How can u do this Cherry… i didnt expected this from u… u married her… this girl.. dont u know about her.. she just needs money she was after Kunj too..

Bride has a veil over her face

Cherry: so wat bebbe… in todays time everyone wants money.. even i too.. she loves money and me also.. we both love each other and trust each other…

Cherry gets angry and leaves from there…

Evry1 reaches there… including Mahi..

Kunj: What happnd Bebbe why were u shouting…

Bebbe: See Kunj Cherry married this girl..

Kunj: but where he is..

Bebbe: he left in anger..

Twinkle comes forward and lifts the veil from her face with rage.. Everyone sees her face and gets shocked wheras Twinkle stays calm…

The girl is revealed to be ALEESHA (i hope u remember her) Aleesha smirks and starts clapping…

Aleesha: Wow what an emotional drama… see i am here to take revenge from u Twinkle and Kunj… U both destroyed my life.. my peace and now i ll destroy u.. wait nd watch.. now this property is on my father in law’s name and he hates u all from the core so u all have to be my slaves… she smirks…

She moves around and says

Aleesha: Twinkle keep this dustbin out.. dont u hv any knowledge where to keep it…

Twinkle walks towards her and lifts up dustbin.. Every1 is watching her shockingly…

Suddenly Twinkle throws all the garbage of dustbin on Aleesha..

Everyone is chuckling..

Aleesha: What the hell.. now you have to bear the consequences.. from now on you will do the work of this house…

Twinkle: Hmmm… nyc idea this will save my money also..

Aleesha: What do you mean..

Twinkle: I mean that u gave me a nyc idea.. now u will do the work of this house.. alone.. and u wont demand any salary too…

Twinkle calls all the servant and says

Twinkle: Sorry all of u i hv got a new maid so u all can leave this job..

Aleesha comes towards Twinkle and lifts her hand to slap her in the mean time Twinkle holds her hand..

Precap: Fight between Aleesha and Cherry.. Twiraj enjoying there fight.. Kunj watching them and getting jealous..

If u want ny chng than tell me i can change…

Note: I may abruptly stop this ff if i dont get expected comments????

Credit to: Anaita

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  1. Noooo anaita its truely awesome dear pls don’t u dare stop it and that too abruptly

    1. Yeah.. I wont… thank u for positive feedback.. keep reading!!

  2. don’t stop it…I only read this ff as it is very interesting and quite intriguing too!! Hope u will consider my request and yes I am silent reader.

    1. i am happy silent readers are coming up and commenting.. dnt worry i wont.. thank u for ur appreciation..

  3. Please unite twinj back remove all the misunderstanding between them then also nice to read this track carry on

    1. Dont worry i will make everythng f9 between them…

  4. no dnt stop it anaita…. its gd….. bt pls unite twinj fst …. clr there misundrstndngs

    1. dont worry i wont.. i wll clear their misunderstandngs in upcming epi

  5. please don’t stop it
    ur going great
    it’s just awesome

    1. Thank u!!! i wont

  6. Anaita…..ff is amazing….. Pls unite twinj…..want to see twinj together……

    1. I will… thank u.. keep reading

  7. callmeprincess3

    Anaita ur ff is just amazing. Please font end it. ❤

    1. Thank u for ur positive feedback… keep reading.. i wont end

  8. keep continuing dear

    1. Yeah sure

  9. sorry it’s continue

  10. Please keep writing! Now only the story is getting exciting! Looking forward to your next episode 🙂

    1. thank u.. i will upload it tmrw

  11. Nice…. dont stop it yaar

    1. dont worry.. than u

  12. Dont do emotional blackmail plz dont stop I love your ff

    1. No dear am not blackmailing… its just my point of view

  13. Plzz do continue the ff..n plzz unite twinj yaar

    1. yupp i will… very soon

  14. anaita if ur going to stop ur ff u can bt plsss think about us once that we r taking so much interest u plsss dont end plssss

    1. i wont end dont worry i was upset as no one was commenting so i decided to end this ff but by seeing everyone s love and affection i wont end… keep reading

  15. Its nice..u just keep continue

    1. thnx sure

  16. very nice story line dear

    1. thank u keep reading

  17. Ur story is exciting update soon i waited a lot for ur update … Anaita in end plz reunite twinj bcauz i only like twinj nt twiraj

    1. yeah sure story is incomplete widout twinj…

  18. Hey Anaita are u a fan of pearl v Puri??

  19. Hey Anaita are u a fan of pearl v Puri??
    BTW amazing episode❤️❤️

    1. yupp i m a big fan of PVP… are u also a fan of Pearl???

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