Tashan-e-ishq Love for TWINJ (episode 5)


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All were following Leela.. They entered the house… The house was coloured with dull colours.. They saw Twinkle sitting on sofa and beside her was the man was sitting.. Seems that they were discussing something… All stopped at the entrance and were staring and listening to them..

Man: Mam I think u should fight this case.. The client is very rich.. he can afford us..

Twinkle: Money doesnt matter… His files proves tht he has done this crime… I dont think we should go forward on this case…

Man: But…

Suddenly they see all standing at the door..

Man: Mam do u know them..

Twinkle: Maa… (and controls her emotion seeing every1 standing there..)

Leela: How r u.. Where were u.. And who is this man??

Twinkle: I m fine maa… and this is Mr. Rohan Kapoor.. my assistant.. (khoda pahaad nikali chuhiya.. cmpltly suits?)

Rohan greets her and goes..

Twinkle was not same… she has changed… she was no more childish.. a mature girl caring for her dignity and self respect..

Leela: come twinkle come to our house.. (and holds her hand)

Twinkle: I wll come the day i prove myself innocent…

Usha: why u have come to our lives once again… u hv destroyed my son’s life before only… wat else do u want.. Dont u have shame…

Twinkle: Actually Aunty ji I cant do anything housebroker allotted this house only.. and unfortunately i am your neighbour now.. and about your son i think u hv forgot bcz of overloaded happiness that we r divorced now… I am wonderin how can u forget.. leave it i m very tired nd i need some rest so all of u get out..

All were shocked at her behaviour..

Kunj: Twinkle how can u be so..

He was stopped by Twinkle..

Twinkle: I dont wanna talk about it and not in the mood of listening lectures so please leave…

RT: I m ashamed of calling u my daughter.. dont u know how to talk to elders…

Twinkle: i guess ur daughter is dead.. am i right.. u hv only 1 daughter.. the great mahi luthra..

RT is speechless and gets teary eyed..

Yuvi: (In his mind) what happend to her is she the same twinkle.. leave it is good for me only..

Leela: Twinkle stop it.. is this the way to talk to ur father.. ur elders..

Twinkle: (in casual tone) if they never wanted any relation wid me then i am also not great..

They all turn to leave but Twinkle stops Kunj..

Twinkle: Kunj… wait a minute..

Suddenly she moves to side table opens drawer and takes out a packet and handover it to Kunj..

Kunj: wat is this.. (and opens the packet)

He sees the engagement ring and mangalsutra..

Twinkle: now u all can leave..

They all leave… once they leave she calls someone…

Twinkle: did u got anything… anything regarding it..

Unknown man: sorry mam… i am not able to find anything… they are very smart.. they have erased each and every proof and cuts the call..

Twinkle breaks down… she cries loudly..

Twinkle: Now how will i proove my innocence… Now there is only way for it.. CONFESSION…


Anita talking to Yuvi…

Anita: Yuvi now we have to be careful.. dont let her know that u were behind this MMS.. if she comes to know than we r gone so be carefull..

Yuvi: Dont worry mom.. infact i have erased every proof she wont be able to know anything about me.. And today made evry1 on my side… Actually maa i wanna talk to u about something important…

Anita: Go for it…

Yuvi: Actually i wanted Luthra’s and Sarna’s property..

Anita: smiles a little.. okk i can grntee u about Luthra Business and about Sarna’s Business i have to ask Surjeet..

Anita tells everything to Surjeet..

Surjeet: ok i wll do tht but i wanted to give my property to Cherry and Yuvi equally…

Anita: Oh common.. they both r brothers.. and Yuvi will do that dnt worry.. keep property papers ready..

Anita shows Yuvi thumbsup… Anita and Surjeet give all of their property to Yuvi..

Yuvi calls someone..

Yuvi: Hello the work is done.. meet me near the temple..

Yuvi comes and searches someone.. suddenly he collides with a girl..

Yuvi: where were u…

The girls is revealed as Twinkle… she smirks


Precap: Yuvi takes Mahi’s signatures on some papers… AND…

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Credit to: Anaita

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    1. will try.. keep reading

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  8. Muskan{News reporter}

    What???? I cant believe the girl is twinkle, but i think she is doing this to ptove her innocence….. anyways love ur ff.

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